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  1. All you need to do is get off the ship, and you can shop all you want.....but remember, all those Mexican gifts are made in China still.
  2. I really don't see what the big deal is to dress nice for one night. I can pack for 2 weeks, bring a suit and shoes, and still not go over my 50lbs for the flight. My wife does the same. I have daytime clothes, and evening clothes for each night. I don't understand why you actually need a sign at a door to tell you to dress and something other than shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. I know a lot of people who would never consider that restaurant attire. If they change the dress code to casual every night, I won't care, but I bet than people will start dressing in their best beach wear. People will always push the threshold to the lowest possible choices. So I will continue to wear my adult clothing and leave my shorts and flip flops for the beach
  3. I'm sorry, but why would only kids use the water park? Also, Most parks today require an adult to be with the kid. 12 and 13 need to be supervised. As a matter of fact, I believe kids can't do anything on their own for any excursion or activity off the ship.
  4. Show of hands, how many people will actually take an Asian Cruise? The Asian cruise market is way different than in Europe or USA. When I cruise in the USA, I cruise for the ship. When I cruise out of the USA, I cruise for the itinerary, and really don't care much about the activities, or a swimming pool. I wouldn't pay extra to go up in a capsule, but iFly is fun. Bumper cars line look long, but for a 3 minute ride, with a few minutes for loading, the line moves really fast
  5. Many credit cards have computer programs to detect fraud. Some are better than others. For example, the cruise line is dinging your credit card, and the address is in Miami. You are on a ship in Europe. You purchase something in port, have the ship ding in Miami and next day your use it again in port.....program picks it up as fraud. You put in you are on vacation, and list places, than it over rides the program to allow it. It's not really up to RCCL to guess which customer will be ok, and which will not be ok. Rule of thumb, is always let credit card company know. Than make sure you can get text alerts. Finally, always have a back-up credit card.
  6. I don't understand your response to my summary? I never said you needed a passport in the Caribbean, except to reenter the USA and I also pointed out that a BC is also acceptable. Plus I said specifically that you don't need it on closed loop cruises. News agencies do the same thing. They take a small snippet to change the meaning out of context. Also, you may "enter" once it crosses the line, but to get off a ship or off a plane it is the spot of landing or docking where the passport is checked. The country would hold you if you do not have the right documents until the period of time they cans send you back. But again, that's not what the summary was about? RCCL travels around the world, not just the Caribbean and passport rules can change any time. So, no place in my comment did I say you NEEDED a passport for the Caribbean but any passenger needs to verify before they go.
  7. She apologized, cleared up her question, did mean to board with them, but she did use her status as the reason, not the disability. Many people including myself told her to contact special needs for onboard services.
  8. I travel around the world with a disabled wife. If you read the question, it asked if "I'm platinum and my husband is platinum so we get priority boarding, but my son and wife are not, but my son is visually impaired, can they board with us? The questions isn't really a handicap question, but a question, if they can get on together and it was implied because of status not handicap. Many disabled people do not need "priority boarding". I'm not sure why the person would need assistance. The person is with his wife, who I'm assuming will be his guide on the ship. So walking onto the ship would be no different. But the question still is, do they have to wait a little longer because they don't have the "platinum status" as the parents. This wasn't asking for "help" onto the ship, but asking if they can get on faster. Traveling around the world, I have noticed many disabled people that expect special treatment because of the disability. Skip lines, have extra help, get things for free etc. We wait in lines like everyone else. We sit in our section for boarding priority. We never expect front line access. It is annoying to us when people expect special treatment because we don't thing we are special. We just have challenges, but we are not special. The questions doesn't really belong on the disability board, because the poster never asked for disability help, but rather jump to the front of the line because of traveling companion status. Now if the question was what kind of help will Carnival give or offer for a visual impaired person, that would be a whole different response. Yes, that annoyed me but I did tell them to contact special needs on the cruise line to see what they can offer.
  9. You do know you actually helped with my statement. My sneakers protect my feet from those "gross items" that you stated, but sandal allow all that "stuff" onto your skin. My second cousin, who is now 17 suffered through two foot affections from only wearing sandals Her pediatrician warned her that she must wear sneakers for protection and for support which was another issue of hers. Sandals are nice, but whether or not you wash your feet before dinner, most do not, and all that dust, and grime picked up, is the same as going barefoot. I could go on and on about this subject, and based on where I work, I have plenty of examples, of why but the reality is, flip flops with sparkles on it is cute, so it's ok.
  10. I don't know why this is such a hot topic always. When I sit down around others, or with others, I want to look like an adult, and not some teenager in their t-shirt, and baseball cap. Once dinner starts, it's time to get out of your beach wear, and dress for the evening. It does need to be fancy, but it should be adult like. Image is everything in life. So does it bother me? No, but I do make a judgement, just like most people. It's human nature. It does seem like so many people want to explain how they did not notice, but yet, when you read it, it sounds like they did notice. People really don't want to admit that these things are noticed.
  11. Sea pass card = Ship ID, you picture is embedded in chip, and when scanned, it pulls up. You need this for the ship. Passport = This is needed to "enter" a country. So, you need it to "enter" Mexico ports. However, these ports do not require you to have a passport to enter. Many other ports that RCCL travels to, will require a passport to "enter" the country. However, you need proper ID to "enter" the USA so the passport is the easiest but on closed loop cruises you may only need a BC. BC = only good to "enter" the US on a closed loop cruise. Any other port this is just a piece of scrap paper. Picture ID = Many ports require you to have a picture ID. This can be any government ID, such as your DL, or passport, or passport card. The port authority is confirming that you did not "find" the card on the beach, and are trying to break into the ship. Kids which is defined as under 18, can not get off the ship, without the authorized guardian. If 16 or older, they should have a picture ID, however, if they are with the adult, the port authority should have no issues. Remember, the BC is just scrap paper outside the US
  12. Flip flops are basically going barefoot....it's just gross for restaurants. But I was brought up differently I guess.
  13. If you read the post, than you would know where they have been.......They have been on other cruise lines, including NCL and RCCL and just came back and noticed the cutback on programming.
  14. I always find the water on the ship to be free? If you want your own water, you can bring a case per person when you get on the ship. Ports you can't but sometimes you can.
  15. People who are normally late for everything in life will not change once on the ship. They just don't get it. They have no problem expecting others to wait for them. Many people are like that. It's very common. So the best way to handle it is start without them, leave them behind and let them figure it out. Hopefully this is just a careless act and not some injury or bad thing. Most likely, it is carelessness and they will learn a lesson.
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