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  1. I have looked at all recent threads about laundry and Regent website FAQ can’t find the answer to this...


    Is purchased laundry (for those who don’t have it included) only by piece, or can a person purchase a “bag of laundry” for a set price? As the designated laundry mistress in the family (home or away), I’m not really opposed to doing our own laundry, but what a treat to have it done for us!


    Also, do people think the laundry rooms on Mariner will be changed/enhanced in some way during the refurbishment?

  2. Ooh - I like that idea. I think my pal Argo will adorn our door on our next cruise since he can’t come with us. :(


    I love this idea! Great conversation starter too!


    Unlike bumper stickers (which we also don’t put on our vehicles), something on the door is not permanent. We sometimes found it mildly challenging to find the right room on our “mainstream cruise”, since they all looked alike. I liked the tasteful things some people had on their doors. Just because this is a higher end cruise, it doesn’t have to be “stuffy” does it?

  3. Wes, we continue to enjoy your wonderful photos and commentary. I had been wondering what activities would be available during our sea days in the crossing, but sounds as if there will be plenty of opportunities available to pass the time in interesting and enjoyable fashion!


    I also am very appreciative of your spotlighting the behind the scenes crew members. Such hard working people! You have motivated me to initiate something similar in my company, that aims to provide some (much deserved) recognition to our hard working hourly employees. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Thanks for all the great beverage ideas!


    On our only other cruise so far, last summer on Royal Caribbean, my DH asked the bartender for one of his favorite after dinner drinks, a Smith and Kearns. The bartender had never heard of it, but apparently googled it and came back with one of the best Smith and Kearns we’d ever had! He became our favorite bartender and we enjoyed more delicious drinks throughout the cruise.

  5. We opted (and paid for) air deviation for our flight to Barcelona and via our TA, chose flights we are comfortable with. Interestingly, in regard to changing seats, I was able to change them for the first leg, a Delta flight from MSP to CDG. But not the second leg, on Delta affiliate Air France. We’re happy enough with the assigned seats, so is not a big deal. We also could change them on our domestic flight home, on AA. So does make one wonder if perhaps making changes is dependent on the airline.

  6. I am finding this a very interesting conversation and beyond the subject of jeans (whatever the color or style) it speaks to both psychological and sociological aspects of human nature in general, I think. I have read similar threads, discussing dress codes, on a number of cruise line boards. So it obviously is a topic that touches/concerns/strikes a nerve/interests many people.

    We have only been on one (non Regent) cruise, but we all truly enjoyed getting a little dressed up for the “formal” nights. Our 14 year old grandson (amazingly for a young man who generally prefers jeans, jerseys and a baseball cap) loved his new outfit of dress slacks, dress shirt and tie. And as long as our son didn’t have to wear a tie, he was happy to put on a sport coat with dress shirt and slacks. DH is a collared shirt kind of guy anyway. We girls were easy....we love doing a little dress up. And we got a lovely family photo as a result!

    For the two of us on our Regent cruise this spring, we’ll have no problem with the dress code and will enjoy the special feel of people “dressing for dinner”. Perhaps that speaks to our advancing age as much as anything.

  7. Not only do they wear name tags, they all got larger ones last year with a larger font and more contrast - MUCH easier to read, especially in the lounges. Makes me feel less like the creepy old guy when I'm trying to read some young lady's name...



    Thanks Bill! Your posts often make me smile 😊

  8. Ditto all of the above! We pre ordered Fever Tree for the cabin on our Amazon trek. I personally like my Hendrick's with a little less floral tonic....thought the FT competed with the herbal Hendrick's....BUT loved the FT with a good quality vodka!

    It would be a great and wonderful thing, if Regent now had it across the line!

    If, per chance, Alex is tending bar in the Ob bar (or anywhere) ask him for a Jade Blade. It'll make him laugh (hopefully!). Tell him the crazy ladies from the Amazon sent you!



    Thanks Mudhen. I hope we find Alex and can enjoy a Jade Blade 😀


    DH prefers vodka tonics too. I am a Tanqueray girl.


    Do the staff all wear name tags so they can be addressed by name? I like when that’s the case. And do they move between the ships or mainly stay with one ship?

  9. i am interested in people’s favorite drinks onboard. We seem to get into a “same old” rut with cocktails and would be fun to try some others.

    I’ve made note of a few mentioned by Wes and others in other threads, but would enjoy any suggestions.

    We mainly drink vodka, rum and gin (and an occasional margarita), but DH enjoys a nice whiskey or brandy drink sometimes too.

    After dinner/nightcap cocktail suggestions welcome also!

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