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  1. Ok; What about this. The Better half will go diamond before me. 1 extra cruise them me. (currently 172 & 162) On our first cruise after she goes Diamond, will we get the Upgrade in cabin & The Dinner for 2 in Steakhouse. Then on The next cruise I go Diamond will we get the same things AGAIN????
  2. We here In Australia have been so so lucky, having a Spirit designed ship down here all year round (The Spirit) for the last 7 years & also have another Spirit designed ship (The Legend) for 7 months a year. have done 17 cruises on these ship's & will be back on in 6 days. sailing out of Sydney again. They are spacey, great having Serenity at the back out of the wind. One large dining room & Main Showroom also. Going to miss having the Legend not coming here anymore, as we will have The Splendor & bigger ship (To have more passengers cruise & increase revenue). From December..
  3. The school hols ending on the 14th, here in NSW. You might find some-thing cheaper. At the moment, there would be Carnival & P&O as your 2 main options. I have a eye on a short 7 dayer with Carnival for that 14th October.$899 inside with $100 OBC. It hasn't gone. Pack"N"Go yet.
  4. Got no problems with Legend. The Spirit class ships are the best laid out in Carnivals fleet. Jen Baxter (The CD) being from The british Isles & spending a lot of her time in Europe will be perfect for the role. Also did Legend on Carnivals first Trans-pacific back in 2015. The First times to Tahati & Bora Bora. they had great entertainmant & educational things to do the whole cruise...
  5. Have done 10 cruises on Legend here in Australia; some during our summer but mostly Spring & fall. The outside area's on deck 9 & 10 will be warm. Use sunscreen. But all inside areas will be Air-conditioned fine at 21" or 75F". I was in a inside cabin back in March & had no problems with cabin temp's. You can easily adjust up or down... Love the lay-out of the Legend. You will enjoy...
  6. Hey Gbenjo; Isn't some cruise lines much quicker then others getting there passengers on-board then others. i mainly sail carnival & now with there sail card's available at your cabin door. It has sped it up considerably. yes there is a Bock log at AFP; scanning & checking passports. But my experience has been of great improvment in the kast 5 years. Also yes Brisbane is going to be cost efficent & great for cruise lines, But most cruise lines will be departing Noumea at 1:00 on last day. not enough time to do the bigger excursions (Ameedee, Signal & escapade island). Seeing what Carnival & P&O have planned for these 7 day cruises out of Bris-Vegas...
  7. Amber; the only real difference is:1 Dive-in movies on Spirit is on deck 9 at the pool. On Legend it's in the Comedy club. 2.The legend has 4K rooms where the windows don't open. The Spirits open. To let in fresh air. We have had both these ships here in Australia for the last 5 years.. Been on both over 8 times. Oh the Spirit also is not as bad decor as legend (The Urn's) Enjoy...
  8. What about No showing. paying for the cruise in total & not showing on the day. the room doesn't get re-booked. The no-Show person doesn't get money back from Carnival or insurance. carnival will save on things like house-keeping & other items... Yes, I think you should get the reward points as original poster stated...
  9. Love booking last minute (Pack'N'Go). I have done at least a dozen of these over last 4.5 years. i usually go "The Fun Ship's" there here all year round, more likely to find these deals between March-October. They only have 1 ship here at the time. I love it cause I run a small business & can only get time-off at short notice & can't sail between Nov through till mid March (Air-cons are our biggest selling item; plus X-Mas retail trade). Went on one last month out to the islands. The only thing I have found out is they are not as cheap as before.. This year I'm paying $100 - $120 PP per day.For a Balcony. In the past it was around $75 - $100 PP per day.. Looking at one on the 26th of August. Going to Vila; haven't been there in 3 years. Enjoy & enjoy The savings...
  10. On Embarkment day. The MDR (Main Dining Room) is open from 2:00 - Muster time; to handle any changes or dietery requirements. Some times they can change straight away, once had to wait to second night.. Lot's of people ask for a change from group seating to booth's of 4 or tables of 2. After the first night. I had a group seating on my very first day on a carnival cruise; I hated it; i was sat with a SO Called famous Carnival cruiser. (on the book of faces). I asked for a table of 2; for me & the BH; got it & have done it this way 171 days now.. Enjoy..
  11. Oskar; Carnival Australia's ship's smoking area's are deck 9 & 10 forward starboard side. If you have seen deck plans it's the front pool area on the right side.. If you have to walk in that area do it on the other side.. I don't smoke, but it hasn't bothered me on over 15 cruises with Carnival.. The only messagers you will hear in your cabin are the emergency ones. It's usually the only time I hear it is when there calling every-one to muster. The very infrequent announcements are only in public areas. (yes the hallways); not the rooms... about activites & port details...
  12. Had Jen; 4 times now. My Favourite CD, Such a ball of Energy. Great things come from Liverpool (England). As we have had The Legend Down Under here in Australia for the last 5 years. Going to Miss Jen & The Legend...
  13. The Other thing interesting is RCCL; is going to be here in Sydney until JUNE.. Most of there ships dissappear by Early April. Another 2 months.. with Carnival & P&O having full ship's over winter, there could be a change??? Even Carnival increasing there sized ship from spirit to Splendor. It would be interesting.... ps: Had a lot of RCCL & a few Celebrity cruises on The Spirit 2 weeks ago.. Very nice people at The CC catch-up....
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