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  1. Good news about the Bionic Bar, it does not ignore you when you don't tip extra.
  2. Ports can change anytime for any reason. If you really want that bad to go to a port, I would cancel now. You never have a guarantee.
  3. No one on the boards here can answer your question, and since it changes weekly, you might want to be careful with planning.
  4. It should explain it on the email. The 125% is the amount you already paid times 125%. Not the total cruise amount. YOu will get a FCC certificate for each person in the room, and for each cruise. So assuming 2 people in room, you would get 4 different FCC numbers.
  5. For starters, you always need to request wheelchair assistance from the airline. Second, you don't mention if you have your own or not or the process for having your own or not. Assuming no personal wheelchair, you need to go to check in counter, get your boarding pass, and ask for assistance. It should already be on your ticket. They will push you through immigration and baggage to your gate. Priority lines are set up by the airlines, not the airport. If you have TSA precheck, you might get a special line, but not always. First Class is irrelevant fo
  6. I doubt they (RCCL) swapped the names. It sounds like the TA did something, and you will never know. Plus, it's normal when booking to type in your number.
  7. I just believe the testing is government paid for, as opposed to private insurance. At some point in time, the test will end. Many other tests can be used also. As far as cruise ship testing, all that matters for me, is what I need to do for end of August
  8. I'm aware of the lag time, used it many times, but for this particular trip, it is much more excessive lag time. Not to mention, this is also a special group ticket for the cruise. I think the main worry was for me, is it was approaching 30 days, and still can't see a ticket. Good news for me, the tickets showed up yesterday when I checked, so it is 32 days out.
  9. Bahamas Air is pretty much like a charter flight from MCO to Bahamas. It is a 55 minute flight. It is a group discount.
  10. Oh my gosh the answers you get. But you do live in CA so will they let you out of the state even? But really, you need to check each individual sailing to get your answer. Ships go to multiple ports, the different country might want you to have a covid test. The rules for testing also change every couple of weeks. So, no one can tell you an answer, and the rest of the posters will now debate, the vaccine, the testing, why it is, why it won't work, why you are doomed if you leave your house.
  11. I don't really know, I live in Florida. you can go to their webpage. The antigen test is not at all locations, but like the PCR test is. So you have to be very specific when selecting what test. It also takes several hours, not 30 minutes. But it is faster then PCR which takes 2 days
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