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  1. grest

    Prepaid Gratuities

    I'm interested if you care to share. Thanks.
  2. grest

    Drake2014, please advise

    eager to hear the answer....pretty much what we are looking for too.
  3. are the shakes in Johnny Rockets included in the package? Thanks.
  4. I got mine about 6 weeks ago for Nov. 30 sailing (Serenade) for $39...snapped it up!
  5. Looks like there is some inconsistency...
  6. grest

    Deluxe drink PKG

    I paid $39...woohoo!
  7. Just read your follow up. Glad you're still cruising and enjoying life on the ocean!
  8. We change lines all the time, and don't pay too much attention to peoples' personal loyalties. After all, that is how they see it. You like Carnival, and have some familiarity and comfort there...great. Here on RCI, the loyalty is to RCI. Go to Princess, and the kudos for that line abound. I am sorry for your experience, though. I personally (just one person's opinion) do not think that Royal Caribbean is so much better than Carnival, nor that Carnival is either so much less or so much better than any other. The cruise is, at the end of the day, dependent on what you make of it. Hopefully you won't depend on others' opinions anymore. Go where you love to go, and if you're happy with one line, so be it. I'm happy with many, so that's that. Haven't gotten to the end of this thread, but I hope the rest of your cruise was much better than the beginning.
  9. Where on your cruise planner? I don't see it on mine.
  10. We are looking forward to visiting this island, but we aren't sure about doing the ship's tours. The bus tours are so hit and miss, we don't hike or kayak or scuba, we cannot drink due to health issues, you get the idea. But we want to see what we should see, and are hoping the St. Croix experts can make suggestions. Thanks so much.
  11. the little thing I miss is the ocean....
  12. My set sail pass for the Serenade in three weeks has the initials DX directly below the bar code. My husband, who has the refreshment package, has a RR notation.
  13. grest

    Premium Alcohol Package

    Got mine for $39 for the Serenade....how did that happen?? Woohoo. That was a couple of months ago for the November 30 sailing.