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  1. We are supposed to sail out of Venice on the Shadow this September. I am not getting my hopes up about the cruise because of the likelihood it will be cancelled. If it goes off as scheduled, it would be nice to have fewer tourists in Venice.
  2. Went to college outside of Chicago. It was a great city 60 years ago but the winter is tough. Enjoy your trip.
  3. What a wonderful way to be reminded just how much we miss Silversea. It makes me wonder if any other cruise lines are engaging with passengers as much as Silversea. Although we have missed several phone calls from Norman and Fernando, it has been wonderful to hear their voices on my voicemail.
  4. I was raised in Chappaqua, in Northern Westchester County and never heard of Schwangunk! You learn something every day.
  5. I was unaware that you could not use FCC for a deposit on a future cruise. Is that specific to the WC?
  6. Glad to hear it. I have been very disappointed trying to renew my global entry and TSA pre check. It is impossible to schedule an appointment which is required.
  7. We didn’t get a TV until I was around 12. We only got around 5 channels with rabbit ears. I remember stations signing off at midnight after playing the national anthem. Does anyone remember “watching” baseball on the radio?
  8. We have some favorite wait staff from Belgium, France, Italy, Brazil and Turkey as well as all the lovely Asian staff. I hope I am not forgetting anyone.
  9. Sorry, I did mean self service laundry, and the answer is no. We will get 3 pieces of free laundry daily with our suite, but I was wondering if our 100 days will give us free unlimited laundry. I do hope so since it is a hot climate.
  10. We hope to book the September 10, 2022 back to back cruises. Looking forward to it. Does anyone know if there is a self-service on board the Origin?
  11. I generally do not have reactions to vaccinations but I was prepared for the worst post Moderna #2. Bob usually has strong reactions and his was quite mild, just fatigue on day two. I had extreme fatigue on day 2 akin to the fatigue from chemo, but it was so much more enjoyable because there were no other side effects from any of the other chemo drugs, and the best way I can describe it was like an exquisite fatigue, bordering on a “high” which had me so very relaxed and happy. Hope Lois has an easy time with both.
  12. I called and spoke to someone at the office. She said that we would need an interview and that if I wanted to have an in-person one, I needed to keep checking back on the website. Then she told me that the Zoom interviews are not functional yet despite what the website says. Lastly she said that since we had applied prior to our expiration, we would have an additional 2 years to get the interview done! I also subsequently received an email saying we could do the in person interview the next time we return to the country...not exactly what I want to do after a long flight. I hope that they
  13. The worst roads we ever saw were outside Accra. I took a video as proof! We made it safely back to the ship but I had my doubts.
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