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  1. Yes, cancel on web page, refund will be issued. No, I think when the entire cruise is canceled, it goes into a different department to process, but if you do it on line, it is pretty much normal process. About 10 days. I have bought and canceled a few things, with no issues. Are you 99% sure Royal will cancel or are you 99% sure you want to cancel. If it is because you think Royal will cancel, and you still want to go, than wait for the refund. You can get 125% OBC instead on a future cruise, so a little extra money for you, unless of course you really want the refund.
  2. For an 8-5 stop, it is really 9-4. I would pick two or three places you would like to see, and take a taxi, or uber instead. Do the first two items, and if you have time go for number 3. HOHO busses waste a lot of time, and are good when you have all day and are not in a hurry.
  3. The only difference in a ship, designed for the "Asian" market, are items that can easily be changed in a weeks time. A ship is a ship. Change signs that are dual language, restock the pantry with the standard food found on other ships, and rename two restaurants on the ship, and change out some decorations. It's all cosmetic only.
  4. At least the EU has a set of rules......still waiting for the US
  5. I think you misssed a very important point. The topic is the China market. The Chinese basically have a different way of doing things, that is customary to them. In China, it is normal to book in groups, and if you were on a Chinese based ship, you would find that the group stays together, from beginning to end, including all excursions arranged within the group. It's a way of doing things that is different than everyplace else. The TA's are not what you think they are. They are limited and part of the wholesale package. The wholesale group, gets most of the rooms. They then distribute them as needed each time a group is filled up. The group, does not go online to book the room selection or anything else, including drinks, spa, excursions. It is all handled without choices by the group. Only once on board, can they buy "extra's" not included in their group package. Many groups rent conferance space on the ship to be the group space. The group leader than handles all communication and purchases. It is a different world in China when it comes to cruises. Unlike everyplace else, a stateroom price would never change. It was fixed. Now, in the last 1 - 2 years, the restrictions have been lifted on how to purchase, and the market is more open. So companies like RCCL are scrambling to encourage doing things on their own. They offer incentives to match the market. (C&A is not an incentive in China for a person that might only go once or twice). IF they book on their own, than they can purchase drinks, spa and other things on their own also. Companies of to come up ways to change decades of doing things one way. The entire ship as previously stated, also has other marketing changes geared to the Chinese Market, and using words that seem to have more meaning. Example, Gold Suite, or Sky Suite. The word sky does not really mean anything in relationship to a suite, but Gold means riches, and so if you are in a Gold Suite, you have riches. Programs, and marketing are play on words, to encourage you. Having the right descriptions in a language is important. So ignore what is happening in China......but if you do decide to go, it is a great place to go and visit and the ships are awesome. But be ready, they do serve local food and be ready for a different type of crusie.
  6. I understand alot of people from up North read the CNN reports on the "spikes" in Florida. Florida is a big area, and the testing is now on steroids in our state. The more you test, the higher the number. Does not mean it's a spike, it means that more were tested, and a better number is coming out of it. I live here, and I go out everyday in public, eating, socializing, and traveling. The spike is a news report, but does not dig deeper into why and how it happens. There is much activity in Florida, some of which is getting ready to start back up the cruise ships. For those that worry about an epidemic on the ship...the 3 day cruise will have everyone home before it is noticed. So much news reporting, and we all know most of it is inaccurate and very polarized based on which company is reporting.
  7. 3 days after the CDC meeting, Disney cruise lines announced they will start limited cruises to the Bahamas. This is a soft opening. Why did they do that? We know that a magic button will not happen, and that at some point, a ship will sail in the near future. The disease is not going away, but being managed. Some of the islands are now opening, including Bahamas. We are now 38 days away from the no sail order to end. Stop speculating, the "spikes" are not really a spike, and is expected. I go out everyday, without a mask. I give hugs, handshakes. It's time to stop the media frenzy, and realize that you can go out, and do things. It is your personal choice to go or not to go, but the business will start up soon. Most likely in the very near future.
  8. Numbers don't always tell a story. If you test 100 and 5% positive, you get 5 people. Now test 1.5 million and your number will go up if it still remains at 5%. This argument will go on for months to come. At the end of the day, it is your choice to either go or not to go. It is a choice. I'm going in September. I have a friend going in August. It is my choice.....not some random news reporter crying the world is ending.
  9. the deck is not that big. Once you get on it, look for the cloud of smoke, and the ashtrays, and you found it
  10. So you wife and kids can go on a trip, and you can stay home. Risk has not changed for them since the originally booked. There are a thousand different diseases they can encounter. Your personal ban will someday be be lifted.
  11. Asia is a large market and growing. The Wonder is not a new design, but it is designed for the Asian Market. So entertainment is designed around the market. That's how you sell tickets.
  12. You are going in June, and the island can handle 3 ships. School is out. Yes they have a capacity limit, just like major theme parks have one. Book now and get your slot or you might not get it later.
  13. Chinese book through resellers mostly. Until recently, they have been restricted from booking direct. This is an incentive to book direct, which keeps RCCL with more money (less commission). This is a market that needs to be groomed to new ways of doing things. It also gives them something that is meaningful to the market. Bonus cash. By the way, you can only join on the Chinese website, not the USA website. You can have both, the Chinese program, and the Loyalty program at the same time.
  14. Not really a surprise. Northern routes are not allowed by Canada. Florida has restriction for people going and coming from NJ. So outside of Bermuda, where would they go
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