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  1. I hope that concierge isn’t onboard in October. Anyway to find out?
  2. I wonder what they’ll do when I ask for a strawberry cheesecake 😂?
  3. It’s definitely weird that you are hearing a lot of NOs from staff especially in the Haven. No to doing shots? Really?? I really hope things change before our October Epic cruise, but I don’t have my hopes up at this point.
  4. Sure! Please tell him (Jorge) TIffany gave you the referral. He is the best!
  5. Huh, well that’s a new one! I am wondering why as well? Weird. Oh, LOVE your new magnet! I am glad you had a perfect day at… GSC.
  6. 😱 I’d never touch a bottle open for three days! Running out of Silverado?? That’s scary
  7. Clarification- the casitas are NOT on the pool deck? Can someone please verify? Thanks in advance.
  8. Did I hear my name? 🤣LOL! On the Harmony in April in a 2 bedroom Aqua suite - Star class.
  9. Princess still has them. This was on the Discovery last week. YUM!
  10. So excited for your Epic Haven review! I’m sure you are going to have a blast! We are in H4 17029 in October for an 11-day Greek Isles cruise. Cheers! 🥂
  11. Love your Live reviews! Enjoy your cruise. Wish I was there too. Some day….
  12. No because in November 2022 I did a 5-day and a 4-day and both were wonderful with great service.
  13. Well not for this cruise in our suite even though we had our “Towel animals welcome” magnet on our door. 😂
  14. No. They do not (or are not supposed to) charge you then remove the charge. Once you have the package everything should be included - zero charges. My guess is that it is another tech glitch. 🙄
  15. Honestly, this is the first time I have had so many account issues on Princess. In 2022 things ran smoothly in all aspects of our Discovery cruise(s).
  16. I love Catalina! We hit up Desconso's each time. A ten minute walk to the right from where the tender drops you off. Hmm perhaps a 🐀P cruise?
  17. My thoughts exactly. I do not want to spend my vacation complaining or in the GS line trying to get refunded for items that I have already paid for. That is time away from getting another drink! 😜
  18. I’m not sure but I did get an upgrade to an aft suite on our recent sold out Discovery cruise. My guess is that someone backed out. Who knows. 🤷‍♀️
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