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  1. I agree and didn't realise the limitations.
  2. I agree and I have now changed my mind. Unfortunately not so good or as flexible as I first thought.
  3. Ok, I must admit that sounds a very flexible system.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. So does that mean you have to stipulate a particular time for your table when booking and that remains the fixed time for the whole week.
  5. Could you explain how that works. If you book a table does that mean you can turn up knowing that it is available to you at any time? If not and you book the table every night at the same time isn't this similar to the existing club dining arrangement?
  6. P-L-B


    Far from me to lead you astray but if you are a night owl Le Club would be ideal as it doesn't open until around 9.00 or 10.00pm and is open till late.😉 BTW, I didn't frequent that venue as unfortunately my clubbing days are now a distant memory.😊
  7. P-L-B


    Have a great cruise. BTW, there are various other drinking holes on board. Enjoy.
  8. P-L-B


    We used Explorers bar in the atrium for pre dinner drinks but can highly recommend "The Yacht and Compass" for its excellent range of beers including its real ale selection.
  9. P-L-B


    As the others have said if your preferences are for a table for two in Club Dining (Adriatic Restaurant) you will have to book your request many months in advance. We have just returned from a great cruise on board Oceana and always got our request for a table for two with Freedom Dining. (Ligurian Restaurant) Having said that we were issued with a pager on several occasions but to be honest that was no problem as we just relaxed and had drinks whilst we waited for our table.
  10. Our friends were onboard Oceana last month and they docked in Heraklion but we docked in Souda last week during our Oceana cruise. Therefore, it looks like Oceana uses both ports depending on the cruise itinerary.
  11. Just returned back from our fabulous Oceana cruise. Thanks for all the information and advice. Catching the bus as advised was easy and hassle free and we had a great time in Chania.😀
  12. We are just off Oceana and cases stored under bed with no problem.
  13. Welcome to the world of cruising and congratulations on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary.🥂 Yes, you will be fine wearing a suit. Enjoy your formal nights and have a great cruise.😊
  14. Also, Aurora has Carmens which is one of the best dance floors in the fleet.
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