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  1. I like your thinking! I will do that next Saturday! Thanks for the tip.🥂
  2. Yes. They have a small selection but we exchanged for a bottle of red wine. It was ok.
  3. Actually, it is part of LA. Oops saw someone just said that as well.
  4. Yes we had to fill this out for our International flights this summer. We just filled it out on our phones. We were not required to print anything out. It was just a formality. Mexico, though, did require us to show a QRI code proving we filled out the required form to enter Mexico. Usually your airline will send you info regarding the requirements for each state or country. I did not have to fill anything out two weeks ago when I flew to Utah and back to LA, though. 🤷‍♀️
  5. I got the same email for our upcoming Grand Cruise. Most of the Qs are about the Medallion not the App. I did write about the App in the comment section though.
  6. Are they in a Club Class Mini Suite or just a Mini Suite? That makes a huge difference. If not Club Class then I do not think they can dine in the Club Class area with you. They will not get the specialty breakfast, first night dining or any of the other "suite" perks either. We are in a similar situation for our cruise to Hawaii. We plan on just eating lunches and dinners (when not in specialty restaurants) in the regular dining room (you can link everyone together in the App). I am not concerned because it is pretty much the same food. For breakfast, though, we do plan on enjoying the suite dining room. The other couple sleeps late anyway! 🤣
  7. We ordered it two weeks ago - one month prior to sailing. Thanks!
  8. Great info, thanks. Question: I am doing a B2B leg 1 with a friend and leg 2 with my DH. We received the medallions for leg 2 but NOT leg 1. In other words, My DH and I received our medallions but my friend did not. Granted, she did not order any Medallion holders like we did but that shouldn't matter. Any ideas as to why hers has not shown up? We leave Oct 23.
  9. If you are pressed for time this is a great testing facility. I have used them and it was fast and easy. For $25 (with insurance) you get same day results. Nice! https://www.sameday-testing.com/
  10. FOR CASH TIPS: I use a phone case like the one shown below. It was very useful on my recent cruise. I carried my ID, cards and cash in it.
  11. That'd be awesome! I'd be willing to pay extra if it was a band I really liked!
  12. That sucks, especially if it impacts your flight home.
  13. Some day we will sail together. It’s inevitable.😎 Enjoy your cruise!
  14. itinerary change now on website. I wonder if other sailings are changing?
  15. We got an email delaying our itinerary. Did you get one or was it a complete surprise?;
  16. @BrandiGreg Can you please let me know how late the tenders run overnight in Cabo? We have dinner reservations on shore and might not be done until 10PM. Thanks and hope you are having a blast!
  17. Awesome. Thank you for your service.
  18. @AF-1 Do you happen to know what time the last tender runs when overnight in Cabo? We have dinner reservations on land that might not get us back to the ship until 10pm. Will that be ok?
  19. @AF-1 Thanks for posting! I'd like to hear about your suite experience during these COVID times. Three more weeks for us! We will be in Cabin L302 for a B2B. Interesting about the embarkation night specialty dining. As you know, we have been reading differing opinions on this matter. I am glad you got it! I went ahead and purchased anyway, just in case... Enjoy your cruise!
  20. @Cruise Raider I know you are enjoying your cruise and don’t want to impose but do you happen to know if they offered the Chef’s Table dinner? Love that but not sure they offer it on shorter cruises. Thx 😀🚢
  21. I sure hope they do not enforce that in October. On our AOS cruise this summer masks were not required for pax and everything/one was fine (no COVID cases). I don't mind wearing a mask into the bar/restaurant but in-between sips? That's nuts (and not very sanitary IMO).
  22. Sometimes it gets rough on the way back to LA. I hope it stays smooth for you. Enjoy Cabo - it is a fun place!
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