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  1. APDMOM: Was there any bands plating in Dazzles? Did not see any in your dailies. Seams strange? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, Wondering how long he might be on board the Mariner? Going next week!
  3. Does anyone know if Dan Dan the party man is still Cruise Director on the Mariner? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for your awesome pictures of the Queen Mary! Enjoying your review!
  5. Please come back and let us know how happily married the two of you are! Great review!
  6. Wow! I made need have needed to take notes! Your review had been Outstanding! May I ask about your tour and lunch? How did you book it? Unbelievable! Thanks in advance!
  7. Following! Looking forward to your review!
  8. My greatest memories involve people that I have cruised with or met on cruises! God willing will have many more! Great Thread!
  9. Now this is one Edge Review I am looking forward to! Safe travels! Excited to enjoy another great Jim review. Glad to know that retired or not, you have spent a healthy chunk of change on these cruises. I think of it as a good investment!
  10. Great review! Thank you for the information on restaurants, the island, and the awesome Map!
  11. ValleyCruiser: If you get a chance could you please find out How long your Cruise Director Dan will be on the Mariner? Thanks in advance! Just realized you are getting off in the morning.
  12. No Andrew, Not all of us will do it. Too many steps to remember! Ha! And that is sober!
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