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  1. I sent the email on October 1st and the refund went through on October 22.
  2. Yes. We received the refund already. I just got the email yesterday (Nov. 2) and it said it was processed on October 22nd. The refund was on the current credit card statement.
  3. In case anyone is wondering, it is possible to change your Future Cruise Credit to the cash refund option. I found that out because I had sent an email to Customer Service, asking about whether or not that might be an option in the future with the possible restrictions that may be in place when cruises start up again. Apparently, they took my query as a request. I got an email saying that they did it. Our FCC is gone and we got a refund for 100% of the cruise fare.
  4. I finally got an answer from Princess. The future cruise credit applies to the base cruise fare, NOT the port fees/taxes.
  5. FCC are limited to the person who has them. They can't be transferred to someone else.
  6. When you use your FCC to pay for your next cruise, can it apply to port fees/taxes or just the cruise fare? I can't seem to find this info anywhere, so I apologize if it's already been posted. I did a search, but didn't see anything.
  7. My sister & bro-in-law love CC. They always had the same waiters in the dining room and when my bro-in-law mentioned that he liked spicier food, the kitchen made him special dishes every night. It's worth it to them. For me, not worth the money.
  8. Crown Grill on the Ruby, Summer 2017. I started with the lobster & pancetta bisque which was amazing! Filet Mignon and Lobster, both perfectly cooked. For sides, we ordered mushrooms and asparagus. They brought the spinach and mashed potatoes, as well. My Mom discovered that she loves creamed spinach. 😃 For dessert, we had the mini-dessert collection. I love that they do that. It was the most we had eaten in one meal, but it was so worth the stuffed-ness.
  9. We used the same TA as you did. We waited until final payment and added Princess insurance then. I learned to always get travel insurance since we had to use it at the last minute!
  10. There's a website called cruisemapper that is interesting. You can see exactly where each ship is.
  11. My parents bought a couple. They are the same as the pillows on the ships. They are pricey, buy so comfy.
  12. We have Alaska booked for May 24th, which I'm sure will be cancelled. We are thinking about a west coast cruise in May 2021, but we want to wait and see if the usual deals will still happen later in the year (3 for 3, for example).
  13. We are booked on an Alaska cruise on May 24th and while I know it will be cancelled, it's still open for booking. The prices have technically gone down, but there are no perks included. If you add on the cost of what we got for the 3 for 3 promo, it's essentially the same price. I'm curious to see what next year's rates are.
  14. I'm booked on a RT Seattle to Alaska on May 24th. I'm sure it will be cancelled. I wouldn't be surprised if Seattle closes its cruise ports. It seems like it would be one of the worst ports to sail out of. I am surprised that Princess hasn't sent an email or issued a statement about the Canada closures. Just a quick acknowledgement would be nice.
  15. I was trying to find a title that wouldn't sound like every other cancellation question. My Mom and I are booked on a May 24th sailing to Alaska. I have no doubt that it will be cancelled; we are just waiting. Does anyone who has gone through this know if one of us could take the refund and the other take the FCC deal?
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