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  1. We will get another one on navigator in August. Then we will have 8. I love them, have them displayed on our server in the livingroom.
  2. Thanks! You made my day - they have miller lite! I will be happy to pay $15 for 5 beers! We are looking forward to going there and trying it out.
  3. Same it, it made me sad. Loved that place, but we won't go back for a while. In Sept I think we are going to try Little Bay Beach instead
  4. it was fine to get into and cool off, no seaweed where we were at Kon Tiki
  5. Just got off Allure Sunday and were not asked once to put 10's on our survey
  6. Awesome pictures. Cannot wait to be on Navigator for the first time in August. I have 10 cruises just on Navigator alone booked right now. Ship looks so amazing and I cannot wait to start our next journey on her!!!
  7. There are so many taxis you will not believe it. You can also do uber or lyft. About 5-10 minutes from the port to the airport. Super easy and fast.
  8. it was fine to cool off in, very sandy and no seaweed at Kon Tiki where we were sitting
  9. Does anyone have any recent information on Little Bay Beach? Wondering if you can get buckets of beer and how many per bucket and how much per bucket. I know we can rent chairs/umbrellas, but wondering about drinks.
  10. We were just at Orient last Wednesday and did not see anywhere that was giving massages, not along the beach anyway.
  11. We were just there last Wed and honestly, as much as we love Orient and have been there many times, we were saddened this time. Just not the same feeling. Lots of erosion, higher prices and was super windy last Wed. We rented at Kon Tiki. Chairs/umbrellas that used to be $18 with 2 drinks are now $30 and no drinks. Bucket of 6 beers used to be $15 are now $20 and very little to choose from. I think they only had 4 choices. Bathrooms were very clean. We go back to SMX in Sept on Freedom and have decided after all these years to try a different beach. Will eventually go back to Orient, but not for now. Not enough people, really quiet compared to what it used to be. Hoping it comes back to life again, but for now, we will try some other beach and see if we can find our "new" favorite beach in SMX
  12. Just went to Orient last week. Was very hard to see the destruction of one of our favorite beaches. Only Kon Tiki, Bikini Beach and the one past Bikini were open. Prices have gone us post Irma. Used to be able to get chairs/umbrella/2 drinks for $18. Now it is $30 for 2 chairs/umbrella. Buckets of beer used to be 6 for $15, now $6 for $20. Less competition so higher prices. Was super windy when we were there last Wed. Lots of erosion by Kon Tiki, had to step down off the ledge to get to the water's edge. Water was beautiful but a little rough due to the wind. Bathrooms at Kon Tiki were nice. We did not eat there. Have decided to try a different beach in September when we are back. Thinking of Little Bay Beach by DIVI. I know it is a public beach which is what we want. As long as we can rent chairs/umbrella and have a bathroom, we don't need anything else. Orient has always been our "go to" beach over the years, but just did not have the "feel" we normally have out there. Part of that is because it is so quiet, one of our favorite things out there was people watching. Now hardly anyone there so not much going on anymore.
  13. We rarely, if ever make reservations. Normally we eat any time between 7-8:30. Once in a while have a wait, but usually no more than 5-10 minutes. We love the flexibility of MTD and going to eat when we feel like it. Normally look at the Compass first thing in the morning and see the show times. Then we eat around that schedule either before or after the show depending on the show time.
  14. I check our account daily to make sure nothing is charged that should not be. If I have to I go to GS to take care of it. Not only Royal does this happen, happened to us almost daily on our last Princess cruise
  15. It works the minute you step on the ship. Enjoy!
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