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  1. The reports may be incorrect in regards to how the child fell. Furthermore, South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowsk told WSBT that the child wasn’t being held outside the window when the girl fell, contrary to previous reports about the case.
  2. You wear headphones and there are 3 different stations you can listen too. You might have one playing modern hip-hip, one playing 80's and one playing 60's music. The headphone light up either green, red, or blue depending on what station you are tuned into. It sounds silly and looks ridiculous if you are walking past but trust me it's a lot of fun and they often run out of headphones. No idea if they sanatize them but I would suspect they do. If you are concerened you could take a sanatizing wipe with you to clean them.
  3. I think you'll enjoy the cruise. You guys are the same ages as me and the wife. We also like live music, comedy and a having a good time. We have had some great Celebrity cuises (and a dud here and there too). But our 7 day caribbean cruises are always fun. The Summit is a smaller ship so there are less entertainment venues than the bigger NCL, RCCL ships. So keep an eye on the daily planner to see what's happening and where. There will usually only be one or two things going on at any one time. Don't miss the silent disco. There's usually 2 or 3 of them and they are a blast. The entertainment on Celebrity isn't as good as NCL or RCCL but it can still be pretty good. As long as you get a decent DJ and house band you should have a good time. The production shows are OK (I'm like your husband, I go because my wife goes). They do sometimes have some really silly stuff like lame magic/ventriloquist shows. The Martini Bar is usually hopping in the early evening and the late night action is usually in the Sky Lounge. If they have a late night pool deck party those are usually fun. I hope you don't like to stay up too late. This is one area that drives us nuts on Celebrity. After midnight it's sometimes hard to find any action (except the casino). The lounge will stay open later if there are a couple of dozen guests still partying but that depends on the passengers on your cruise. We've had some cruises where there are a bunch of party animals and we can keep them open till 2am or later. On other cruises it's a ghost town by midnight.
  4. I've never had an issue getting a seat on a Celebrity ship. Most shows are far from full. The upper balcony area usually has loads of open seats. If you want down in front near the center you might want to get there 10 or 15 minutes early. Two identical shows per night, usually one at 7 and one at 9, and occasionally a late show, usually comedy.
  5. It's most any drink even wine. Many of the menu drinks specify a particular alcohol but your standards don't (rum and coke, G &T etc). If you slide up to the bar and order a cab, a chardonay or a G & T you will get whatever is in the well regardless of your package unless you specify a particular alcohol. The dining rooms are about the only place they will typically pour to your package without you having to ask (with the wine anyway). It does not seem to matter how many times you order a particular drink with a particular bartender (unless you tip them, do that and they will typically remember you and your drink). Some bars are better than others for instance the World Class Bar or the Ensemble lounge since they are not as busy so they might remember your preference. But the pool bar, the sunset bar, sky lounge, martini bar are all usually slammed and you will get what ever is closet to the bartender unless you specify. I really don't think they are doing it to rip anyone off, I think it's more of a speed thing. They grab what's closest (the well stuff). In most mixed drinks it doesn't matter what brand of booze they use as long as it's decent (99% can't tell the brand once it's mixed with anything other than water). They don't have any really bad alcohol on Celebrity so even the well stuff is decent in a mixed drink. I typically drink single malt scotch so it matters a lot to me what brand I get. And the thing I find most irritating is they often run out of Macallan (again a small tip will usually ensure that doesn't happen more than once). I'm pretty much a subject matter expert where booze is concerened lol. And for sure check your accout daily. I've found random drink charges on my account on nearly every cruise. The last one they were charging me a couple of bucks every time I ordered a moscow mule?? Just mules for some reason. And I had the premium package not that it should matter since a mule is included on the classic package.
  6. The bartenders will use the cheap stuff regardless of package unless you specifically request a top shelf liquor. If you hand them your card and say nothing you will get the well liquor even if you have a premium package.
  7. That's pretty much out strategy too and it's worked on nearly every cruise. We ask for BOGO and depending on how we feel we will take as low as 30% off. We have just about a 100% success rate getting a discount. We might not get the day or time we initially want but if you're flexible it seems pretty easy to get a discount.
  8. With me, I'm pretty sure Celebrity wishes they had a cap😂🤣🥃 glug glug
  9. Even the wines on the premium package are not that great and there's not much of a selection . You might be better off just paying the difference per glass between the classic and whatever she likes to drink.
  10. I thought about booking that itinerary but then I watched a YouTube video of it and the ports just didn't seem very interesting. Tropical islands with some nice beaches and not much else. We did the great barrier reef cruise on the Solstice last year and really enjoyed that one. Lots of interesting ports and lots to see. We did a wine tasting tour in Newcastle, Koala sanctuary and wine tasting in Brisbane, and snorkeled the reef in Cairns. I would do that one again. I also liked the Sydney to Aukland itinerary.
  11. We got 25% off the porch on the Reflection back in March and regularly get discounts on the sushi. I find the sushi the easiest to get a discount on, that place is always empty. I was surprised we could only get 25% on the Porch because there were only 3 tables seated when we were in it. It was empty.
  12. You should always ask for a discount when booking onboard. We usually ask for BOGO and sometimes get it but more often that not they offer 25% off and we usually settle at 30% or 35% off. It's rare for them to flat out say no discount, in fact for us that's never happened and we typically book one or two per cruise. Occasionally we don't get our first choice of nights or maybe have to take Tuscan rather than Murano but we always seem to get a discount.
  13. I have not seen sub $100 a night in years on any Celebrity cruise I'm interested in. Sure last minute TAs in an inside might fall into this category but those don't work for me. Not being a member of the League of Retired Gentelmen (TLRG) I can't do last minute deals. So my strategy is book fairly early to secure a price that I'm ok with, then look for price drops around final payment date. I don't have the energy (or desire) to watch the prices continually like some CCers. I've done well on my last 2 cuises getting a 12 day barrier reef in a balcony for $160 a night and our 10 day Mardi Gras in Aqua was $200 a night (not including tax and port fees). The prices were much higher when we originally booked those 2 cruises.
  14. There's no change, It's been the same for years. I have not seen any changes. The Sunset bar on one side, The Mast bar, one side of the pool deck (deck 12) and outside on deck 5 port side. Just like the daily shown above says. I don't think the sunset bar has ever been non smoking. It's smoking on the port side and non-smoking on the starboard side. Every once and a while if a lot of smokers are seated near the center of the deck the smoke can waft over to the non-smoking side. But if you sit over by the grass it's usually clear from any smoke
  15. We never liked Bistro on 5 but we love sushi (just got back from the sushi bar a few minutes ago). However, as sushi goes, SO5 is pretty weak. They have some great cocktails and some of the appetizers and ramen are ok but the actual sushi is pretty poor compared to most decent land based sushi bars. I really do wish it was better and would go far more often if it was.
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