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  1. CCL is a trade only stock for the foreseeable future, IMHO. Dividend is gone for years and when it does return it will be a fraction of what it was. There are too many better choices for long term investments than CCL. framer
  2. I've been paying it when it goes below 13.00 I put a sell 15.00 on Friday. I was shocked when it sold Monday at opening price😁. I can now buy my row boat... framer
  3. Not happy, I booked the Star because it has Skywalkers. The Grand should have been sent to P&O IMHO. No ship with Skywalkers in AK in 2021? I'll give it a couple weeks to shakeout before making changes. Guess I'm looking for a different cruise in 2022. framer
  4. What do you get when 36 people to a party in WV...? Answer soon...
  5. I've been in the shoes of owning a business when, ba-bam, you hit a brick wall. CCL has had to borrow 5-6billion and pay 11-12% on a bond issue I heard. They are bleeding cash. I'll take their offer to put toward a future cruise. I hope they are able to keep things together, they like most businesses are not at fault. I worry that cruising might not be the same. framer
  6. Seriously don't over look the AMD 9 x3900 as prices have come down. I am more than thrilled with it's performance. framer
  7. I'd been using a 4 y/o Zenbook Pro w/ 4K touch and none of the light weight ones had a touchscreen and almost no 4K screens. I wanted a light weight but could not compromise on raw power. Thank the heavens that the wife's laptop was 10+ years old and a program she been using no longer will allow you to run it with Win7. I offered her my laptop and she was thrilled to get the touchscreen. That is how I justify getting a new one for myself. Stay healthy, hope to be able to cruise again. framer
  8. Dave, I had not planned on getting a new laptop so soon after upgrading my desktop computer but I could not resist this one. https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ZenBook-Pro-Duo-UX581GV/ I can put PS tools and menus on the 2nd screen and have the whole top one to work on. A bit heavy but only 1/2lb more that I've been using. framer
  9. We try never to save paperwork from cruises. We do have our pins on a cork board in the basement. I do have my dad's barf bag collection from the 40, 50 & 60 from old airline flights, go figure. I had planned to frame them one day, never got around to it. framer
  10. L107 & 108 are also great CC mini's. Balcony is still large has table, chairs, loungers but completely private. M107 108 is balcony is beyond big but completely open from above. All are super.
  11. From LIVE Sky now... The Captain is the most personable Captain I've see. He all over the ship from dining rooms to the buffet area. He'll sit down and talk with someone for a minite or two, get a photo with him. Don't miss the Captain's party it was not the normal boring event. Ship's perfect, go 1 hour before the two major shows. The door were closed 30 minutes before last nights show as all seats were filled. Have fun, framer
  12. There is a stock 2032 coin battery in each one also. Couldn't resist cutting it open. framer
  13. I trade in the 2beers + 6 liquor keep the 2-Dewars and get all Dewar's every time. That 10 Dewar's. Done that 8 times. framer
  14. I originally had an OEM Win 7 home but bought a Pro upgrade $100 online with Microsoft. I found out it was then considered a retail version. I then had used their free upgrade to 10 and was able to download the Win10 media from Microsoft. I never had a 10 code. I used that media and used my above install procedure with my Win 7 Pro Upgrade Code and it worked perfect. framer
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