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  1. Will NCL provide the testing before passengers board, or is that our responsibility?
  2. I wonder how passengers who are being picked up by NCL at their hotel for transportation to the terminal will know what time to choose for boarding?
  3. I agree to plan ahead. Will say that my TSA pre-check which I applied for on July 7th, only took 2 days to be approved. I was surprised, but greatful.
  4. I read somewhere that they would ask for a photo of your CDC vaccination card, as well as presenting it in person. Other than that, not sure.
  5. It says if you do the check in early, it says to re-visit around 21 day mark as there is more information NCL wants.
  6. I have had price decrease regarding the cruise I am talking about. I continue to check prices. FYI, the cruise that "disappeared" has not reappeared! So I am breathing easier.
  7. I was told that NCL would be sending information about testing, etc around the 30 day mark, so I cannot answer any of your questions. Just winging it and hoping for the best.
  8. I am booked for a back to back on the Epic in November, 2021. First leg is a 9 day cruise to Greek Islands/Turkey. Will then be staying onboard the Epic for a TA returning to New York. I am fully vaccinated, would hope that all other passengers/crew will be vaccinated as well. For now, I am continuing on with my travel plans and will re-evaluate when I hear more from NCL. Keeping my fingers crossed. Not really fearful, just don't want to be constantly worried about who I am sitting next to, social distancing, etc. I will wear a mask when I see fit, but plan on being outdoors a lot.
  9. I booked under the presumption that it would be a fully vaccinated cruise. Will wait a bit before making a decision.
  10. I just went onto the NCL website to see if my cruise 11/9/2021 thru 11/20/2021 had come down in price. I could not find it listed, although my reservation is still available if I want to make a payment. Could this mean that this cruise is all booked up? Or, is bad news coming? The Epic transatlantic is still being sold. Don't think I can handle any more disappointment....
  11. I was so happy to verify and upload photo. You would think I hit the lottery, lol!
  12. I was able to upload my picture, along with email and telephone number this morning successfully.
  13. FYI, I went on to NCL check in for my cruise. I was able to take picture, verify email and telephone number. My cruise is not until 11/9/2021, but it accepted all info.
  14. My email and my photo uploaded no problem (yesterday). The telephone number could not be uploaded. Checked with NCL Tech support who stated it would be available closer to cruise time. My cruise is in Nov, 2021
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