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  1. Glad that everyone gets an opinion and now we know yours. Will be doing 5 cruises starting in March and I’ll do the bid up for the Sky suite for each cruise. Can’t wIt for 58 days aboard the Solstice.
  2. My friend won a bid from Concierge to Sky Suite and it was under the pool deck. He did 14 days and never heard a squeak. I’ve talked to others that say they had moved from an aft cabin because of noise and cigarette smoke that bothered them. Kinda of surprised by that but I understand the smell of cigarettes. Wonder why they don’t insulate that aft cabins for. Lise like they do the suites.
  3. Yes, by not paying you can call anytime and they can reduce your fare for you. The fares stated on the website are usually higher then what they charge.
  4. The transfers are done by Celebrity and not the hotel. They know nothing other than they will have buses arriving to take guests to a Celebrity ship. Had a horrible experience last year at the Crown Plaza In Rome. Missed the Concierge lunch do to the late bus arrival at the hotel. Celebrity gave us $400 for future cruise, paid for a fee meal in Murano and invited us to three sail a ways.
  5. Have a lot of friends that keep wanting me to get a sky suite. There really aren't any bad locations. I've bid a few times and never won. Ill keep trying. Usually have Aqua and want to try Luminaire. In my mind Blu has gone down in quality and now a days and the tables are too close to each other.
  6. If so then you were lucky. The kitchens were split apart so that food in BLU would get delivered better. The main kitchen in now for the MDR and the buffet.
  7. You can only order off the MDR if the ship has not been revolutionized. At that point they are separate kitchens. You'd have to plead your case to a waiter to walk to get your specified order. Had friends try it and they were told no.
  8. Had a friend that won a bid and he hadn't been notified but noticed he won by checking his vacation planner. but hadn't He placed a call to Captains Club and a Rep made the change for him.
  9. The Celebrity App uses place holders. The menu isn't updated until about two weeks out from Embarkation.
  10. I used the on board the Reflection and it worked flawlessly. This was back in September. Looking forward to my next cruise to use the messenger app. Had problem before but the newest version seems to work for me.
  11. Would be based on current pricing. You'd also lose the summer saving's discount.
  12. Never heard of any move up bidding being able to link two reservations for bidding. You can ask Celebrity.
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