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  1. That's not what that is saying. The qualifier "designated for vaccinated guests only" applies to both events and venues. AKA no masks required at venues designated for vax only, & no mask required at events designated for vax only. We probably won't know which venues or events will be for vaccinated only until we get on board; because it is likely to change based on what percent of passengers are unvaccinated on each specific cruise.
  2. These aren't decisions being made by Royal. These are CDC requirements for sailing with less than 95% vaccinated.
  3. All sorts of things could be happening. They might have cancelled everything they pulled from booking availability. They might have cancelled some, and aren't allowing bookings on stuff until they see how many people accept a swap. They might have lowered the occupancy rate they are going to allow, suddenly making everything sold out. Sucks, but really no option but to wait and see.
  4. Seriously? If no one stops you from doing something against the rules, that makes it ok? And how much does an item have to be worth before it becomes wrong to take it? And your view on whether judgmental comments are acceptable is based on how many likes they get?
  5. So you are against people making judgmental comments when others do something they don't approve of; and your solution is to make a judgmental comment when others do something you don't approve of? 😉 People ask "can I" when in fact they mean "may I" all the time. Answering both questions, no you aren't supposed to, yes it is possible to; seems fairly reasonable.
  6. Offers like that, it's pretty well spelled out in the fine print. You get the cup to keep, and access to unlimited freestyle soda for that specific cruise. The offer is not for seven days of soda at a time of your choosing. So legally & ethically, you can't use it on another cruise. It's stealing. Functionally, it's likely to still work but impossible to know for sure. Those cups use an RFID in the base. The first time the cup is used, the RFID number is marked as active, and an expiration date is applied. It's public knowledge that using them on different ships works; and Roya
  7. As I've already said, you don't have to quarantine prior to getting a Covid-19 vaccination. That works nor differently for people who work on cruise ships than it does for people who work anywhere else. Chris got on the ship yesterday. He hasn't mentioned yet, but probably got vaccinated prior to getting on board. If he didn't, he can go get it any day they are in port and it's available, it just restarts his quarantine clock. I'm sure he'll be posting videos soon showing everything, so if you are just interested in how they end up doing things for him, I really suggest subscribing to his yout
  8. No, they don't. For ships like the Odyssey which are doing test sailings, there is no crew vaccination requirements. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/ti-simulated-voyages-cso.html You might be getting this confused because the CDC requires 98% of the crew to be vaccinated for ships to do revenue cruises without test cruises, but that doesn't apply to Odyssey nor does it require 100%. Or maybe you are confused by Royal Caribbean's statements that they intend to sail with 100% vaccinated crew, but that is not a legal requirement or anything Royal has guaranteed, it's just a
  9. Again, the CDC is requiring a certain percentage of the crew to be in quarantine. Some of the crew being in quarantine isn't going to stop the test cruise lol.
  10. I think you should expect anyone selected for a test cruise to have to sign an NDA about it.
  11. Not allowed to have quarantined crew? lol. They are REQUIRED to have both quarantined crew and quarantined passengers for the test cruises, to show they have the procedures down for quarantining. No one knows for sure if Odyssey will be able to make her July 3 sailing. But Chris has absolutely nothing to do with that. They already have enough crew on board and vaccinated to have those sailings; they don't need 100% of the crew working for 50% of the passengers; and he has absolutely no effect on their ability to run test cruises.
  12. "May" being the key word there. Covid-19 tests for unvaccinated passengers represents a guaranteed cost. Besides, demand is high and artificially inflated by so many people having FCC, so if unvaccinated passengers choose not to travel, they are easily replaced by others. And if unvaccinated people actually spend less on board, Royal can just up what they charge for the Covid test. An unvaccinated person costs the cruise line more to offer the same services to. The cost of the test, and the cost of having extra crew on board to act specifically as Covid Cops. That extra cost being
  13. Royal Caribbean is required by CDC guidelines to test people who are unvaccinated. Either they can up prices for everyone to cover the increase in operating expenses this causes, or only up costs for the people who actually need to be tested. Personally, I'm cheering them for taking the more capitalist approach as opposed to the socialist one.
  14. Many of the crew trainings are done online via video followed by quiz while they quarantine. 14 days in his cabin after joining, during which he gets most of his training done. A full week prior to passengers coming on board to finish up the hands on training. Chris works in the casino, so it's also not entirely new protocols, 90% of his job will be the exact same. Pretty much all of the Covid-19 protocol trainings will be stuff he can learn via their online platform while in quarantine. The hands on trainings are mostly getting re-certified on the standard stuff, because people li
  15. No, the test cruise & getting CDC approval can happen concurrently with all that. And those issues have absolutely nothing to do with this thread and what's being discussed, Chris joining the Odyssey and whether he'd be working and people could meet him if they are on the July 3rd sailing.
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