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  1. Navigator March 4, 2020 to the Bahamas. That was the beginning of our 16 canceled cruises and at least 2 in June 2021 that I am waiting for them to cancel. Thankfully, we booked August on Adventure out of Bahamas for 8/14 so we will FINALLY get to cruise.
  2. I know, hoping since everything is up in the air right now, maybe that would change, but doubt we will get that lucky
  3. That would be the best news if Oasis gets something other than CATS! Have no desire to see that, I will take just about any musical over that. We booked Oasis for Dec 2022 and so hoping they have a new show instead of CATS
  4. We rarely make reservations and normally never wait more than 5-10 minutes to get seated. This is for MTD only. Specialty restaurants require reservations. We love the flexibility of MTD. We want to get eat when we feel like it, that is the whole point. We normally have a table for 2, but you can sit with others if you want.
  5. You do not have to make reservations for MTD. You can just show up and eat. We rarely make reservations, only if we need to make sure we are out in time for a show. I know lots of people like to make reservations, but to us that is the whole point of MTD - the flexibility to eat when we feel like it. Rarely do we wait more than -5-10 minutes to get seated
  6. I bring pretzels and snacks with me when we cruise. If I want anything else, get it from the WJ. I bring ziplocks with me for snacks or if I grab some cookies from the buffet
  7. We rarely, if ever, make reservations. This is for the main dining and not specialty. Specialty you need to book reservations. But we love the flexibility of eating when we want. We get a 2 top and love that we can eat and leave, no more 3 hour dinners like set dining. We have been doing MTD since it started and will never go back to traditional. We meet so many people on a cruise, we have found we love having dinner alone. We talk about the day and what we are going to do the next. It is awesome
  8. Totally agree, we use Park n Go any time we cruise or fly out of FLL. They are great.
  9. I could care less about the lounge and the drinks - we buy a drink package anyway. But I want my gifts. Love bringing the champagne home to drink when I want it.
  10. not really. I just book the cruises and watch prices constantly. We are both over 55, plus he is military, so sometimes we get some great deals
  11. I sent an email to my BDM and she verified while laying on the lounger by the pool you don't have to wear it, guess time will tell. When June starts and we get reports from Adventure, we will know for sure. I will move the cruise if that is a requirement.
  12. Already booked Adventure from the Bahamas. I want to cruise. And if the stupid CDC won't let me cruise from here, I will cruise from ports that let me
  13. Deal breaker was wearing a mask while sunbathing at the pool on my lounger. But I have verified I won't have to. I can deal with all the other BS, don't like it, but will deal with it
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