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  1. It has been a long day, between this morning with that guy and this afternoon with a call for price drops, I spent almost 6 hours on the phone today. And then 2 of my price drop confirms were wrong also and then the call dropped! So have to call again in the morning.
  2. what he said did not even make sense! He said because they did not yet make final payment it was a year from cancel date, but that did not make sense either since all the expirations were end of May next year.
  3. I have the same problem with some FCCs with the expiration date wrong. I agree, seems like it happened to the latest batch that went out end of May. The supervisor I talked to was worthless I emailed Vicki Freed and will also send one to Michael Bayley. Can someone post his email address please? Thanks.
  4. We booked that same cruise for 8/3/20. I think it is a perfect Itin to start things up again - hopefully we get to go!
  5. no I do not tell clients that, these trips are for me personally. Also, my clients are pretty much family/friends and they all know the chances of trips actually going or not. But my hope is for my trips only, no one else.
  6. Doing a B2B on Freedom out of San Juan in Oct. If it is like the last time (been a while), we went to a meeting, got our keys for the next week, and could get off the ship with a transit ticket so did not have to go through customs. When we came back, we skipped the check-in and walked right on the ship On Navigator last year, we stayed on the ship rather than going out for the day. They had us meet in the lounge at a certain time, walked us off the ship, through customs and walked us right back on.
  7. We see fewer and fewer people dressing to the max - tuxes and full formals. Now we see much more cocktail dresses and some suits for guys. I would guess on our Symphony in Dec, maybe 25% in tuxes and full formals.
  8. unless it is the summer months when it too hot to sit at the pool on the ship and we go to Junkanoo for the beach, we never get off the ship in Nassau. Nothing there is of interest to us
  9. I have learned to be patient. Pretty much 2.5 hours a day minimum since I am a TA. Today, got lucky, even though it took forever to get through, got a great rep and she did what I needed.
  10. I have just learned patience. i call and then do other things until I get through. Today's call - 3+ hours (2.5 to get someone to answer) and still working on it. She finally got through to Resolutions and was working on my stuff and the call dropped. Thank God the girl had some smarts and actually called me back! So on hold with her again while she finishes things up. Hopefully, will be done for the day. Will call early tomorrow with more booking questions.
  11. I have the same - money I had set aside for our cruises that got cancelled plus our Punta Cana trip that got cancelled. Won't go insane about it, but just like restaurant servers here at home, we are leaving more than the normal amount to help all of these people out a bit.
  12. We always leave our prepay grats on, and then we always tip more, but when we can go again, we will tip more than normal, we know so many of the staff and will try to help a little extra to many of them.
  13. Our restaurants are also at 50% occupancy. If I had to guess, in some stores like Walmart, maybe 50% in masks. Only store we have that require masks is Costco.
  14. Totally agree with you - things need to be open so people can live again and businesses can start earning money again.
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