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  1. bouhunter

    Specialty Restaurant

    On a 7 night cruise we go nights 2,4 and 6.
  2. bouhunter

    Health Form???

    If they want them, will take approximately 2.6 seconds to do so at check in. Not to worry.
  3. bouhunter

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    Good job - encourage more limits to what can be posted.........
  4. bouhunter

    Lost and Found Help

    Can't think of anything else you can do. Over the years here, lost and found reports more often than not have sad endings. Especially for low value items such as clothing, eyeglasses etc. It seems like for something of value like electronics they sometimes do end up getting things back. There is some hope, but don't be surprised if the outcome isn't favorable.
  5. Taxis will be stacked up waiting and you have plenty of time.
  6. For us a no brainer. Southern over Western every time.
  7. We've been in a connecting room 4-5 times and never heard a sound from next door. I'm sure if there are loud neighbors more sound could come thru the doors, but it hasn't happened to us.
  8. Arrive at 9:30 and the experience in post #2 is likely. Arrive at 11:00 as in post #3 and that is about what to expect.
  9. Never too late to re-start a smoking thread.
  10. After 20+ cruises I have to say it's never occurred to us. We book the ship/itin that looks right and work the travel out after that. We often add 2-3 days post cruise at the departure port anyway so squeezing it into one week isn't a priority.
  11. Don't bet your paycheck on them following through on that. But I hope they do
  12. Some people don't have a clue what discrimination is.
  13. bouhunter

    Freedom (and maybe others?) overcrowding explained

    We're booked on Freedom 3 weeks this winter. Have sailed from PR for years, not concerned. Most ships sail pretty much full most of the year.
  14. Dec 16 2018 Freedom seems to be gone.
  15. bouhunter

    Need Advice

    Another vote for Freedom. Great ship, awesome ports, the ability to spend a couple nights in San Juan pre or post cruise. I know Oasis class are very popular, but after trying once we won't likely go back.