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  1. wondering how to buy OBC from HAL...cannot find it on their site....also, when are they on sale? Thank you!
  2. I have brought too many shoes so often! Now I try to limit myself to the sandals I wear onboard, one flat shoe (black), one pr black and one pr navy heels, and one pair sneakers....Female....I pack just enough clothes otherwise...
  3. Would you by any chance have hotel recommendations?
  4. I've never been there....Is Chill Island walkable from the ship? Thanks.
  5. I know that some cruise lines will have a waiver regarding all people in a cabin buying the package if there are health reasons preventing one person from having alcohol. Is that the case with HAL?
  6. Booked mine for late 2020 several months ago, when it did include the signature beverage....making it worth the extra $250 or so I paid.
  7. This is us, yay! Nieuw Amsterdam, November 23-30, 2019 Tropical Caribbean-Fall 7 days (Thanksgiving birthday!) Rotterdam, April 6-22, 2019 Azores and Normandy Expedition 16 days Tom and Jane have a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean listed for this date on this ship....must have been a schedule change... Zuiderdam, December 9-20, 2020 Panama Canal Sunfarer 11 days Thank you for doing this. What do you mean by a Bon Voyage?
  8. On a 16 night transatlantic?
  9. You'll all be fine....look forward to the fun!
  10. Thank you, MAVIP. It looks like there might be a luggage limit for the train. We'll be traveling for about 3 weeks and might go over the limit. What might you advise? I so appreciate your help.
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