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  1. JP. If you aren’t too price sensitive, last minute travel planning can be quite enjoyable. You just need to have a bucket list of potential trips.
  2. It took two months for us to get a full refund on a cruise where Silversea gave passengers the option to cancel due to a major itinerary change. Our TA had to go to bat for us to move it along. I wish I could say that Amex handled sending us the money in a timely manner, but that is a whole other story.
  3. Lois. Sounds like your trip is off to a good start. What information did hou have to load into the UAL site? Were there any other forms you had to fill out before leaving for Portugal? Thanks.
  4. They are posting frequently on FB and seem to be having a wonderful time with excellent weather.
  5. We had a weekend long celebration of a milestone birthday with a few close friends and family (all double vaccinated). Friday dinner’s highlight was a 2010 Penfold’s Grange and Saturday’s soirée involved copious amounts of Dom. Don’t ask what we ate…it wasn’t as memorable. It was wonderful to have a few days when we could forget about all of Bob’s upcoming medical challenges and just be in the moment. One of yesterday’s highlights was a congratulatory phone call from Fernando in Greece and Norman in Ft. Lauderdale. Tomorrow, we will be back to reality with x-rays and blood tests.
  6. Still having problems with cc.com. It lets me log in but not write anything. This is a test.
  7. I have been trying to post on CC.com for a while and although it says I am logged in, nothing I wrote would “take” in the system. i am looking forward to hearing JP’s comparison of Silversea and Ponant.
  8. Speaking of wine, or in fact champagne, I went to my local purveyor to buy Dom Perignon for my birthday party which will have to be at home instead of on the Shadow. I was told that they have none and won’t be able to get any before October. Has anyone else had that experience? Help Silversea, please send champagne!!”
  9. I am a bit surprised that it is as cold as you report. Is that normal? We are reserved for next September and I was dreading the hot weather. Really enjoying your blog.
  10. We hope to sail on the Origin next year. Please describe your cabin when you have a chance. Thanks.
  11. We are actually considering the Asian one and extending it to the 28 day voyage they have advertised. The one in the Med is too short for us and the b2b cruises aren’t what we want. Of course by then we might be so anxious to get back on SSea that we would go anywhere. one day at a time while we see how Bob’s recovery progresses.
  12. We never heard that from SS about Spain and Italy. I hope they are able to change that for you by the time you get there.
  13. On a Venetian Society cruise several years ago, Andrea Bocelli gave a concert on aboard followed by a very special dinner where they served Tignianello as the free pour. It was lovely. we are considering the 2022 VS cruise on the Shadow.
  14. Bob had to return to the hospital today for a second surgery due to infection. He will be on IV antibiotics over the weekend and might come home Monday. His spirits are good, and we remain hopeful.
  15. We had booked a full day tour to Sintra, Cascais and Estoril that day ending at out hotel. Sadly we had to cancel due to Bob’s accident. The tour was with Jorge Bras at Premier Tours, highly recommended by ColWes and Dusababy, I believe.
  16. Instead of Nice, stay at the Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or in Eze. Look at the Palais de la Mediterlanée in Nice. Great location. Check out the restaurant Chez Achiardo in The old part of Nice.
  17. I remember that day. I was headed to my office on Wall Street and everyone was talking about it.
  18. No. I will have to dress up for my milestone birthday party at home. It could be so much worse.
  19. Quick update…he came home on Friday and will have a long recovery. Thank you all for your concern. We will be cancelling our reservation on the Grand Voyage.
  20. Thank you all for your kind words. I brought Bob home this afternoon. It is truly a miracle that he is alive. Now the hard part starts but we are incredibly thankful for what we have.
  21. Thank you all for your kind wishes. I will pass them on to Bob.
  22. Yesterday while Bob was on his usual walk, he was hit by a car that blew through a stop sign at 35 mph. He was airlifted to Shock Trauma and will have surgery today. I am thankful that he is in such good shape for a man his age. His injuries could have been so much worse considering the MOI but he will have a long road to recovery. Stay safe everyone.
  23. I hope to be able to go. Yesterday, DH was out on his usual 8 mile walk and he was hit by a car that blew through a stop sign at 35 mph. He was airlifted to Shock Trauma and will undergo surgery today. Although he was not as badly injured as could be expected from such an accident, he will have a long road to recovery. I am thankful that he is in such good shape for a man his age.
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