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  1. Can someone please clarify how private transfers are different than group transfers.


    We paid for the air deviation so we could choose our flights, will arrive in Barcelona the day before departure and stay in our concierge included hotel overnight. It was our understanding that we would have transfer from airport to hotel and then from hotel to the port. But this thread is making me question that. I have an inquiry in to our TA.

  2. Thanks also for the cruise well wishes RallyDave, Franzr, Carnevale, and Boatman's lady. Dave--thanks again for the Kuoda Travel recommendation.


    Boatman's lady, please see some photo posting instructions below. My fav option to save download time is using the app TapaTalk. You can use tapatalk to post photos on cruise critic with your smart phone or tablet (I prefer Iphone and Ipad) You can also use the cruisecritic forums app (very, very similar to Tapatalk. I just prefer Tapatalk)


    1. Download Tapatalk app from your google play or app store (free version).

    2. Open the cruisecritic thread you're interested in posting words/photos.

    3. At the left of "Write a reply" is a circle with a + in it--touch this icon.

    4.Touch the second icon with grey icon with two small mountains in the icon.

    5. Press done on the selected photo.

    6. You will have three photo sizes to select from (Best, Medium, Small) recommend Medium unless

    download speed is slow, then select small.

    7. When download is finished a script will appear in the reply box that begins with IMG....and ends with IMG

    8. You can put up to five photos in one reply if you choose or just one.

    Like to write words (Caption) first before I press the circle with + to load photo.

    Do a practice run at this cruise critic thread, also this thread has useful how-to post photos posts too.


    Let me know if u have any ? please.

    If you do not use App's TLCOhio has provided wonderful posting photo instructions using a third party site (use to use this technique, but now Photobuckett charges you to post and this process takes more time.

    YourFIRST STEPis pick an outside web source that will store or “host” your pictures to be posted. Cruise Critic does not have the space to do larger pictures on their site. You can check such places as photobucket.com, imageshack.com, photoshow.com, flickr.com, picasa.google.com etc. I’ve used photobucket.com and have been pleased with how they upload, etc.SECOND, you need to make an export of your picture in a size such as around 1000 pixel wide by about 700 to your desktop of your computer. That’s the approximate size that I use for this purpose. If you make your file too big for posting, then it slows the process and takes long to upload, etc.THIRD, you use this outside web host to which you upload these different pictures sitting on your desktop.FOURTH, after uploading each picture, you will make a copy of that imbedded address in your file for future posting purposes. It will have have the square parentheses or bracket symbols before and after the capital letter IMG at the start and end of this location on your photo storage site.


    Then as you want to post each different picture, you would,FIFTH STEP, copy and paste that imbedded address file for each picture as a part of your message on the CC Boards. In my files, I also have brief written description of each picture and have them grouped by the different city or country locations. With this imbedded file address, the reader on these boards doesn’t have to check on anything or paste to their web browser. It just pops up showing the picture. Does this help? Let us know how it works out and/or any added questions. It will hopefully pop up as these couple of pictures do below.You can preview your post to see if it's working OK before doing the actual post to these CC boards.



    Thanks for the great information Wes! I have downloaded Tapatalk so I’m ready for our cruise in April.

  3. Not trying to dominate this thread but will have occasional comments.


    1. tripperva - Christmas cruises, some Caribbean cruises and most Alaska cruises bear no resemblance to typical Regent cruises. We were on a fully booked cruise out of Miami on the Mariner and no one went over or under the ropes or pushed to the head of the line. Regent cruisers do not typically do this (there are always one or two exceptions). These unusual itineraries tend to have people that are new to Regent - are part of families that are not versed in luxury cruising or simply have no idea what to expect. For these reasons, Regent regulars tend to avoid these itineraries - unless they are including their families on the cruise. (/quote)

    Please, please stop saying this. It has a very condescending and patronizing tone to it. Clearly, Regent etc. would not be scheduling and selling these cruises if customers were not interested. We like a cruise where we do absolutely nothing in a very nice, comfortable style. To continually insist otherwise is insulting. Why in the world were you on one of "those" cruises in the first place? We don't care about racking up nights to get free laundry and other perceived goodies.




    TC I have really enjoyed most of your posts and your perspective, but at times your posts can sound very condescending and in some cases toward new Regent guests. I truly believe you don’t mean to come across that way, but please know that’s sometimes how it sounds. I’m not meaning to be negative, but just honest. IMO placing blame for problems on newcomers is not very welcoming to those of us who will soon enjoy our first Regent experience. And certainly without newcomers Regent will be hard pressed to fill all their cruises and all their ships. Especially with a new ship on the horizon.


    I/we plan to behave appropriately (as we always try to do), go with the flow if things aren’t always perfect and enjoy what we’re sure will be a wonderful experience.

    I feel truly blessed that we are in a position to even be able to consider (much less book) a luxury cruise.


    I know this thread is about how can Regent Corporate improve, so will say the only glitch we’ve encountered (in our very limited experience and having yet to be on a ship) is with a couple website issues. The Regent personnel that we have dealt with ourselves (and through our TA) have all been very professional, friendly and helpful.

  4. you can spend the first day just walking the gothic quarter, the hotel is right there great location for us. both sides of the street, pick an alley and go. When we were there, the day of the referendum vote to succeed and the next day=days were the protests. no problems other than we booked some tours ahead with Barcelona day tours that were cancelled due to protests so we didn't see familia and the museums but it is just a great city to walk around, drink and eat!!


    Thanks! Can’t wait to visit Barcelona!

  5. Hi gjkov, Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia is the best sight I have ever visited. I actually cried when I entered the church, it is that beautiful You can go to the website: Sagradafamilia.org and order tickets for a specific time. We did this and it worked great. We had a guide and had a headset that made it really easy to hear the guide and wander on our own somewhat. When we were there, the regular line for admittance was completely around the block. Advance tickets are the way to go! I have been to Barcelona 5 times and this tour was by far the best thing I did in Barcelona. By the way, we will be on this cruise too!


    Thanks for the information. Sounds like a lovely place! I’ll definitely look online.

    Look forward to meeting you onboard!

  6. This is also a nice jacket for moderate - moderately cold temps. I’ve rolled it into its little pouch and tossed into my pack or suitcase countless times.




    I’m also anticipating packing for our crossing in April. For my colorblind DH I always pack “Garanimals” style, where everything goes with everything else. I will definitely take the layering advice for us both.

  7. Thanks for your AF note. We are scheduled on AF from Dulles to Barcelona via CDG and our connection is about 2 hours. Nice to know that we have a shot of making it. We are going in a day early and there are a lot of flights from CDG to Barcelona so we have options if needed. Coming back on United from Rome. TA arranged these flights via Regent. We took deviation to stay in Rome an extra 4 days.


    Did you take Regent bus from Barcelona to port? What time did you all arrive at the ship to embark?




    I think it was about 1pm ish stayed at the grand central hotel. Nice rooftop bar pool views. close to the port. You can check in with regent the day before as there was a rep in lobby, real easy no lines or crowds..for us.



    Thanks for the info about the Grand Central Hotel. That is where we are staying in April, too. Was there anything interesting nearby that you enjoyed? Sights, dining?


    We paid for deviation and are scheduled on Delta, MSP to CDG, with 2 hr and 15 min layover before AF connection to Barcelona.

  8. Is there information about what brands/types of soda and mixers are available on the ship so we can know if a special request is necessary? I can’t find anything on the website, but perhaps I’m not looking in the right place. We’re not that particular in general, but I would like a non-caffeinated soda choice and would like to know what brand(s) of tonic are available.

  9. We are also booked on this cruise...our first on Regent! Thanks everyone for sharing thoughts and information. Sounds like lots of fun to be had and a person can keep busy or just relax, as they choose. Certainly every cruise is different, but does there tend to be game players (board games or cards) onboard? I very much enjoy games, while my DH can take or leave them. So is always fun to find new game playing friends.

  10. The "rebating" is essentially the travel agent giving you some of their earned commission from the sale. Not sure I agree with the concept but let's NOT start a debate here!


    Sorry didn’t mean to open a possible Pandora’s Box. We can just keep the discussion about OBC’s.

  11. With our first Regent cruise booked in the spring, I’ve been wondering about OBC’s, so this thread seems as good a place as any...

    I read people say that one benefit of using a TA well versed with Regent is to get OBC’s. But with nearly everything included, what do people generally use their OBC’s for? I can see them useful if you’re going to frequent the spa, which we probably will not. And for paid excursions if a person decides to go that route. What else?


    And at risk of getting off topic (I can begin another thread if necessary), but a question about TA’s...

    I have sought out three different travel agents/agencies so far who deal with luxury travel. They all offer some bit of OBC, but none have said anything about any sort of rebate that I have heard people speak about. And the prices I’ve been quoted are all exactly what I see on the Regent website. Does it depend on the particular cruise itinerary? Length of cruise? Length of time/amount of money spent with the particular agent/agency? How charming and/or persistent a person is? Is it something I need to specifically ask about? Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

  12. ArtsyCraftsy, hope that you booked your cruise through a travel agent that regularly books Regent so that you will receive a percent of your cruise fare back and likely would receive on board credits. It really pays to use TA's that really know Regent. After all, every bit you can save is a good thing!



    I have a question about how to find a good travel agent who’s familiar with Regent?

    We have a TA who we like very much and have worked with for a number of years. He’s great with various kinds of travel and with some of the mainstream cruise lines. But doesn’t have any connection with/experience with Regent. We worked together (along with a couple really nice Regent representatives by phone) to book our first Regent cruise and I’m satisfied enough with what we arranged for this first trip. But if we continue to cruise with Regent (which I already feel is a distinct possibility), it seems it might be good to develop a relationship with a TA more familiar with Regent, at least for that part of our travel planning.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  13. Thanks Travelcat! We very much enjoy reading when people post their “live” onboard experiences and look forward to hearing all about your experiences to, from and in the Amazon. I am thankful (from a heat and subsequent discomfort standpoint) that this destination is not on either my DH or my bucket list, but enjoy living vicariously through others, especially to places we will probably never visit. Certainly you will have a wonderful time and seem to have many options for keeping cool

  14. I really appreciate this thread. As I approach retirement in a few years (DH calls himself “semi-retired” and still does some part time work), we are anticipating more and different travel options. We’ve done a good amount of traveling over the years, but only recently dabbled in cruising with a multigenerational Alaskan cruise on Royal Caribbean. It was great for our group (ages 11-71), but we’d like to experience some other cruise lines and itineraries.


    Quite frankly we weren’t sure we would like cruising (which is probably part of the reason it took us so long to even try) and liked what we perceived as greater freedom of movement being on dry land. But we truly loved unpacking once and were taken with the distance that could be covered, all while enjoying a multitude of activities. Going to sleep and waking up to the ship approaching a new port...that was awesome!


    I’ve been intrigued with Regent for years, but thought it was out of our travel budget. But as a person begins to do the math, with everything included, it begins to look more reasonable. Still expensive, to be sure, but perhaps worth it.


    It has been very interesting to read all the information/opinions/personal experiences on this board. Like others I appreciate the posts from the long timers, first timers and those still on the fence alike. And consequently we have our first Regent cruise booked in April 2018. We’ll be on the newly refurbished Mariner and are very excited!


    Thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts and experiences and who continue to do so. Please know it is very important and meaningful for many of us newcomers.



  15. We have used an app called WhatsApp very successfully both for communication on the ship with our travel companions and with others back home. You have the ability to either text or call as long as you have an internet connection. Facebook Messenger is good for sending messages but not make phone calls.

  16. I am Swiss and travel a lot in EU countries. There is no "blanket rule" for tipping.


    In Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France the service charge is included in the menu or bar price (and hotel prices too) However it is customary to leave a little something. In the UK (and I suppose Ireland) tips are not included for the main in the menu price and 10% is normal. Some restaurants have started to include tips so it pays to read the menu more carefully than usual - it will be mentioned there.


    Adding 15-20% to a meal bill is NOT appropriate anywhere in Europe although your server will love it.


    US travellers need to understand that our service staff are paid a decent wage which includes all benefits - social security, health care, 1 month or more vacation etc. They do not depend on tips to give them a living wage. ALL the money that goes towards their benefits is in the published price.



    I certainly wish this was the case in the US. Much simpler.


    We always like to tip a little something for good service and appreciate all the good information on this thread.

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