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  1. Happy Belated, Jan 🙂 and Happy Early, Melmar 🙂 I lost a tiny bit, but basically maintained which is pretty good all things considered. Super busy with DS soccer and restarting Bible Study. I've started walking on the treadmill at the gym after dropping DS and school and catching up on my "watch later" YouTube feed to make extra use of the time. I'd really like to be under 190 (194 and change right now) by 10/21 (25th Anniversary). I'm pretty sure I was 180's when we married. I'm thinking I might try my dress on next month too - it's been in storage since the weddin
  2. It's hard to believe that Sunrise cruise was only a year ago! Hoping to cruise again in the next few years.
  3. Congrats to your daughter on her sub-30 5K, great time. 50 minutes for a walking 5K is good too 🙂 I miss running (wasn't very fast, but lapped the people on the couch 😉 ) but I don't think my back and hips can take it anymore. Trying to get back to walking at least - did about 40 minutes this morning. My husband would probably love the "naked" cake - he isn't a big icing person. I on the other hand usually pick corner pieces on traditional cake 🙂 The fires are heartbreaking 💔 Hope everyone is well this week. Super busy here - will try to pop i
  4. Congrats to all who are taking control of their health, regardless of loss. I forgot to weigh this morning, but have been trying to eat healthier after a not so healthy weekend 😮 Suspect a slight gain, but to be expected. Weight training crossfit on the schedule for tonight, need to get back to working out at home too.
  5. Happy Birthday, Diana! Happy Belated, Belle (and glad you are feeling better). Welcome, Izena - great job taking control of your health. Hello again to everyone else 🙂 Sorry I've been m.i.a. - been busy at home and with kid's school. DD is back at campus and DS is back at school. Last week I was down 1# and this week I'm down one more. Trying a new exercise class tonight called "Pound" which is a workout with drumsticks. Hoping it will be fun 🙂 Will try to post more, but also finding a peace being on the computer less. Have a great weekend everyone!
  6. Greetings all! Congrats to those who lost, but also to those who are being intentional with their health even if not having results yet. Sorry for being MIA - crazy few days getting DD back to school and getting ready for DS to start. I had another gain Thursday but it is starting to come off. DD and I finished our boxing workout just before she left and took measurements: even though I gained 2.4# in 3 weeks I lost 2 inches. DH has an Aunt that married into an Italian family - cookies seemed big at his cousins weddings (also a friends' wedding where the bride was It
  7. I got my first color (an all-over) in June, but it is demi - permanent so no maintenance either.
  8. Happy Anniversary Jan ❤️ We are cool here too - 40's to 50's this morning and still below 80. I probably will freeze some of the tomatoes and take the nicest to my in-laws tomorrow on the way to take DD to college. Glad you are staying safe, Diana. 2 hours of yard work is absolutely an upper body workout! Probably got some good leg work in too with squats and maybe some core/obliques if there was much twisting 🙂 Robin, your pregnancy condition sounds like preeclampsia/eclampsia. I never thought of just freezing after scalding then finishing cooking late
  9. I'm still around this week - busy getting ready for back to school. I think we have DD packed as much as we can (a few things need to wait until Friday morning) and I just need to find the mechanical pencils DS likes for him to be done with shopping. Robin, so glad your father's test was negative 🙂 Hope those of you in CA get relief soon from the fires. PA is very mild here today. DH and I will celebrate 25 years October 21st. We are leaning toward a stay in Panama City Beach during the time we would have been on the cruise (beginning of November). Dad
  10. Our 25th anniversary cruise was canceled by Viking (expected it, but still bummed). Will start researching today if AI's are an option or looking at a smaller get away maybe in the Finger Lakes. Really want to celebrate the milestone, but don't want to force something that's not meant to be.
  11. I feel like clothes are fitting better and I'm sculpting some, but weight was up 2.2
  12. Before switching to a veggies most nutrition plan I didn't like most cruciferous vegetables but find I do like cauliflower and even broccoli now (still not a fan of brussel sprouts, but shredding helps). I remember reading anything high fiber is difficult to digest, which would include apples, especially with skin.
  13. OOTD is a maxi skirt with navy ladies cut t-shirt. DD had an MRI so dressed a little nicer and enjoyed our first in restaurant dining after the appointment. Tables well spaced, staff wearing masks, and we kept ours on until after ordering and put on before paying. My 25th Anniversary cruise was cancelled 💔 In the grand scheme it isn't that important, but we were really looking forward to both the ports (Southern Caribbean) and a more premium line (Viking Ocean vs our standard CCL or RCCL).
  14. Kat, be careful with prepackaged cauliflower products if you are watching carbs. Many contain tapioca or other starches which can up the carb count (still probably better than the traditional version). I made a loaded cauliflower casserole recently (milk, cornstarch & cheese for sauce; steamed cf; bacon; green onions). Really tasty and only time cauliflower really had that "comfort food" feel to me. I do a lot of cauliflower rice, but make my own: chop a head and pulse in batches in food processor until "rice" consistency. I usually fry with some sesame oil, butter, and sea
  15. My glutes hurt so bad today 🤣 Not only do I have a lot of legwork with the boxing, but DH and I work with a trainer who had me do 100 leg lunges (fortunately only 50 per leg) as part of cross-fit Monday night. Radiology said the dental work was totally safe for her, but might cause some imaging issues - hopefully not. Belle, found money is always a good thing! I just got a prepaid visa from my health insurance from an overpayment in 2016! It will go toward a lunch out with DD after her appt. and some school supplies.
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