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  1. Good advice for problem gamblers, but someone who wants to gamble only 20.00 won't need to worry about these issues.
  2. Opinions vary 🙂 We book direct with RCCL and leave it that way. Some like to use TA's for the perks they may offer.
  3. For starters CDC can't "make people wear them again", governors do. And many states have very low numbers where mask mandates are not coming "sooner than you think". Michigan covid numbers are very low and aside from a few diehards masks have been gone for a month most everywhere.
  4. Ask your doctor what cruising and the virus situation will be like in 8 months? Or whether to cancel a cruise now? Too funny.
  5. In normal times there are plenty of other things to do besides just RCCL excursion options. Like taking a walk.............
  6. Yeah we asked onboard Adventure February 2020 and they said they'd mail it. Covid hit a couple weeks later and we gave up hope it would ever arrive.
  7. No one knows what any protocols will be on any cruise 8 months from now. In other words no one has the answer to this question.
  8. Not surprising. If they gave the un-vaxed passengers wristbands they could just take them off and be "vaccinated".
  9. Another good example of why not to rely on answers from 15.00/hour "reps". They don't have all the answers nor should they.
  10. Everyone has voiced the concerns we would have with that: Uncertain timing with new cruises, TSA staff shortages, etc. Not something I would book. But hey, it could work out just fine 🙂
  11. Wonder what next week's new rule will be to discourage un-vaxed. Don't blame them at all. It's almost entertaining to follow the ever changing rules.
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