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  1. The last Viking cruisers. I followed your journal and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. We missed our connection to Bergen so Icelandair put us up in a hotel with meals and private airport transfer. We saw the taxi van fare one way tick up over $120 and the dinner buffet (fabulous) at the hotel was over $65 pp. We only stayed the one night and were exhausted but it seemed pretty costly to us.
  3. It used to do so. Click on the day and then the name of the menu will show.
  4. Viking today announced 2 new cruises to happening this summer. Around Iceland and Around Bermuda. They will only accept vaccinated passengers however. They are also working on Greece/Turkey/Malta cruises and hope to open them soon. So far those are the only areas opening so far.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Makes sense that Viking would resume in countries that want visitors and near where ships are currently located.
  6. I can see why the CDC did not say port, crew and guest vaccinations are a requirement. They merely said "encouraged" and "recommended". However, I agree that there should be two sets of guidelines if the cruise line itself requires the innoculations in order to board. The chance of an outbreak would be so small compared to an unvaccinated ship full. Still given the unknowns regarding the varients, health and safety mitigation plans should be approved and in place.
  7. I read the entire text and it gave me a headache. I think these are the guidelines for obtaining a "Conditional Sailing Order" from the CDC and what a cruise line has to do before they conduct "simulated voyages or restricted passenger voyages". That is something they have to do before sailing from or to any US port with paying passengers. It appears that each cruise line must have an agreement with every US port city, whether in a state or a territory, into which they plan to call, and must designate the name of each ship. Regarding vaccinations, it says "recommended" and "encouraged" not
  8. I heard about this before from someone else. I guess the book before one year passes is a strict rule. If we cancel this TA, we too will be post one year customers for booking again.
  9. Yep, once you take a cruise with them you automatically become a member of the Viking Explorers Club (at least in the US). It gets you a discount if you book another cruise within one year of the last one and a greater discount after your 2nd cruise with them (that's as far as we have gotten). You are also eligible to attend an Explorers Club cocktail party on board (never did). That's about it for loyalty perks but fine with us. We find the "loyalty privilege" on some cruise lines annoying.
  10. What JeriGail said plus...A Penthouse Veranda would be nicer for two non-intimate people. There is more walk around room, the closet is very accessible by both people as it is in the entrance hallway rather then parallel to one of the beds. There is much storage room in drawers, open shelves and countertops. In addition to the desk which is already filled up with water caraf and glasses, quiet vox devices and telephone, there is a credenza with a long top to place things. In a cold weather cruise you might have more and bulkier clothing - jackets, sweaters etc and want more storage space a
  11. Viking could resume a number of itineraries in South America and the Caribbean by skipping US ports and using the Bahamas, Sint Maarten or Cozumel as stopovers instead.
  12. Exactly, unless the CDC requires cruise ships who wish to enter US ports to bring only vaccinated passengers. I can see other countries doing it but very much doubt the CDC will make that requirement. To vax or not vax has become very political in our country.
  13. I don't know the answer to your question. I believe the Viking policy last published said a positive case will be quarantined and then moved to a shore side medical facility when able. It does not say the cruise will continue or end. Just this morning on the AP wire i read an article about the MSC cruise ship that is sailing out of Italy while the country is in another lockdown for Easter. It talked about how they were doing it, protocols etc. But what caught my attention in the article was the statement that out of the 350,000 cruise ship passengers in the world since July 202
  14. You are absolutely right Heidi13. A health and safety policy should not be based upon what we do or do not want. Viking did not ask me for my opinion, i just gave it to them. I appreciated the acknowlegment of my concern and i would think that Viking is taking note of which way people think. The rep did not indicate that it was an opinion contest. For all i know Viking could be receiving a lot of emails from people saying that they would not cruise if they had to wear masks, do Viking only excursions, or not being able to wander through ports on their own. People feel very strongly about
  15. I too figured "safe within the bubble" meant tested, quarantined, no leaving ship or having outside contact etc. I just wondered about Karine coming on board. She said she was there for two weeks. Hopefully she masked and tested daily before unmasking...or quarantined before interacting.
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