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  1. Yes, I agree and can relate to everything you say. 😁 Fortunately I was able to take early retirement 10 years ago when in my late 50’s and haven’t looked back.
  2. Yes definitely go for the worldie if you can, I’m sure you and Michelle will have a fantastic time. My sister in law, bother in law came back with lots of unforgettable experiences. I would be up for longer cruises but my Wife is happier with shorter but more often cruising. As regards retirement Andy, I can definitely recommend it. 🍻 😁 BTW, regarding getting older. Remember age is only a number, problem is the number gets bigger every year. 😁
  3. My sister in law having returned from her 99 day world cruise said to us that they enjoyed it so much that they could have stayed on longer. However my Wife is not keen on anything longer than 14 days.
  4. Thank you for the very helpful information. We are very much looking forward to our visit in April.
  5. Just done a quick walking route from Cruise berth to Tavernas. It’s about 1.2 Km mostly flat and should take about 15 minutes according to Google Maps so not to bad.
  6. Thank you for the useful information. Yes, I see what you mean about the extra walking distance. My initial research refers to the turtles and I hope to be able to see them when we visit.
  7. Thanks Jean but it looks like we will be docked as we will be there on the 28th April.
  8. Thank you for that confirmation. Yes, we will be there on 28th of April to be precise.
  9. It appears wowzz is reporting from Oceana as having 4 formal nights one of them being a Black and White night on a 14 night cruise. This has been the normal arrangement for some time. However if your 14 night cruise is only having 3 formal nights one of them being a black and white night then indeed it does indicate a reduction in formal nights in your case. Unfortunately you may only get confirmation when your actually on board.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. It appears that P&O are now separating the black and white night from the formal nights causing some confusion. P&O regulars know that previously if they stated 4 formal nights on a 14 day cruise one of them would have been a black and white night.
  11. Thanks for the information. Out of interest, when did you last go and was it with P&O ? Fortunately at the moment walking for us is no problem but of course that could change in the future as unfortunately we are all getting older. 😊
  12. Thanks, I have checked on CruiseCal.com and it appears to show Argostoli as the port but it does not show arrival or departure times. The information for Kefalonia on our CP mentions Argostoli but also Sami as a port but doesn’t make it clear where we will dock. Hope it’s Argostoli as we’ve not been there before and it looks like a nice place to walk round. As suggested I may contact P&O or ask our TA to check for us.
  13. Thanks for that, I was hoping it would be Argostoli.
  14. Can anyone please confirm which port P&O use when visiting Kefalonia, Greece. Is it Argostoli or Sami ?
  15. Yes, I think that may well be the case.
  16. Sorry, just to be clear my previous post 21 should read. Freedom dining on other ships in the fleet means freedom to choose your table size and time on a daily basis whilst on board the ship and I would have assumed that would be the same for Iona.
  17. Not just Iona apparently offering a choice of table size when freedom dining. Just checked my CP for our forthcoming Oceana cruise and although it’s correctly showing freedom dining as our choice it’s also apparently giving us a preferred choice of table size. Regular P&O cruisers will know that this has never been an option previously when choosing freedom dining. Confusing as I can’t see them reserving your choice of table size every night for the duration of your cruise not knowing what time you are likely to dine each night.
  18. That’s how I understand it to be unless things have changed for Iona. Freedom dining on other ships in the fleet means freedom to choose your table size and time on a daly basis and I would have assumed that would be the same for Iona.
  19. That would be fine with us too.
  20. Could you please elaborate, is this based on a recent cruise ? If so what ship were you on, the length of your cruise and when ?
  21. Moments magazine is showing Simon Love as captain 28th Feb - 1st May
  22. Thanks Andy for the explanation. Hopefully we will be selected for the trial for our Oceana cruise in April or our Iona cruise in late June.
  23. In practice how does on line checking work and what advantages does it give? I assume you don’t have to go through the normal arrangements of queuing to have your photo taken, registrating a credit card and being issued with your cruise card. If on line check in means that once through security you can immediately board the ship then there is an obvious advantage. However if you still have to queue or go through any of the above procedures what’s the point, or am I missing something.🤔
  24. Agreed, we will fill in our cruise questionnaire appropriately. Happy Dancing. 😀
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