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  1. Does the PBP works in Sanctuary? We normally get a Cabana if that makes any difference. Thanks
  2. Aperture mode is to control #1 depth of field and #2 the amount of diffraction I will except. If I need to control the shutter speed I step up/down the ISO setting. Every lens seems to have a sweet spot for sharpness at a particular aperture. framer
  3. It been a long time since my last post. Thanks Dave for you post on this subject. I agree that too many buttons can confuse me. I need just two settings "A",95% and "M", 5%. With "A" the I use the "-/+" to correct for problems I see when checking files on the fly. "ISO" when needed is also used. "M" is use when I want consistency between images, planning to stitch or focus stack. I try to keep the menu area at my default to keep things simple. I hate it when I change something in the menu then forget it until it messes me up next time I use that camera, 'old age on my part'... Now let
  4. Planks was OK but not great, I've eaten there several times. If I could just order the meats I want would be better. It's a nice break when you don't like what is in the MDR that night. Most ships have a BBQ night at the grill out by the pool, their pulled pork sandwich on some cruises is fabulous. That's free...
  5. Wading, and the reteat pool is not IMHO any better... I did like the Sky as well as the Regal.
  6. I've stayed in M107 m108 on both thr Royal and Regal. They are ok but little privacy on the huge balcony. I prefer L107 or L108 it still a large balcony but totally private and covered on the side. They are all IMHO the best location on the ship unless you want a motionless cruise. framer
  7. Hope the gave you somrthing back as M108 was Club Class and M106 is is lower rated and not CC. We also had a 2020 Med cruise cancelled I did not rebooked it, but went with a different Itinerary because I didn't feel the Med would open up in 2021. Well that cruise was now cancelled . I'm now hoping to get on a cruise this December, on the Regal, just booked M107. It an eight day Caribbean cruise. framer
  8. Guess it doesn't matter anymore... 2nd cruise cancelled for us... framer
  9. Check out the balconies in Lido 107 or 108 and Marina 107 or 108. I prefer the private Lido balconies. M107 M107 The L107 L107 have teak table w/4 chairs and 2 teak loungers All 5 are CC mini's with a separate sleeping room. Found a photo of L108 balcony framer
  10. I trade this stock all the time, several things to understand, CCL has be selling shares and diluting stock value to pay down debt. People were planning on cruises getting going by summer at the latest. We might see it back under $10 if more cancellations happen. If we get a market dip in the short term it could go even lower IMHO. Buying 100 share to get OBC is fine at any price but the money to be made is buy on a big dip then sell quickly and not get greedy when it spikes up. When it was $50+ a share they paid $.50 share every quarter. They now pay zero. There use to be
  11. A 14-24mm lives on my FF body when used on ship. 24mm seems about perfect. A 24-70 could also be a great choice. I'm planning to be back in AK 2021, fingers crossed. framer
  12. CCL is a trade only stock for the foreseeable future, IMHO. Dividend is gone for years and when it does return it will be a fraction of what it was. There are too many better choices for long term investments than CCL. framer
  13. I've been paying it when it goes below 13.00 I put a sell 15.00 on Friday. I was shocked when it sold Monday at opening price😁. I can now buy my row boat... framer
  14. Not happy, I booked the Star because it has Skywalkers. The Grand should have been sent to P&O IMHO. No ship with Skywalkers in AK in 2021? I'll give it a couple weeks to shakeout before making changes. Guess I'm looking for a different cruise in 2022. framer
  15. What do you get when 36 people to a party in WV...? Answer soon...
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