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  1. Right now the cruise for 3/15 is still showing up, so should be okay, at least so far
  2. I have no idea since I never book my air with the cruise ship, but I would guess that yes, it would cover it if you could not make it to the ship due to weather
  3. $3000 per occurrence up to 3 times a year for the annual policy. Our trips never cost more than $3000 total, so that is enough coverage for the trip itself. Policy still has great coverage for medical and emergency med vac, death, etc.
  4. On a 7 night cruise we get 3 gifts for Diamond +. On 3 nights we get 1. I just look at the list and then call the D+ desk and gave them my preferences.
  5. The other reason I don't do Royal's insurance - IF there is a threat of a hurricane, and flights get canceled, but the cruise still goes, you are SOL. Our friend had this happen. When a hurricane hit PR, he had a flight to Miami to meet us for a cruse, he could not get our of PR. Cruise still sailed. He had ship insurance. He got nothing. We always do private insurance. Because we travel so much we do an annual policy through Allianz. Since we never book suites and such, and unless we fly to PR, we don't have to fly, so the $3000 per trip works great for us. We also do not need the pre-existing clause. Unless something major happens, we are going, so this annual policy is the perfect thing for us to have
  6. Just do the prepaid tips. Easiest and best way to go. Then you can tip extra to those you feel deserve it. We live My Time Dining as we like the flexibility of eating when we want vs having a set time for dinner.
  7. When you get on the ship go down to the diningroom and see if they will change you to early dining if that is what you want.
  8. It means My Time Dining. This means you go eat when you want. We love it. For the 2 of us, we never make reservations, just go eat when we want. We love the flexibility to go eat when we want rather than being stuck on a schedule. Rarely wait more than 5 minutes and always get a 2 top which we love. Location/menu is the same as regular dining, just a different deck. Some ships it is on deck 3, some deck 4, just depends on the ship.
  9. We LOVE LOVE LOVE MTD. Love going to eat when we feel like it. We never make reservations, just show up when we want. Rarely wait more than 5 minutes, always have a 2 top. We have done MTD since it started and will never go back to anything else. I look at the entertainment each morning in the Compass and then we decide when to eat. On Oasis Class ships when we have the shows reserved, we go eat to make sure we will make the show. Works perfect for us
  10. Actually a really nice port. We liked Coxen Hole. Vendors were super friendly. A bit of a walk to our private excursion, but no issues at all.
  11. Glad I don't have any kids. We head off the ship to our favorite section of the beach. Grab included loungers and an umbrella for husband and chill at the beach all day. Eat at the included buffet venues. Have the drink package already. Cost to go to CocoCay - ZERO!
  12. nope, not that I remember. But then again, I am not an expect like you appear to be. All I know is that it works and that is good enough for me
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