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  1. Yes, I read awhile ago that the Jupiter would have the Planetarium also.
  2. Yes it is a long way off. I am watching for Jupiter reviews during these first shake down cruises. Instead of getting way off topic on this thread, I will follow the Roll Call for your South America sailing so we can share ideas and plans.
  3. We are on Jupiter for South America. Santiago to BA January 24, 2020.
  4. I will be watching your Roll Call for comments. Hope this one picks up!
  5. Just enjoy your vacation...although I am in withdrawal 😎
  6. Have another great trip. Thank you so much for sharing the bottom of the world.
  7. Interesting Captains letter. With the rampant inflation in Argentina I don't imagine it will get better in a year. On the other hand Antigua, which we always found very safe, has had a cruise ship passenger stabbing (man) and theft of purse (woman) in the morning too.
  8. I especially love the one where both bird and reflection arc towards the other. Very cool.
  9. Thank you scubacruiser and Manfred B for your penguin seeing assessments. I have already booked Patrick Watts for Volunteer Point and our Cruise lines included excursion is to Punta Trombo. Have either of you been to Puerto Madryn before and gone on an excursion to the Valdez Penninsula for wildlife?
  10. So many penguins, so many places. Didn't you get penguin'd out? 😎 Seriously...on our 2020 cruise we have the opportunity to see penguins from Punta Arenas, The Falklands and Puerto Madryn (not going to Antarctica). So what say our cruise critic penguin tour expert? What was your favorite penguin touring location?
  11. WOW amazing sunrise!!! I must remember to be up at sunrise on our trip. In following weather for SA, Puerto Madryn was always the hottest and driest. Was it?
  12. In Scotland if you give British Pounds you get change in Scottish Pounds which are not traded or exchanged in England...only Scotland. How many hours did you have on shore in the Falklands? Was it worth the long drive to Volunteer Point. Did you have four persons in your vehicle? Was the driver also an informative guide? Thanks so much. I can't wait until we have pictures of our own in a year.
  13. Loved the penguins walking through the crowd. "Coming through here, make way, pardon me..."
  14. Just took a look at the Viking Sun Panomax at Robinson Crusoe island. All I can say is wow!
  15. Almost a Midnight Sun! Truly enjoying your photos. Antarctica spectacular! Glad you saw Glacier Alley in 2013 with sun. What a difference. Our cruise is a year from now 2020 and sun is what we are wishing for of course. I have Zaandam in my fleet on Marine Traffic and tracked her as you were sailing in Antarctica. The past track showed her zig zagging throughout all these islands, backtracking, circling around. It was interesting. I also watched her weave around the Chilean fjord islands. It's given me a good idea of where we will be sailing when we travel. Your photos are stunning no matter what the weather. The sunny days add color but the cloudy gray ones are equally striking. The wildlife photos are amazing. Whenever you post a photo showing a deck with people outside there are so few. I wonder what the remaining 1500 people are doing. Again thanks. I like your writing style and the photos are out of this world.
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