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  1. Totally agree. I will wear it anywhere else with no issues, but laying on my lounger is just plain stupid
  2. OMG, I LIVE to lay in the sun. At the beach every weekend. On sea days, we spend the entire day at the pool relaxing. At ports we head to our favorite beaches to relax for the day. I do not want Face Mask tan lines - that is insane
  3. Totally agree, I can deal with just about anything, but asking me to wear a mask when I am laying on my lounger next to NOONE except my husband, is stupid. They need to rethink that. It is kind of like my gym originally said we had to wear masks at all times in the gym and then they got realistic and said you had to wear them walking in/out of the gym, walking around the gym, but when you are actually working out, no mask needed. Royal needs to change this so when you are laying on a lounger and at the pool, you do not have to have one.
  4. We went to Riu Caribe in Cancun (first time in Cancun) in August when our cruises got canceled and really enjoyed it. Going again for 11 nights in October since our B2B on Freedom got canceled. In Punta Cana, we have been going to Grand Palladium Punta Cana for years (only land vacation we used to take). Been there 9 times and love it. We were going to go back to Punta Cana on Friday since our cruise got canceled again, but Palladium is still closed, so we are going to try Riu Palance Bavaro and see how it goes.
  5. I am still hoping, but the Disney thing was for sure not good
  6. We have Navigator booked for 11/20/20 and Oasis for 12/6/20 and Indy for 12/24/20 and PRAYING we finally get to go!!!
  7. no, we were supposed to go next month. Broke my heart that it got cancelled. Have had 4 Freedom cruises cancelled for this year
  8. Same here. We did a L&S for our B2B on Indy and moved it to next June. The price we so low compared to what the price is now, it will never drop down below what I got it for.
  9. Since we had 9 cruises cancelled so far this year, we also opted for land vacations - went to Puerto Rico end of June, Cancun in August, leaving for Punta Cana Friday for 11 nights and then back to Cancun for 11 nights in October. Hoping after that our cruises will actually sail - have Navigator end of November, Oasis 12/6 and Indy 12/23. If they can canceled we will go back to Punta Cana in December.
  10. 1. Navigator 11/20/20 2. Hopefully Navigator 11/20/20 3. B2B 10/18 and 10/25 on Freedom
  11. I know, we like it to. Since our October cruises got canceled, hoping when we stay there in April, it is open
  12. You will cruise from the Pan American pier. We love Plaza de Armas, but it is being remodeled right now, so not sure when it is reopening. No pool and nothing fancy, but right on the square so you can walk to everything. Take a cab to the ship. We have reservations at Hotel Milano for April since Plaza de Armas is not open yet
  13. I only use the app to check in. i want a key card to get in my cabin and buy drinks and such. I throw my phone in the safe and that is where is stays. Will use it for Muster if available, but nothing else
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