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  1. October 2014, LEGEND. Had only been overseas only once, 20 years before when a company I worked for had confrence in Bali. New Partner, had cruised before & dragged me on a holiday. I had said no for 2 years. I loved it. Great staff, entertainment, food & destinations. I was only 42. I have now done 22 cruise & we are 7 days from Diamond. I want to be one of the first under 50 to become Diamond in Australia.👍❤🛳
  2. I get BB, But the Better Half, doesn't drink as much as me.. We usually bring the 24 cans on for her & then restock at least another 12 to 20 half way on our cruises. Usually at Noumea in the south Pacific as it has supermarkets to restock. We have done this at least a dozen times.👍
  3. You can only buy cheers on-Board.. on Australian Cruises. It goes for $119 Australian a day. (Around $90 USD). Much more because Australians drink more then Americans. Lol Same with excursions. Can only be purchased on-board. There can be line-ups at excursions desk on Embankment day. Some do book out. If Platnium or Diamond use that to get on early to book excursions...
  4. RCL, in 2022. Double C&A points.. Done 22 cruises with Carnival, 7 days short of Diamond. Will go to 25th Cruise to take advantage of Milestone. Diamond here in Australia is just nearly over 70's of age. Being under 50, not My cup of tea. Love the look of RCL Diamond (75 days). 4 free drinks every day... Save $$.
  5. Been on Spirit 12 times, had extended Balcony 3 times. Room size is the same but you get 3 to 4 feet more Balcony space in depth..
  6. What's Spamming of E-Mails. I get 2 a week from the cruise line. I do think that's to much. Get 1 a month from the other 2 cruise lines, that the main Line owns. Get a phone call every month also. Yes I'm sitting on 3 FCC (Cancelled cruise credits). I'll just sit & wait, unless they have a expiry date..
  7. Insurance companies & health care companies would flushed with money.. Robbery & Theft way down during Covid, car accidents & road toll are way down. Yes we have just had this rain though.. Still paid our policies..
  8. I saw in the first 12 months of Covid in NSW With the unfortunate 56 deaths & the reduction in car travel within the Population.Road toll down 51 over first 12 months of Covid. There is actually only 5 more deaths..Within the state combined..
  9. Epic win By The Swanies. With such a young inexperienced team. Against the Back To Back AFL Champions Richmond. All I can say is: CHEER CHEER. THE RED & THE WHITE. HONOUR THE NAME BY DAY & BY NIGHT. LIFT THAT NOBLE BANNER HIGH. SHAKE DOWN THE THUNDER FROM THE SKY.
  10. Yes, you can be waitlisted. But I haven't tried for a particular type of cabin. I have done this twice, once for a very popular cruise here in Australia. I was notified 4 days before departure a internal room was available, had 3 hours to pay for it.. The other one I was waitlisted, but they never got in contact with me. I got on it cause 4 or 5 days out they relisted cabins for sale, so I booked it straight away.... I would also keep checking PVP/TA As they might have a allocation of rooms. Good Luck..
  11. The other thing that makes Carnival's Hull's look so bad is its WHITE. Red/Orange rust stands out so much. Celebrity is changing there hulls to Blue, to make it not look as bad. (Mutton dressed as Lamb). Rust is a killer to the metal in the structure of the ship. We have it here in Australia with our cars & 90% of the population living on or near the Coast... Our cars don't last as long as European & American Cars..
  12. Yes, All those annoying Announcements. It's like we can't read The Fun Times or You The Carnival App, to plan our days & see what's coming up. Like we are little Children.😡
  13. Swanies cost me tipping a perfect round. Arhhh The Hawks V's Bombers match was the match of the Round. Hawks 40 point comeback was Epic..
  14. Yes down stairs at workers club wonderful. The best bands & music. Then if you wanted you could continue on at the 50/50 upstairs. It was the go to place, I grew up in my teenage years in the 80's on Darby St. So Workers, Castle Fanny's where the go to places...
  15. Afternoon became cloudy & this eerie southerly wind. I lived in Darby st. So I went for a surf at Newcastle beach. It was very quite & this southerly breeze made it choppy. It was like there was a whole lot less people around in the world. Or there was more important things in life. I was only 20 at the time & a very regular at Newy Workers...
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