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  1. We are sailing in October and I think it will be Elation's 2nd sailing out of Port Canaveral. I have read most ships start out sailing at 50%? Does anyone know if his is true ?
  2. After 3 cancelled cruises, I have just booked 2 new ones. I have several credits and discounts that were applied along with FCC and WOW they both cost a lot more than the originals that were cancelled. Can't wait to cruise again so this isn't a complaint just more of an eye opening observation. Vaccinated and ready to CRUISE!!! Lets Go!
  3. They took ours from us. Soft sided with wheels. 12x12x14. Yes they will take it
  4. I just pre-ordered Budlight for our cruise in a couple weeks
  5. I don't think so? but if you asked I'm not going to say you can't. That would surprise me.
  6. Yes, we have celebrated many Jewish holidays aboard. Several times a Rabbi has been on the ship as a fellow passenger and lead services.
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