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  1. Correct, Deck 11/12/4 all have ample views from both sides. It's not like you'll be on your balcony all the time. There are too many variables to worry about this on any cruise. Relax and enjoy🙂
  2. Found some videos on youtube. He seems pretty odd and I can see why it's a love or hate thing with him. Hard to believe people actually schedule a cruise around a piano bar entertainer, but I guess some do.....
  3. It's all private - the government doesn't sell trip insurance😋
  4. Might be good advice. There is so much choice between MDR, Windjammer and Specialty I don't know how one could describe it all as "blah". Especially before even trying it. Not sure what "inexpensive" means, it's not like they're serving bologna and hot dogs all over the ship.
  5. The charge is usually quick. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will never show up😋
  6. I would research the ports and pick the ones you think you'll like best. St. Kitts, St Thomas, St Martin and San Juan are all nice.
  7. My wife won't visit KW without getting a "Grape Ape" at the Flying Monkey Captain Tony's is a must. Scavenger hunt assignment: find the Chartroom Bar. And Jimmy Buffetts recording studio.
  8. After 15+ years of only Balcony's and a couple Jr Suites we did our first inside last year. Similar to you, really cheap 5 nighter. We were surprised, didn't mind it at all. You can definitely get your drinkin' done in in Key West
  9. Pretty sure that's what it was when we booked a cruise onboard last January. But we didn't change anything so I don't know for sure.
  10. Plain as day on the official RCCL deck plans at their website - Diamond Club Deck 14.
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