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  1. All of which shows that we still need to be on our guard, as long as it takes
  2. Avril,, this is a perfect example of ‘living with coronavirus’. You are monitoring the incidence of infections locally, and are taking action accordingly. Just one example of a way that our behaviour may change in the medium term
  3. If I recall correctly, you were saying that the deaths were virtually down to zero last summer........ and look what’s happened since. I will also be having my haircut when my appointment comes round in a couple of weeks time and will be getting a cup of coffee in an outside cafe on a nice day, and will enjoy these freedoms. But I’ve learnt enough over the last 16 months to understand that just because the U.K. is Ok right now, it doesn’t mean that we will be always be ok. The global pandemic is still raging, and if a vaccine resistant variant gets into the U.
  4. I think we will get used to a Covid world eventually, but it will mean an acceptance that our way of life has changed. I don’t think we are anywhere near that point yet as a society
  5. We’ll need to be on our guards for a considerable time to come, unfortunately. The virus is mutating all the time, and the vaccine may be less effective against these new variants. It’s very fast moving - they can give us booster shots, but the virus will always be one step ahead. India is now in the grip of a new wave of pandemic and there’s reports that a new ‘Indian variant’ is fuelling it.
  6. I like Leon, he’s the best Cruise Director that we’ve had. No matter what people say, I think the Cruise Director makes a difference. We were on 2 legs of the Aurora world cruise in 2017. Leon joined us in New Zealand, and things immediately picked up, entertainment-wise, and a lot more effort was put into things like sail aways.
  7. The trouble is, we don’t know what is normal for when a Prince Consort to a reigning Queen dies, as the last time it happened was in 1861. But it does seem incongruous that the government has gone quiet in the middle of a global pandemic and everything else that is going on. As for TV, I’m not particularly bothered as there are always things to watch on Netflix, or I read or do puzzles. However, if Line of Duty isn’t shown tonight, I will kick off, big time!
  8. it’s not just you. I’ve got two cruises booked in 2022, moved from earlier cruises. Because the original cruises were ‘big’ cruises, it means I’ve got over £2000 tied up in deposit money, so I don’t want to fork out any more money at this stage for an unknown experience. Plus, I don’t really feel inclined to book anything else until I see how the ‘seacations’ go, and then how ‘real’ cruises go after that. If everything goes ok, and there’s a degree of certainty that cruises will go ahead as scheduled, then I might consider new bookings.
  9. Likewise, I have short hair and last professional cut in December. My husband has clipped my hair twice since then and all my colour has now grown out, so I am badly in need of a visit to the hairdressers. I’m hoping my hairdresser will phone today.
  10. My hairdresser’s web site says they are contacting everybody this week to book appointments. if I don’t hear from her tomorrow, I’ll probably phone her, as it’s getting a bit desperate now. After two DIY haircuts, my hair is in a real state!
  11. Overnight, Aurora moved to the OPT. We spent some time in the Circular Quay area, then it was our intention to walk to Darling Harbour. But the weather wasn't as good as the previous day, and it became very overcast, so we decided to turn back and return to the ship. Just as well, as it was a wet afternoon.
  12. We had two full days in Sydney on our Aurora cruise in 2017. Om the first day, we had to tender in, as Queen Mary was at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. We did an excursion to Bondi Beach, a drive round Sydney and a tour of the Opera House. After the tour was over, we had lunch on the trerraces surrounding the Opera House, overlooking the Queen Mary, then we looked round the Botanical Gardens. After that it was time to join our evening tour to Taronga Zoo. It so happened that it was our guide and driver from the morning tour, so we felt like we had been on a very long day trip. After that, t
  13. We didn’t have very good weather when we sailed the New Zealand fjords
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