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  1. We've been to Coco Cay once before, really enjoyed it but the waterpark pricing for our sailing is insane at the moment so we are looking at other ideas. Have you done the zipline? About how much actual time on the lines per ride? Would you do it again? How would you compare it to others you have done before? Also, does Coco Cay ever have parasailing? We did that on Castaway Cay and loved it. Thanks
  2. Currently showing pricing of $169 pp for our June 2024 sailing on the Wonder. Yikes! Glad we did it once on a previous sailing, will need to see a major drop to consider it this time.
  3. At that price the over water cabanas should take you to the next port, include a show and a weeks worth of meals
  4. If they do start demoting people rather than just the previous requirement for the full number of nights needed to advance status that is a bad choice on their part. It sounds like along with some of the other recent decisions that they have hired some new consultants who were tasked with finding ways to annoy or disappoint as many customers as possible. Hopefully this is just someone not understanding the rules properly and will be corrected.
  5. Thanks for the information, hadn't sailed since before covid before the last one so I did not have a sense of pricing expectation, will keep fingers crossed for a price drop over the next year.
  6. Just completed an 8 day sailing on Odyssey, was able to get 100 photo package for $139 precruise, now scheduled for Wonder 7 nights next June and same photo package is $299. Can anyone tell me if the 1st one was an amazing deal or is the pricing for Wonder the outlier? Thanks
  7. I think your best chance of success is just to politely ask the waitstaff at the meal and I would be surprised if they did not grant it, my experience trying to arrange anything specific to dining in advance of the sailing (other than seating time) is that I have been told to ask the dining team onboard
  8. Also retiring May 2025, hoping to find a good back to back Oasis or Quantum class caribbean option from Florida without paying the upcharge for the Icon or Utopia as brand new ships. They are stubbornly only releasing itineraries out to April 2025 for now.
  9. Were were on Odyssey 3/11 sailing, steak could be ordered med-rare, med, med-well, we did not ask about other options. Usually came as requested but had one med-rare that was very red rather than full pink but they were very apologetic and quickly got us one that was correct. We though most of the meals were actually pretty good. No issues with asking for second app or entree or dessert if someone wanted it, did not try ordering more than 1 lobster tail per person. The salmon was excellent both versions that I had. Can't speak to the lamb as I was talked out of it due to my kids having issues with ordering something "cute" for dinner.
  10. Trying to find a thread I replied to a few hours ago on the Royal Caribbean boards, seems to have disappeared and when I look at notifications I see resetjet, billslowsky and Pratique reacted to a post in a topic Some crew insight on the once daily service3 hours ago but when I click that link it says I am not allowed to view that topic, I am puzzled since I replied to the topic in the first place tried to see it under my profile as a previous post but it does not show there sorry if I am being dense here, I have looked at the help topics, etc, just cant figure it out and have just returned to logging in actively just recently Thanks
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