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  1. We haven't either 🙂 Those cards are hit or miss, they just show up sometimes. Not something you should count on seeing.
  2. Yeah it looks like snow is heading your way. Appears we'll be spared for the most part in NW Michigan, but as winter goes on we will see more than enough. Though we're heading to Florida January-March so we won't see it all 🙂
  3. I do hope it sails, that would be good news on so many fronts.
  4. Ah yes, back to the liquid drinks plot! That darn thing!! 🙂
  5. May 2021 Alaska cruise? Better start planning on how to use the refunds and FCC's.
  6. You really need to take a break and get some fresh air. The wacky theories were funny at first but now they're just sad.
  7. Few if any scheduled March cruises are going to happen.
  8. Good reply and good points. But it's a waste of time debating someone who wants to bring up "long covid". A sign they've bought into the fear and doom 100%.
  9. Yeah I'm giving our Jan/Feb 2022 cruises a 50% chance right now, because; 1. They may not cruise (B2B2B, and a 14 nighter) 2. We may choose not to go if quarantines are possible, port access restricted, etc etc etc.......
  10. Exactly. IF that ship sails, and IF OP is able to fly to Europe, no one knows what the procedures at the cruise port or airport will be next summer. No way I'd book that same day 12:30 flight in a covid world 😞
  11. Those are only test results. It's widely accepted that MILLIONS if not tens of millions more have had covid, symptoms were mild to zero and they never got tested.
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