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  1. Promotions are made to entice you to book. No need for promotions in 2022 yet until they see how 2021 goes.
  2. It's funny how my iPhone is like my swiss Army Knife. It seems it does everything. It's my phone, my computer, email, and various forms of communications. Both work emails and home emails. It is a TV remote, garage door opener. Turn my AC off or lower the temperature when I forget. Order my vacuum to clean the floor while I'm out. Turn lights on and off in the house. It is my camera, my map, my entertainment on planes, and in a hotel, my method of payment. My banking, my credit cards, the ability when traveling to track my spending. It is my boarding pass, for planes and cruises. I
  3. The only perk that I care about is the free drinks. Everything else is just gifts which I will take but don't need. The lounge is nice, but overcrowded. Plenty of places on the ship to drink free drinks.
  4. When I was in my 20's, I used a paper map on road trips. They worked just fine because that was all we had. My car would break down, and I had to wait an hour for someone to stop and help on the side of the road. My family would be wondering where I am, because the Pay phone was not around where my car was stranded. Once I was stuck in freezing temperature on a highway, waiting for accidents to clear.....with my family having no clue what happened. Then the cell phone was invented, and now I'm in my 30's and I can call for help, or call my family that can also help. Wow, tha
  5. Although I can see both sides, I have always felt that going on a cruise with food included, but not anything to drink at dinner, was odd......Everything has a price tag, and when companies remove items from the main price, it is for profit. By being inclusive, you take away all confusion and trying to figure out the actual price and making it transparent right from the start (look at international guests). I think the majority of people drink something other than water on a ship, they pay tips, and so many people today want wifi. So I'm happy with it. I hope they consider it down the road
  6. New ship being built......you will have a long time before bookings are available.
  7. RCCL can and only controls the RCCL cruise. All items outside of that which includes taxes/port fees are a separate line item just like tips That is why FCC is just for the cruise, not the line items off the cruise.
  8. Well, this might be the first bad news that will turn into good news. We know that the next phase of opening is upon the cruise industry, and it takes time to start up a whole industry. We are going to see testing and results in the coming weeks, and will see how it plays out for January and beyond. Think positive, 2020 is a bust but good things are coming
  9. First, get rid of the carry on bags. At most, use a backpack and keep it light. You should have no more than two bags to roll.....and that is what your daughter will do. Make sure your daughter knows how to break down the scooter. Next, if you use a private company, when you book them, make sure you give the all the info, and should include pictures. You want no surprises. You can also use taxi's since the scooter breaks down. Just remember, communications is always the key, and learn to pack lighter, because it's not easy with a scooter to get around, and the less bags, the better. I
  10. What I see is a lot of negative comments and lay people trying to analyze how this will work. Simply put, this order is a start-up, temporary order to test systems, tweak them, and get a billion dollar business going. It is time to sit back, let the experts figure it out, and hopefully sometime in December, actual paying cruises will happen. One step at a time
  11. Usually, when not in a HC room, the best choice is to have a room with a bed closest to the balcony, and not closest to the bathroom. Although the scooter can get in the door, it can't get around a bed. You might have some issues unless the scooter can be taken apart. Also, does the battery need to be on the scooter to charge it? Next, contact special needs and make sure they supply you with an extension cord. If not already in the stateroom when you arrive, have your room steward help you. Don't know if you have someone to help you, but I am the person that "manages" scooter issues in my
  12. Single cabins are more important because the market shows it is important. However, The cabins are not single cabins! They are still doubles, but they are listed on the Chinese booking page for Singles. A Bow/Stern single room is ¥13,336 per person and a normal (the rooms designed as studio) cost ¥7,289 per person. In marketing, you can't tell a Chinese person, they have to pay double the price.....but if you put on the webpage, to book, one, two, three, or four people, and you pick that you are booking for one person, you will these staterooms being available. So, RCCL is not telling the
  13. Just to point out, that Spectrum is in the Asian market. The market is "different" in many ways including the way a cruise is sold. The ship is slightly designed different. The loyalty program is different (The normal plan exists also, but Chinese citizens have a different one). Now, the ships have to sail with less capacity, and a market exists for solo cruises. We don't book on the Chinese website, but if you did you would notice many "differences" also, and it is important to have "single" cabins available for those that want it. It's easy in the USA to tell a solo cruiser that they ha
  14. Mexico opened some "tourist" areas while keeping the rest of the country off limits. Coco Cay is isolated, and could easily be allowed to operate. That's the local government making the exceptions. Just because a place is under a lockdown from tourists, does not mean, they can't make controlled exceptions. So testing will happen in November, and by December, you will see some short cruises, and they will be adapted from lessons learned in Singapore.
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