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  1. Hi All, Would really like to take a catamaran cruise out to snorkel over this wreck during our cruise in September. Has anyone used a great company that they recommend? thanks! j.
  2. Thanks for this! We leave for the same cruise on Aug 7th - and we do have kids! They are an bit older now, but this has some extremely helpful things that as a parent I would of appreciated hearing a few years ago. So, thanks for taking the time. 🙂 I also had one of those kids that would of needed a hand hold on the glacier. 😛 And at 17, not sure much has changed...LOL Agree with Prince Rupert. We are Canadian and were not happy with the change from Victoria. J.
  3. Thanks for posting this review! We head out on this exact same cruise Aug 7th and are so looking forward to it. Haven't see many reviews. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express for a couple of days prior and I did book Alcatraz months earlier as I did hear it would be sold out. My daughter is 17 and son 22 so we can relate to all the aspects as your family seems really similar to ours especially in personality. Bruh! MOTHER! LOL Glad to see the karaoke was enjoyable as well - that is a favourite for us! J.
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