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  1. I saw that the lobster tail came with asparagus and was hoping the galley had that ready to go.
  2. On the evening MDR menu every night they offer a Filet Mignon 7ox with potatoes and mushrooms, for a fee. My question do they allow substitutions from mushrooms to asparagus or is there another vegetable that is offered? Thanks
  3. Nice... Solves a lot of issues for me, I can work on my cruise now😡. Just joking, 😁 no more 4 letter ,words from me today
  4. Oatmeal Raisin on Princess is a 9 and always there every day but there peanut butter cookie is a 10... You have to ask for them these days as they never put them out because of those with alleges. Then it hit or miss if they have them.
  5. I've been playing with it over the last few minutes and confirm that in airplane mode but then turning wifi on and connecting it with just wifi that I can send and receive text over my normal wifi. It is an iphone. I just hope texts make it through MedallionNet. Thanks
  6. I'm a caveman when it comes to using a smart phone. If I have my phone in airplane mode with the cellular turned off but connected to medallionNet wifi will I be able to receive texted messages? Thanks
  7. Ocean Medallion App Please advise if this is correct. I selected a basic cruise plan because we don't drink alcoholic drinks. I do use room service at least once a day not including breakfast. I was told from my Princess Rep. to use the Ocean Medallion App. and pay the one time 14.99 fee, then order room service on the app and they don't charge the $5.00 delivery fee. If paying a $5.00 delivery fee do you still tip the delivery person? Thanks for any insight... framer
  8. You can pre-order 12 pack of small water bottles for around $7.00 per pack. I normally order 2 packs per each week of the cruise. Yes, it's a small bit more than Walmart but I don't have to bring it. Many times they just deliver one pack at a time and I call room service to get the next one when needed. That may change I'll see on my next cruise.
  9. If the room service coffee gets to you fresh it's fine. Dining room coffee is also fine.
  10. The Grand and Jewel class Princess ship have the best viewing for AK cruising. They have a covered promenade deck 360 degrees around the ship. The front of the promenade is called the clam shell and perfect when the rain starts. You can walk on top of the bridge for spectacular views. In the evening after 7PM or earlier if you are Platinum or above sit and watch the sunset from the Skywalker lounge on the top back of the ship. We once saw a huge humpback whale breach close to the ship from skywalkers. You can't do any of that on the newer ships. My2cents...
  11. When we have gotten a cabana for 1/2 a day in the past we would get 2 drinks, one each plus could chose from several 375ml lq bottles or a 750ml wine bottle. 6~Water or mixers were included. Cost was $140.00. It as been a couple of years since our last cruise, is this still the same post covid?
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