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  1. good news but like JamesCC said, what took them so long to start? Why weren't they working on something (even if individually) in March? Did they believe POTUS that this would just go away and disappear? Working so closely with NCL, could this be a precursor to a merge between the 2 companies?
  2. no, I do not believe cruise lines will be sailing in September.
  3. Now is it guess which was the last ship he brought out? Cuz I'm assuming he brought out many
  4. Mario loves Liberty but of late has been spending a lot of time on Indy. He's also set up shop on Majesty but the sign used on Majesty is different than the one pictured here.
  5. well the picture says it's a picture of Capt William Wright. Or are you asking where this picture is hanging?
  6. One of the captains is Per Kristoffersen. Haven't heard about the other one.
  7. I know this isn't right but I need something to keep my hopes alive for a November TA on Anthem. Adventure OTS - Capt Krzyszthof Szymkarczuk (started rotation 4-19-20) Adventure OTS - Capt Carl Graucob Allure OTS - Capt Claus Andersen (started rotation 5-10-20) Allure OTS - Capt Ron Holmes Anthem OTS - Capt Felix Srecko Ban (started rotation 5-24-20) Anthem OTS - Capt Iv Vidos Brilliance OTS - Capt Ante Cavala (started rotation 5-16-20) Brilliance OTS - Capt Ole-Johan Gronhaug Empress OTS - Capt Diego Lombardic (started rotation 5-11-20) Empress OTS - Capt Shawn McDuff Enchantment OTS - Capt Malvin Bardnes (started rotation 5-25-20) Enchantment OTS - Capt Arild Hansen Explorer OTS - Capt Toni Tomljanovic (started rotation 6-2-20) Explorer OTS - Capt Kjetil Gjerstad Freedom OTS - Capt Thomas Busto (started rotation 5-17-20) Freedom OTS - Capt Frank Martinsen Grandeur OTS - Capt Patrik Jukes (started rotation 6-20-20) Grandeur OTS - Capt Pehr Pehrsson Harmony OTS - Capt Johnny Faevelen (started rotation 5-24-20) Harmony OTS - Capt Gus Andersson Independence OTS - Capt Teo Strazicic (started rotation 6-13-20) Independence OTS - Capt tbd Jewel OTS - Capt Trym Selvag (started rotation 5-24-20) Jewel OTS - Capt Anders Ingebrigtsen Liberty OTS - Capt James MacDonald (started rotation 5-24-20) Liberty OTS - Capt Dustin Castelsky Majesty OTS - Capt Per Kristoffersen (started rotation 5-2-20) Majesty OTS - Capt Daniel Budzelewskiis Mariner OTS - Capt Tobias Oster (started rotation 6-8-20) Mariner OTS - Capt Aris Medina Navigator OTS - Capt Angel Oviol (started rotation 5-29-20) Navigator OTS - Capt Mattias Persson Oasis OTS - Capt Tore Grimstad (started rotation 4-19-20) Oasis OTS - Capt Claus Andersen Ovation OTS - Capt Sverre Ryan (started rotation 5-9-20) Ovation OTS - Capt Henrik W Loy Quantum OTS - Capt Sindre Borsheim (started rotation 6-12-20) Quantum OTS - Capt Erik Standahl Radiance OTS - Capt tbd (started rotation 5-5-20) Radiance OTS - Capt Marek Slaby Rhapsody OTS - Capt Trond Holm (started rotation 5-16-20) Rhapsody OTS - Capt Toni Calne Serenade OTS - Capt Stig Nilsen (started rotation 6-7-20) Serenade OTS - Capt Kjell Nordmo Spectrum OTS - Capt Charles Teige (started rotation 6-6-20) Spectrum OTS - Capt Flemming Nielsen Symphony OTS - Capt Rob Hempstead (started rotation 4-25-20) Symphony OTS - Capt Rick Sullivan Vision OTS - Capt Juan Luis Caranti (started rotation 6-6-20) Vision OTS - Capt Michael Lindberg Voyager OTS - Capt Ervin Pajic (started rotation 4-25-20) Voyager OTS - Capt Huimin Wu
  8. loved Mariner's Playmakers, Sky Zone, new waterslides, hammock area. Did not like the Bamboo Room. As for motion of the ocean, well that's why I'm there.
  9. I think with Pullmantur filing for reorganization and stripping Monarch and Sovereign of valuables, the most logical assumption is that those two are headed for the scrap yard so when cruising does resume, RCI can transfer some Vision class ships to Pullmantur. If RCI is betting that Cuba will one day open back up, then they'll keep Empress and Majesty.
  10. ours was short too, TA found out it was the commission. Since RCI hadn't paid the TA the commission, I had to wait another 2 weeks for that to post to the credit card too. If RCI had paid the TA, she would have issued me a check.
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