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  1. I felt the same way about going to hospitals, but they are so much less crowded these days, as are doctors’ offices, that at least here in the States it is not so bad. Also parking is much easier.
  2. QSS. Of course you can vent on here. We are all supporting each other in these difficult times.
  3. If it is the one I saw, it is tin lined. The price is fair but not cheap.
  4. I wish that Dehillerin realized that as we get older, the pots get heavier. It would be so nice to have a second handle on the opposite side.
  5. The empty wine bottles are there so I can remember what to buy. Sometimes I photograph them and throw the bottles out. I don't know as much about wine as many of you, so if I find something I like, I stick with it.
  6. Thank you for the compliments on the kitchen. It has held up well for 26 years.
  7. DaveyWavey - I agree about cleaning with lemon and salt, but if I don't have a lemon, I like to have something in reserve that works. Also, if I am cleaning more than a few pots, I hate to waste the lemons. Here is a photo of the kitchen. Please excuse the mess. Bob gave me a framed photo (which you can see on the right side) of the kitchen of Paul Bocuse which aside from having lots of copper pots but uses the same meat hook as a pot rack . I wish I were as good a chef as many of you to really merit these pots and pans, but they do give me great pleasure. Speaking of turkeys, Bob frequently has a turkey breast sandwich for lunch, so every month or so, we buy a whole turkey which I roast. I save the breasts for his lunch and then use the dark meat in various dishes. I also make stock from the bones and freeze that for a soup base. I couldn't live without my big freezer in the basement.
  8. It has been a while since I bought anything from their website. Take a look at the splayed saute pan in copper and stainless as well. It is an elegant pan and the shape helps evaporate liquid when you need to. Also, if you are into eBay, look there. There are a lot of used pieces and a few new ones all the time. As I said before, I probably have bought more of mine on eBay than elsewhere. I became a collector of copper pots to liven up my all white kitchen and am only a bit asahmed to admit I have 30 or more hanging all over the kitchen. If i can figure how to post a picture, I will. I have a gas cooktop so I use Wright’s copper cleaner to keep them looking pristine. I have never used any of their induction cookware. Have fun with the purchase! Hope this is helpful.
  9. Dusababy I will pas on your comments to Bob. Dehillerin has become an adiction ever since I found out I could buy them on eBay. Any trip to Paris must include a visit to the store. We have a whole house propane generator and love it. We have needed it many times since we lose power frequently in Maryland. My refrigerator does not have the high and low sensors that yours does, so for years, I have frozen a container of water on its side. Once it is frozen, I turn it right side up. If it is at all melted, I know we have had an issue.
  10. Our Kubota has both 540 and 748. My Kitchenaid has neither. If I had known what property ownership in a rural area entailed, I might not have bothered with an MBA but might have gotten an advanced degree in agriculture. In any event, we love our country life even if I have to pick up the slack while Bob is recuperating. Blowing leaves will be next. poached salmon in an orange chardonnay sauce with a risotto and a lovely French chardonnay. Ah life is good. Do any of you use copper pots from Dehillerin?
  11. We stayed at Atlantis. I do not like BGI because I felt luggage which was brought over en masse from the ship was not properly secured once there. I will avoid MIA at all cost! I fear we will have to go through there if we go to the Gallapagos.
  12. I second Fletcher’s recommendation to rent a car and visit the east (Atlantic) coast. We stayed at a small hotel in Bathsheba, not at all elegant, but the location was superb.
  13. Not a clue. It is not the one where the top picks up. It is the one where the arms holding the bowl crank up. My sister has a commercial one. Which one do you have?
  14. PTO is a power take off. Sorry I was thinking of my tractor. I am a farm girl at heart!
  15. I just bought the grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid after destroying blades on my Cuisinart. What fun to use a pto to prepare food!
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