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  1. Yea, right... Once past about 6, most kids are mouthy and quite a few (older) kids will get drunk given a chance.
  2. I think you need to ask yourself a few questions. Are you Ok if none of the ports are open? Could be a cruise to nowhere. Some people love that some are all about the ports. And most cruise lines sailing in Europe require ship booked excursions or you ain't getting off. I suspect the sailing from the US will be the same. Are you OK wearing a mask on the ship when out and about? Pretty sure mask will be required. And I wonder how long it will take for some antimask nutjob to get left at the first port. Are you Ok on a ship with limited entertainment and
  3. We did a back to back on the Equinox just before the zombie apocalypse ended the world (March). I honestly didn't notice any difference after the remodel. Yea I know the Equinox only got a partial but it still seemed the same to me. The pool was still busy, so was the sunset bar and the martini bar. The world class was still dead, so was sushi on 5. Like most people I don't usually use the solstice deck, because it's too far from a bar! Plus I've seen some stuff up there that I am still trying to unsee. I guess I'm still a fan of Celebrity but there prices even for us plebs are getting a
  4. I'm not cruising if masks are mandatory. That's just not my idea of a vacation. I'm fine with a rapid test for pre boarding. But I'm on the ship to get my party on. Hang with friends, drink, dance and get silly. I think if mask are mandatory cruise ships will be more like floating old folks homes. And judging from the youtube videos of the first few cruises that's not far from the truth. I'm not cancelling my 2 bookings for next year yet but if mandatory masks are a thing I will do land vacations instead.
  5. My personal goal regarding Scotch (and other whiskey's too) is to TRY THEM ALL! And I'm making great progress. I do wish there was more variety on the ships to help me reach my goal. Unfortunately I find that I typically have to buy the bottle when trying the more unusual stuff. I find most Scotch to my liking. Not a big fan of the Islay stuff though. On rare occasions I get the urge to pour a dram of Laphroig or Lagavulin but I just usually avoid the peaty, smokey stuff. I probably have 20-30 bottles in the bar right now which only leaves me about 10000000 to go😂. On the ship
  6. For sure you are not getting into Australia in Sept. I've been trying to find a way to get into Australia this Sept and have been shut down at every turn. They are CLOSED! Even with a doctors note, Covid screening etc, they don't care. I would just cancel. I just canceled a Panama cruise I had booked for Nov this year because I was concerned that some of the ports would be closed. And spending $8k to sit on a boat for 2 and a half weeks isn't my idea of a great vacation.
  7. We did it a couple of years ago on the Infinity and thought it was great. Ours was an 8 day with an overnight in SF. Enjoyed that as it gave us more time in the best port. We live in SoCal so we have been to all the ports dozens of times but still enjoyed arriving on a ship rather than in our car. Not a big fan of Catalina or Ensenada though. I know they can't skip Ensenada but I wish they would dump Catalina on the coastals and go into San Diego or some other decent port. Monterey and Santa Barbara are both great stops. And if you like Wine you can do winery tours in just about every port
  8. I have a Panama cruise booked for November. Hoping the madness is over by then. I'm thinking though that this mess is going to hurt the cruise industry for a few years. I'm trying to get some friends to book a Greek Isle cruise NEXT sept (2021) and pretty much everyone I've asked is telling me they wont book any cruise because of the "germs". It seems that there is a perception that cruise ships are just floating germ factories by much of the public. On the plus side, this might help bring down those ridiculous prices on Celebrities med cruises.
  9. it's not just fear of getting sick that would make me consider cancelling it's the chances of missing ports or just plain getting stuck on the ship. We just got off the Equinox where we missed a port because the local authorities didn't clear the ship. Honestly I didn't mind because the DR wasn't really a great stop and they refunded us a full day credit (that's a win in my book!). But more and more ports may say no cruise ships right now. So then what, a cruise to no-where? I have a Nov. Panama cruise coming up and I am seriously considering changing it because I don't want to take a cha
  10. We were in Costa Maya on the last western leg. I can't believe they managed to tie up, the ships were taking a beating from the rough seas. Once at the beach the wind wasn't bad but out on the pier the water was very rough. It was funny watching waves hit the pier side and the huge splash thrown up was soaking some the NCL passengers. Last week we did miss Dominican Republic due to a health inspection that took forever. The captain finally gave up and we sailed off about 1pm for an extra sea day, we received clearance to disembark about an hour after we left 🤣
  11. We sailed on the reflection in March last year and there was a guy wearing pretty shabby shorts and t shirts in Blu every night. He looked just slightly better thana homeless person. We were thinking maybe they lost thier luggage.
  12. Not sure how 'fresh" the sushi on the ship is though. I've tried it a couple of times and it's been mushy like it was frozen and thawd a few times too many. I love good sushi/sashimi and have it at least once a week. I am fortunate to have a really nice place close to home that gets fresh fish from all over the world so I'm a bit spoiled. We get to try lots of unusual fish that you don't often see. Bluefin is still my favorite tough but Hirame (halibut) is a close second. The OP really should try some "real" sushi or sashimi, when fresh it's fantastic (well most if it anyway). Sushi on 5 ha
  13. Because Celebrity has no clue how to make a coherent functional website
  14. That's pulled right off the US website, but it's pulled from the cruise planner for my upcoming cruise.
  15. And in case there is still some confusion, here's the info from the website
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