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  1. Thank you for this review. I have not and never will go on an AI ! Not because I don't want to but because if we did I'd be home in 3 days!! My husband gets extremely anxious and wants to leave. On a cruise he has to stay and I get to enjoy a week, and sometimes more, of rest and relaxation!!! Thanks again for giving me the chance to experience an AI !! Hugs Nicki
  2. I had a cruise for last March (my 50th anniversary cruise) cancelled we rebooked for this March, if someone else doesn't have the answer I'll let you know as soon as they cancel this one ( it's an 8 day one so I'm almost positive it's going to be cancelled). 😢
  3. Merry Christmas Holly! I just disembarked the Liberty tonight, thanks for this fantastic review. Your photos are astronomical!! I loved the underwater ones! I'm not much for swimming in anything other than a swimming pool. My kids and grandkids laugh when I say "I'm Italian I don't swim with the fish" 😄 I think I'll take a break for the holidays and hen try to hitch a cruise with someone else for a while. Have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a better new year than this one!! Hugs Nicki
  4. Hey Holly! What a great cruise! Your narrative is stupendous and your photos are awesome!!! I'm about to join you once again on the Liberty 😄 See you aboard!! Hugs Nicki
  5. had my 50th anniversary on the Freedom last march cancelled and then my birthday cruise in october was cancelled. waiting for them to tell me my upcoming cruise in march will be cancelled 😞
  6. Ahoy!!! Thank you for this review and allowing me to come along. It was great and the pictures were awesome!! Now with your permission I will join you on the liberty!! Hugs Nicki
  7. Thank you! I just got OBC for $120 on my September cruise!! :-) :-) :-) Hugs from Texas! Nicki
  8. Ahoy!!!!! I was ready for you this time! Captain Morgan 90proof coconut rum and some beef jerky! Awesome, fantastic, wonderful!! Couldn't see some of the pictures but the commentary was worth every page! Thank you again Nicki
  9. Wow Felicia, that review was awesome!!!! We've been on the Freedom in 2016, 2018 and our last time out in October of 2019 for the Panama canal transit, we loved, loved, love it! We were booked on the Freedom for our 50th anniversary last March when got cancelled 😞 we rebooked for March coming but I think that may get cancelled too :-(. It's an 8 dayer. Reviews like yours are helping!! Thank you, thank you!! Hugs Nicki
  10. thank you!! It is now on my list!! hugs Nicki
  11. thank you!! i will put it on my list!! hugs Nicki
  12. Hi T!!! Hoping you are fully mended by now! I've been reading your review on the Magic, love it! Wish I could've seen the pictures, they wouldn't come up. 😞 . I loved your writing, so I will cruise on to the next or first whichever! Everything and anything cruising!! Hugs Nicki
  13. the first novel i'll mention (sorry it doesn't have cruising in the title but it is al about cruising) is by Mary Higgins Clark, All by Myself Alone Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne the Last Cruise by Kate Christensen The woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware Dangerous Crossings by Rachel Rhys Caribbean Rim by Randy Wayne White Cruise Confidential by Brian David Bruns Ship for Brains by Brian David Bruns Unsinkable Mister Brown by Brian David Bruns and still on my bookshelf unread Sailing to Capri by Elizabeth Adler i
  14. Ahoy Y'all! I know there are more reviews out there, please send me the links!!! Getting deeper in my cruising depression since my next cruise I in March (8 dayer) is probably going to be cancelled 😢 I have read several cruise novels, if anyone is interested Hugs Nicki
  15. Hey CoasterGuy, Thanks for taking me along on your Victory cruise!! Your review and pictures helped my withdrawal a bit!! Thank you Hugs Nicki
  16. Hi Mike and Tracey,. You sure helped lifting my spirits! Just finished your epic b2b2b2b! It was awesome!!!! Congrats on being so romantic, my husband is a little on the "needs a push" side! Being married almost 51 years, I know how to push ;-);-);-) We've never been on the Destiny, imagination, or the valor, however, we've been on the freedom several times and loved it, thanks for bringing back some memories. I will seek out some more reviews. Hugs and thanks Nicki
  17. Thanks CoasterGuy!! I am in such a cruise withdrawal state I need all the all the reviews I can get, so thank you!!!!! I'm hoping that my March cruise doesn't get cancelled!! (It's an 8 dayer) I will probably need psychiatric help then!!! Thanks again!!! Hugs Nicki
  18. Ahoy Shyhova! Thanks for the partial review!! Any review partial or full is greatly appreciated!! You are awesomely funny!!! Thank you, Hugs from Texas! Nicki
  19. Hi Willdra!! Another awesome review!!! And more fantastic pictures!!! I'm loving everything!!! The Breeze is one of my favorites. We've been her three times before she left us in Texas! You brought back some very happy times. We've also been to those ports several times and loved the itinerary each and every time. Again I thank you for taking me along!!! hugs Nicki
  20. You know what is extremely annoying, I wrote to carnival and they responded by saying my 8 day cruise for March is "active and paid in full" (which it is) but no other information. Therefore, I have to wait on my transportation and hotel! So when it comes close and they decide it's not going to be who is going to refund all the money I laid out??? Just saying
  21. our march 13, 8 day is now off the schedule 😪😔😭
  22. Ciao Willdra, Words can't describe this amazing trip!! We've been to England several times but never left the airport. My husband is a stick in the mud that's why I do all the planning, however, I plan my arguments and I was on my way to Italy at the time and it wasn't worth an argument. Lol I have a cousin that lives in Marseille, haven't been to visit yet but your pictures make me want to definitely plan to!!! We took a 14 day transatlantic on Princess in 2010 for our 40th anniversary, we had the pleasure of stopping at Fungal, Portugal, Gibral
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