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  1. I'm not sure what ship you are thinking of sailing on, but from what I've seen of the MDR's on the CMV fleet, tables for 2 are like hen's teeth - very few and far between! Our preference is a table for 2. We go to the buffet for breakfast and lunch, so it's only dinner that we have to think about sharing. We are on Columbus in a couple of weeks time and have requested a table for 6. I find a table for 8 a bit big, and on a table for 4 there's the chance that you might not get on with the other couple, so a table for 6 is a good compromise. On Columbus where are two alternative dining options (for an additional fee), which we will try and will probably go to the buffet for a couple of nights. Therefore, out of the 10 night cruise, we'll be in the dining room for about 6 nights. For a couple of hours on those nights, I'm sure it'll be fine sitting with other people. Weighing up the pros and cons, it's an acceptable 'price' to pay, as we like the CMV itineraries and enjoy the medium sized ships
  2. I remember when I first went on a cruise in 2001, I was really worried about the formal nights, as we had never worn evening dress before. On the first formal night, I was looking out of the cabin door spyhole, seeing what people were wearing when they went past! Back then, on formal nights I wore long evening dresses, although I have now moved to 'cocktail' length dresses and evening trousers with sparkly tops. One thing I have learned is that women have their own individual interpretation of formal. Some are dressed up to the nines and others wear what I think of as quite plain skirts and tops. Therefore, most women will blend in somewhere on that scale. The longer I've cruised, the less fussed I am about formal nights. I think two in a two week cruise would be sufficient. The captain's welcome aboard party and the farewell party.
  3. Your ship will probably do a tour to Keukenhof. I'm on CMV Columbus in a couple of weeks and we're doing the ships tour. It's costing £49 per person (USD 64 at current exchange rates). We've only got a half day in Amsterdam, so we decided the ships tour would be the easiest way to do it.
  4. My most recent cruise was on Aurora, and I was told that the average age was 73 for that particular cruise. It was the USA and Canada cruise last Sept/Oct, so it may even have been the same cruise you were on. As it was a longer cruise, outside of the school holidays, I would expect there to be an older crowd on board. I was 58 at the time of sailing, so I went with the knowledge I'd be one of the 'younger' passengers. The entertainment on offer has to appeal to a broad range of people, and I think it's gradually starting to inch its way to some more contemporary offerings. There was a really good Headliners show based on 80's songs, and there was another one set in the period just after the war, but with very contemporary songs from the last couple of years. I liked that show as it was something very different, but I think the majority of the passengers seemed slightly non-plussed about it !
  5. On Twitter, CMV say it's 6 days until Vasco de Gama sails on her maiden voyage from Singapore, so hopefully there'll be some coverage of that. She gets to Tilbury on 6th June, so I should be able to find a few pics from some 'locals' that I know.
  6. I've just had a look, and it looks like all Caribbean to me! I think it's a mistake on their part - the 35 night cruises at that time of year traditionally go to the USA and Caribbean, so I think the caption writer just made an assumption.
  7. There's some spectacular views from the top, it's well worth doing if you can.
  8. I've been on Oriana twice, on a Round Britain cruise in 2016, and an 18 night cruise in 2007, which visited some more unusual ports such as Port Said, Limassol and Rhodes. The latter cruise remains ones of my favourites, as it was the first longer cruise that we had a chance to do (it was in November, so we were able to get time off work, being out of season), and we enjoyed the chance to see many new places. I liked Oriana, but she doesn't have the emotional pull that Aurora does. Aurora was our first cruise ship and we've spent 126 nights onboard her. When it's Aurora's time to go, we'd definitely have a farewell cruise, even if we have already booked other cruises. I harbour a hope that Oriana will turn up one day under the CMV flag, sailing from Tilbury. That'd be very convenient!
  9. Regarding special diets. Make sure you tell them about your dietary requirements before you go. On the first night, mention to your waiter your dietary requirements, and they'll help you make a choice from the menu for that night. Then, the head waiter will come along with the next nights menu and you'll make your choice for the next evening (and lunch if you decide to eat in the main dining room for lunch) - this will happen for the rest of your cruise. It works very well, and they are geared up for Diary free, so you shouldn't have any problems. If you eat in the buffet, have a word with one of the servers, if you aren't sure about the content of any dishes, and these days they do tend to have a 'free from' area for desserts. Have a good time
  10. I don't think I'll bother until it all settles down
  11. The discount applies to all onboard spending, so yes, cover charges are included.
  12. I retired in December 2014, when I was 54. My husband retired at the same time. He's eight and a half years older than me, and we had always planned to retire together. We had originally planned to wait a couple more years at least, but I was ill in the summer of 2014, and it makes you re-evaluate your life. We crunched the numbers, and decided it was possible to retire sooner rather than later. Nearly four and a half years later we have no regrets - we've done some long cruises we never had time to do while we were still at work, and everyday seems like an adventure.
  13. We are now into our fifth year or retirement, and are really enjoying it. We've done some of the longer cruises that we never had time to do while we were at work, and have travelled here in the UK as well, to see more of our own country. We also like to have days out at the coast.
  14. I sailed on a Fred Olsen ship for the first time last year. I was aware that there was a British night, so we made sure we each had an outfit that included red, white and blue, and it was entertaining to see all the other passengers dressed in the same colours. We entered into the 'Last Night of the Proms' vibe, and it was a fun evening. I'm a veteran of many P&O 'Great British Sailaways, and, although they are not everybody's cup of tea, I find them to be harmlessly entertaining and not sinister. The passengers on adjacent ships always seem to enter into the spirit of the event. However, I agree that there are always a few idiots around, when there's an Aida ship close by and I frown on their antics - it is a tiny minority of people though. I would add that I'm very Pro-Europe, and not a raving Kipper or anything!
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