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  1. You should have good traveling weather the whole way home. And when You get here it's going to be hot, we have passed the warm stage and went straight to hot!! For now anyway, it's supposed to go back to normal by Wednesday Safe travels Hugs from Texas
  2. @Jamman54 thanks for taking us along! I had fantastic time! you and Patti are awesome! Sorry I missed that cruise. Hopefully we will meet at some point Hugs from Texas
  3. That's just a stew pot!! People stew! Yewwy!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬 Hugs from Texas
  4. Yay!! I'm not late!! Thanks for inviting us to take this cruise with you. Hugs from Texas
  5. Thanks for inviting us! Hugs from Texas
  6. Holy crap! One hour old and page 2 alrezdy!! I'm not late, you're just quick!! Thanks for inviting us Hugs from Texas
  7. Enjoying your views @csoud68 please keep them coming!! Hugs from Texas
  8. They look lushious!!!I Gained 5 pounds just looking at it!! Hugs from Texas
  9. I have Never left in the .middle of a show, why would I in the middle of a fantastic vacation??? Can't wait for the rest!! Thanks for taking us along!! Hugs from Texas
  10. Thanks again for taking us along! I had a fantastic time! Hugs from Texas
  11. Thanks for inviting us along! Hugs from Texas
  12. Permission to come aboard please πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ I promise to behave 😁😁 Hugs from Texas
  13. Careful driving it's been raining up here. the roads are slick!! Hugs
  14. I have my rum punch in hand and I'm ready to toast sailaway!!! Bon voyage!! (I'll be tagging along, but you knew that ☺☺) Hugs from dreary raining Texas
  15. Just watched you docking. It's a beautiful site coming in, all lit up and pitch black out, just gorgeous Hugs!!
  16. Hope you had a quiet flight!! I hit the holy crap button for you!! Hugs from Texas
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