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  1. I live in Oz, we don't get these deals as good as this... Flights for us to US are around 800Us return, Accomidation in Sydney can be expensive. around 150 to 200 usd a day. The best things to do where mentioned above, Zoo, Harbour, Blue Mountains, Climb the harbour bridge etc,,,, It's winter here now a cold 17" C or 63" F. Yes, no smoking in Casino only a couple of places on ship, we are very health consciences here... Your Plantnium status will carry over; theres usually only about 40-50 at the Vifp parties... Just bring a old S&S card as mentioned... Sydney is way better to sail from then Brisbane, but it takes 1 or 2 days longer to get to the pacific islands as there further away... (sydney is the worlds best harbour).. Oh there is NO TIPPING. all gratius taken care of in Australia. We pay the Carnival staff & local staff a much higher pay rate. Most cruisers give there favourite, bartender, waiter & room steward a tip at the end of a cruise.. Oh last of All we are Very Very Friendly.... Glad to have you DownUnder...
  2. Most ports are tender ports, The only docking ports will be proberably Gladstone & of Course Sydney. If in Sydney Port would be the prefered. As your cabin would be looking towards Opera house & not city buildings, in gladstone you will be facing city not ocean,,,
  3. 452 METERS loop on deck 10; can get windy & wet... Great way to start a day. Yes deck 3 back & forth is much better, No wind or rain or crowds. Former Spirit/Legend Captn Vittorio Marachi will vouch how good deck 3 is for walking... Oh I have only been on Legend 10 times.. Lol. You will love her...
  4. 8am Mic, I was going to do a few cruises from Bris-vegas as there mostly 7 days. As I will only have to take a week off work, for 3 ports, but they are getting back at 8:00 Am QLD time. ok that's 7:00am in NSW with our day-light saving... Was going to get 9:30am flight, so back in Newcastle at 9:30am. You don't lose time with Day-light saving on a 1 hour fligh. LOL & go straight to work start at 10:00. Work 20 mins from Newy Airport. Takes 3 hours to get train from home to OPT. In Sydney. So cruises are going to be very viable from there..
  5. Hey; Carnival are going to have a 8:00 dis-embarking time on Brisbane cruises.. They are usually going to leave Noumea at 1:30 on a Friday arvo. Have a sea day & get back to Brisbane around 7:30. with a 8:00 dis-embarkment time... Different to Sydney & overseas ports...
  6. In your cruise contract it will have the cancellation fees or transfer fees to another cruise. Usually 6 months out they can transfer it or cancel with-out penalties... On Australian cruises I think the issue will be you getting out of America for this cruise. We currently only have around 5 to 10 new cases each day here in the whole Australia. Some days none. In NSW (Sydneys state) we don't have any-one in ICU. At the moment.. So we are looking at coming back with local cruises (to Australian ports)from mid september & then to the pacific islands later, when they open up...
  7. Spirit Class. The Lay-out, Space, serenity at the back. ETC As we here in Australia have been very very lucky having 2 Spirit class ship's for the last 6 years, Spirit & Legend. Prefer the Legend only Cause of "The Urn's"
  8. I'm happy with the total nights sailed option that most cruise lines offer. I know RCL offer 2 points if you book a suite per night. When I'm finished with current cruise line, will just book suites on RCL, to get the same kind of perks with them. Only on 5 nights... I think it would be a great idea if Carnival corp did this sharing. it's been mention many a times on Carnivals head of public relations John Heald's face book page many of times. But I think it won't happen. I am 7 nights short of Carnivals highest level, (Diamond) 200 nights. been to 2 Captains lunches, as there wasn't enough Diamonds on-board. I didn't enjoy them too much. As most of Carnivals Diamonds are over 65. Very different to a Gen X'er in myself to those Boomer's or older then Boomers... lol But I think sharing points won't happen cause of cost's..
  9. If The cruise ship's can get back to this place; it might be the first..... I'm pretty shore the only G20 country that loves cruising & has lifted a-lot of restrictions; & is beating the Virus. Only 103 deaths out of 26 million & only 9,000 that have come down with it... Australia... Plus we have the world's best port.. SYDNEY... Be back either Sept 17 or October 15th...
  10. With the lifting of certain restrictions at the moment & over the week-end coming up & the re-introduction of major sport back into society in late May. My late October 2 cruisers are looking better. BUT. The NRL have announce the finals, while i'm on these cruises & my team has made the major finals 6 of the last 7 years... Here's to reducing the curve still even more & the lifting of more restrictions... Even if it's just Australian port only cruises to begin with. can't wait....
  11. OK; First up. Never dona a TA, but have done a number of TP... Have done 18 plus 8 day cruises, as most cruises from Australia are 8 days or longer... Several up to 19 days straight. First up; The Carnival Legend. Spirit class ship, MOST room passenger to space on the Carnival cruise line Ship. It never seem's to crowded. Everything is on deck's 2, 3 & 9. So easy to move around on... Also Yes she is getting old. The only other thing I can say is be ready for the Decor... I Love "The Urn's" Lot's of activities, Trivia, dance lesson's, cultural presentations of course some great music & entertainment... Oh of course the demographics of the cruisers are around 60... Not a lot of Kids... Enjoy my old lady Legend, I have been on her 10 times. Enjoy your Trans atlantic....
  12. Carnival Spirit on The 14th March 2020, out of Melbourne.. We got temparture checked. Luckly it was just a 2 night cruise to Sydney. After about 2 hours, we got a letter saying our next cruise was cancelled & this is what Carnival has offered us. They gave us free wi-Fi, since we where doing B2B. I think this was the last Carnival cruise to depart a port Worldwide????
  13. Sad another 2 deaths today in NSW & they where both linked to the Ruby Princess. But concerning the main question.. I think there WILL not be any international cruises this year. There Will be local only ones from Sept/Oct on-wards. If restrictions get lifted here in Australia, I don't think they will allow any overseas travel until the rest of the World controls it also. They won't want it coming back...
  14. Ok; Was On The name Sake Carnival Spirit last week. For my 12th time & been on sister ship Carnival Legend 10 times. I can not possibly see where you could put these extra cabins.. Deck 1; may-be 3 cabins where the nightclub is.. To much stuffing around; Not at the front at The Comedy Club either Deck 2 Nope everything is there... Deck 3: Where soulplay or The art gallery is 4 rooms; The video games arcade/chapel nope. just to much to get done for little return. So I reckon nothing will change. The Carnival Spirit goes into Dry-Dock in may/June 2021 In Singapore. Then back to Brisbane...
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