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  1. Exactly what we were thinking while we listened to those carts roll around......😁
  2. Same here, we mentioned it to the Diamond lounge concierge and he arranged a FCC for us.
  3. We had a Jr Suite under Windjammer on Jewel. The noise from the carts was LOUD, and started EARLY. As in 4-5:00AM. We will never book a room under Windjammer again. Ever.
  4. There are no sales, just revolving names for whatever the current pricing is.
  5. We spent 9 nights in Alaska at the end of August. Agreed, it is spectacular. We got very lucky on the weather, clear and sunny most days.. Now we'll need to go back on a cruise ship someday 🙂
  6. Cruise critic is getting back to normal. A simple yes or no question results in long detailed unsolicited advice.
  7. One of many reasons hotel shuttles aren't the best option.
  8. Agreed. They cancelled our January 2022 cruise and we were glad - just received the non refundable deposit back 🙂 It was an old one that had first lifted and shifted to January 2021...... No plans to book anything for a while. RCCL is lucky there are people willing to put up with tests, masks, onboard/port restrictions, tracelets, etc etc etc.
  9. Sonesta Opens First Resort in Puerto Rico Caribbean Journal (caribjournal.com) I see it changed brands and had some major renovations, didn't know that until I googled it just now. It was beautiful 3 years ago, should be even nicer now 🙂
  10. Yeah Embassy Suites is nice. Easy walk to beach and lots of restaurants etc. Intercontinental in Isla Verda is on the beach and beautiful. Marriott in Condado area is also very nice. For a honeymoon I'd choose Intercontinental or Marriott.
  11. Everything is changing all the time. I wouldn't make a final payment if you know you aren't going to cruise and the only reason was to hope for a refund of a NRD.
  12. We're flying to Alaska in a couple weeks, will try to remember to post a report when we return 🙂
  13. Well said. Obviously the population here is split down the middle. Some won't cruise with tracelets, masks, and endless ship/port restrictions. Others will put up with absolutely anything to "get on a ship".
  14. No one said otherwise. You're implying that people are worried about things they aren't. You're laughing at something that doesn't exist. Too funny. Some just aren't interested in cruising with tracelets and other restrictions and they're doing just as you said, not cruising. And they couldn't care less whether or not RCCL "bats an eye". Though I don't think corporations do that anyway.....
  15. If required, enjoy wearing a tracking device on "vacation". Also enjoy the venue restrictions, port restrictions, and ever present quarantine threat (thanks to the tracelet).
  16. We were on Radiance Jan 21st also. Fortunately we're driving to Florida for 3 months so no issues with air tickets. Since they cancelled, we'll get our non-refundable deposit back 🙂 We're taking a break too, next cruises are scheduled for January 2023.
  17. Agreed. We sailed 6 weeks January-March 2020. Glad we did because we have no interest in it now and no idea when we will again. I'm amazed how many people are lining up for all the restrictions, protocols and risks. More power to them.
  18. That sums it up nicely. They cancelled our January Radiance cruise and we're happy. Now we can get back that non-refundable deposit.
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