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  1. Getting a casino discount is different that a Comped casino cruise. I get the casino discount on pretty much every cruise but I also have 2 free cruises coming up. Well free once you pay fees & taxes, insurance and the plus package.
  2. Yes, especially internationally. For the US it's American, United and Delta. For my November cruise, It's Delta to Amsterdam and then KLM.
  3. Yes. My husband is 6' 7" so we always fly business or first. If it's a leg less than a couple hours, we might do premium economy.
  4. We're doing this cruise on July 31,2022. Really looking forward to it.
  5. I usually get a free balcony room and can upgrade for pretty cheap. Pre covid it included the Princess Plus package, the 2 I have booked now do not. As to the freebies, the next 2 are my first VIP free cruises so I'm curious as what else we get once on board. The one that I booked on the most recent deal, we got 11 days round trip out of Copenhagen in a mini suite for 2700 for 2 people. That was with me upgrading the room, paying for the insurance and adding Princess Plus. It would normally have been $8208 without the insurance added.
  6. We usually board somewhat early and there has never been anyone at the table, therefore I've never had to pay corkage. Maybe we're just lucky.
  7. Booked Russia! We were going to go to Alaska but will cancel that to take advantage of this. Unbelieveable deal upgrading to a mini.
  8. There are no photo's or clear answers as no one has sailed on the Enchanted yet. You could search for photos of the Sky as they are very similar.
  9. The Vista suites on Deck 9, Dolphin, are my favorite cabins on this class of ship. Mostly to get off the elevator, look down the hallway and hear my husband say "That's a long way down there".
  10. I ran across this yesterday but my TA was able to track down a FCD that was floating around out there. I would have paid it but it was a surprise.
  11. The room service menu is the same for every cabin. However, suites may request the main dining room menus from their stewards on the night before or morning of...They wouldn't be available before then and they change every day.
  12. Nope. But there were other offers out there that were similar..instead we're doing a free 15 day to Hawaii. The offer was only for a interior but we paid to upgrade to a mini. It has the VIP amenities and all that..And $400 in free play. So, I'll happily trade a 15 day to Hawaii for a 7 day Caribbean.
  13. I had a casino cruise booked for 2/13/21. Since they cancelled, I got everything back.
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