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  1. My first cruise was a Thanksgiving cruise in 1995 or 1996 on Jubilee. I kept the paperwork but it is stored somewhere and I'm not sure of the year. But when I called to book my Carnival cruise in December 2018, they either found my information in their computer or they were willing to accept what I was telling them on the phone. either way, I got credit for the cruise without going through any hoops.
  2. Typically the craps table isn't open until afternoon or early evening, but I have been known to play for hours depending on how I am doing. A funtastic way to spend an evening.
  3. 160 days 16 hours until I embark on the Panorama! Some head to the bar, which does sound inviting, but I think I'll look for one of the lesser crowded food place first.
  4. I enjoy starting a sea day with the sea day brunch, meeting new people. Then sitting at a bar interacting with the variety of people there.
  5. the pic of the new menu was hard to read, I had to zoom in to read it. Very relieved steak and eggs are still on the menu. Sea day brunch is something I really look forward to. I find the food very good and I love meeting new people at the table.
  6. On my first cruise I wondered if stapling my tags was secure enough. Although I had no problem, I did hear about the plastic tag holders and decided to buy a set. I feel better having them, they only cost a few dollars and are reusable. And in my mind, one less thing to worry about as I start my cruise. I like to start with no worries, just excitement and something to drink.
  7. I had a MDR upgrade for my gambling, I won, and could order from the menu for one of the $18 upgrades. I ordered a steak which was good size and cooked perfectly at medium rare. So although it was free, I would have been pleased if I had ordered on another night and paid the $18. Some people will be pleased with the main dining room menu upgrade, but the experience of the steak house is worth it too. I travel solo, so not likely to go to the steak house, but on a night I don't like the entrees in the MDR, I am willing to upgrade to an additional charge.
  8. I had problems when I left the casino, not because I had been drinking, but because there were few references as to direction until you actually leave the casino. Many times I ended up by the main pool, not the aft bar. Also would get 15 or 20 steps into my trek, then make a hard U turn. Have had to apologize for my change of direction without signaling first. But, I always ended up where I was headed.😤
  9. I hadn't originally read the DOU card carefully and went to the bar. The craps table wasn't even open. That is when I learned I had to be gambling to get the free drink. But I don't usually drink while gambling. So DOU wasn't a big deal for me.
  10. I had the social plan on Splendor to Hawaii and it worked well for Facebook and Messenger, was able to send pictures and get almost immediate responses from family in California. But I have heard horror stories about access too. My experience was in December last year.
  11. The Carnival website says advance table reservations are not accepted on board. Don't know why they added the On Board unless it means you can reserve prior to your cruise?
  12. I've purchased the Social plan my last 2 cruises and it worked well for FB and Messenger, which are about all I wanted. That is why I am getting the social plan again this cruise. Regardless which plan you select, being able to only have 1 device logged in per number of plans purchased could be a problem.
  13. I am a bottomless bubbles kind of guy, but do want to try something alcoholic after arriving onboard. But don't know much about the selections you have all mentioned. will have to read up, don't want to experiment on what might taste good.
  14. Yes, Splendor inside cabins have fridges, but they act more like coolers. The idea of opening the cabinet door helps get it cooler. I was able to keep my water cold. Loved cruising on Splendor, have a fantastic time.
  15. Could only let one person in an anger room so they don't take it out on each other.😏
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