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  1. Good-oh. I’ll check it out. Thanks. Rp
  2. That is such an irresponsible thing to say. Hospitals, at least UK ones, have been very strict and successful at keeping Covid and non-Covid areas entirely separate. Indeed there are entire non-Covid hospitals within Health Trusts which are treating as normal and carrying out surgical lists. Comments like this serve only to scare people into keeping away from hospital, quite unnecessarily, when they genuinely need treatment. It is an unkind thing which you do. Rp
  3. Travelling independently in Japan is a breeze and the people could not be more hospitable. We travelled between Tokyo Kyoto and Osaka under our own steam, all by train and it is quite usual to send luggage ahead from one hotel to the next. Indeed we sent purchases on to the next hotel- all organised by shops without charge. No tipping is required and is frowned upon as being rather infra dig, bliss for we British who find tipping a minefield. We found local residents who offered guided tours at temples and castles without charge and simply because they wanted to use their English. Please go, it is a fascinating place. But mind out for the pesky deer in Nara! Rp
  4. A duck-billed platypus- and I’ll have another 2 bottles of wine please Rp
  5. Our agents got the word today before the official email from SS comes to us tomorrow. Rp
  6. First bookable cruise on UK website is June also, May is greyed out and has been since earlier today. Seems as up to date as the Swiss one Rp
  7. Spirit cruise 25th May cancelled today, just as well as our BA flight the day before was cancelled several days ago so we would have had to walk to Barcelona. I see that VS days are being given for cruises cancelled. Now to decide whether to risk something for later in the year but at least it is a pleasant distraction at the moment. Rp
  8. Unclean, unclean. OH, a medic, is displaying symptoms so we are isolated, him for 7 days me for 14 or until one of us kills the other, whichever is the earlier. Any lepers bells going cheap ( I know they go clang really)? Rp
  9. Away and feel yer head. I plan to retire us to Bognor TTS. OH doesn’t know that yet. Completely off topic, have you seen the website of Norn Iron Tees? Very funny and great presents for those of us who may come from a similar background and who may have a similar sense of humour. Do google it. Off to find my English/Bognor phrase book. Rp
  10. We are supposed to be on the 26th May sailing. Considering an alternative holiday in Bognor if all goes pear shaped. Rp
  11. Too right TTS. I just thought I’d go a bit international. Texan? Moi? Big and noisy but not Texan. Alamo is correct of course. Next question please? Rp
  12. To quote a learned judge "I concur". There is no point trying to second guess what will happen with this known unknown in several weeks' time, IMHO. We now have the option to cancel at very short notice and I expect this will be extended to take in later sailing dates if necessary. I am looking forward to concentrating on trivia - so on that note, what happened today in 1836? Rp
  13. and what about Ceylon, Calcutta, Bombay......? I've not heard of those recently. Rp
  14. We went to Norway last year and did the Flam railway trip by ourselves. The SS excursion did not go to the end of the line but stopped at the penultimate station where guests had coffee and cakes and waited around for about an hour before catching the train back down to the port. We decided that the last thing we needed was more food so we did our own thing at a much better price and the SS trippers got on our returning train. Those with whom we spoke said they would have preferred to go on to the end of the line than have the stop for refreshments as they felt they were just hanging around, rather aimlessly. We did pre-book our tickets quite a bit in advance to be sure of getting them. Just thought if you are prepared to be a little adventurous. Rp
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