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  1. Most people here seem to prefer deck 7. Our first promenade was on Independence last spring. It was the "large family" room with two windows, separate bunk room, walk in closet. For 3 of us it was awesome. We're in a normal promenade soon on Adventure. Though we usually sail in balcony's we couldn't resist the price. Yes there will be noise some nights for promenade events.
  2. There aren't any hotels with an early check in policy, they're all 3-4:00PM. But most all will hold luggage. It's always frustrating getting to a hotel in the morning and hoping they have a room available. It mostly depends on how full they were the night before, how many rooms are checking out, and how quickly housekeeping gets some rooms ready for check-in.
  3. Everything in Old San Juan is within walking distance of the piers there
  4. We've only stayed at a Candlewood once. It was clean, but definitely felt like a lower mid-tier property. The "suite" was very small and we weren't impressed. There is no such thing as a cheap hotel in FLL in Februrary. At least not one you'd want to sleep in. Just my opinion, bite the bullet and spend the extra $$ to get one of the 17th street properties. Lots of dining and shopping (including a Publix grocery) within walking distance. Embassy Suites, Hyatt's, Holiday Inn Express are all in that area. And they're a cheap uber ride to the ship. You've already spent good money on a cruise, is it worth saving 50-100.00 to stay at questionable motel?
  5. There are no sales. Period. Just different names to the fake sales of the day. In RCCL's world there is a "sale" every day 365.
  6. Diamond and up get some free drinks etc, but we get screwed like everyone else on balcony discounts.
  7. You aren't listening. LONG BEFORE Royal Up people were waiting until the last minute for guarantee room assignments. You're right about one thing - you should probably never book a GTY again, you're letting it cause you way too much unnecessary stress.
  8. Our daughter was in Norway for a month last summer - we used WhatsApp exclusively to keep in touch. She had her phone on airplane mode the whole month and we were in constant contact via WhatsApp messenger and calls. Of course she had to be in a wifi zone, but almost always was in Oslo.
  9. There should be no problem being off the ship between 7 and 8. 15 minute taxi ride. Assuming no problems with the ship or customs no problem.
  10. We usually book balcony's but did the family promenade room last spring. Somehow it was available and cheap for 3 people - huge room with two windows. We're doing a regular promenade in a few weeks on Adventure. Like the location on 7, window with a view of at least something As noted above, when they do the 70's show and things like that there will be some noise, but it's over before midnight. And as noted above, keep the curtains closed when necessary.
  11. Our first cruise was when our daughter was 7 (21 now). We've cruised at least once per year since They've almost all been 7 night cruises and she has never been bored, just the opposite she fell in love with cruising. I would do 7 nights eastern Caribbean (or Southern, but that involves flying to Puerto Rico).
  12. You might make that. Run off the ship and run to a taxi. No way we would book a 9:00AM flight off any ship at any port. Good luck
  13. Usually when you purchase the 3 night package online it will let you select either night 1 or 2, and a time. Not location. When you board, find someone at one of the specialty restaurants and they'll be happy to set up all your reservations.
  14. Sometimes it's so calm and quiet and NICE, it does seem like that.😋
  15. for the last 6-7 years we haven't done MDR. They turn down the lights at Windjammer, it's usually pretty calm and quiet. Food is fine, some or all of the same things they're offering in the MDR. And you can come and go as you please and eat what you want when you want. Maybe best of all it isn't a 1.5 hour process. On a 7 night cruise we do a 3 night specialty package and the other nights in Windjammer.
  16. A couple months ago we booked 3 night packages on 3 different cruises online. We were able to choose night one or two, and a time, for each. The only thing we couldn't choose in advance was the restaurant. Regardless, if you go to one of the restaurants when you board they will likely set up what you'd like. We chose night # 2 for each FYI🙂
  17. The refreshment package has included Red Bull on all the ships we've been on.
  18. We've been on 21 RCCL cruises, worst cruise buffet we've ever experienced was on Celebrity Reflection a few years ago. It was bad in every way, every day(quality, selection, etc). A couple years ago on Silhouette it was fine. Go figure.
  19. Our daughter was on study abroad in Oslo Norway in July and did a weekend in the fjords including a ferry trip. The photo's are AMAZING. Just based on that I'd do a balcony cabin if you can afford it She was there in July, it was typical Norway temperatures that month - 70's. She got lucky most of the month was clear and sunny, but they can also get a lot of cloudy wet weather in Norway in the summer. For what it's worth there are few if any pictures from the month of July where she is wearing a jacket, usually shorts and and short sleeve shirts. Google the average temperatures for the month you're looking at - only you can decide what is "chilly".
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