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  1. Britannia has often berthed at 38/39 during this pandemic
  2. Thank you for your thoughts, can anyone suggest or recommend an insurer that will provide World Cruise cover.
  3. I appreciate things are upside down at the moment but wonder if anyone has any advice regarding 2022 World Cruise Insurance which will cover the cost of cruise cancellation of £28,000. Cover not required for covid 19. Thanks
  4. It actually worked very well. Not much mingling with the officers at the pre lunch cocktail party as most pax were sitting down ..Oh! it's the Aurora so we are all a bit older😁. This event took the place of the evening party where the most travelled was awarded the champagne. Actually a pax who joined at the start of November and debarks in May! The lunch went well with the Captain circulating around each table. The Caribbean Tier lunch will be tomorrow so the same format. Only 3 sea days on this 10 day cruise so can understand the changes.
  5. Interesting change to the Loyalty Lunch. Normally the top tier have the Peninsular Lunch with Senior Officers hosting individual tables, however currently on Aurora they have discontinued the hosting aspect with a half hour pre lunch cocktail party at 11.30 where Senior Officers will apparently mingle with guests, then at noon, passengers then will make their way to the restaurant for the lunch without any officers present.
  6. Yes, it's easy enough unless you are disabled.
  7. Just sent a postcard from the Aurora to UK while in Rotterdam and the cost was £3.50. Ummm not long ago it was .80p to send a postcard from the ship.
  8. At the Captain's welcome, did he introduce the senior officers as this was not the case on the Aurora yesterday, just a welcome speech by the Captain
  9. Wondered if anyone has paid a visit to the SS Rotterdam while in the city of Rotterdam, apparently she is quite close to the cruise terminal. Interested to know if you can just walk on as it is now a hotel or, need to prebook online. Visiting on the 17th November on Aurora.
  10. Many thanks for this, we intend to do the Natchez up and down the river, saw it on the Feb 2018 cruise on Ventura and thought it would be a fun couple of hours. Going on Aurora in Jan/Feb 2020 this time.
  11. Wonder if anyone has experience of taking the daytime riverboat cruise in New Orleans. It is available through the shore excursions but last time in New Orleans there seemed longish queues whether or not you booked direct or via the ship. The difference between the two is twice the cost via shore excursions and I wonder if its worth it and. experiences folk might have had using either method of booking.
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