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  1. Yes, wouldnt Antarctica be wonderful. I too wonder if Viking will add that. Before i booked our Viking SA cruise i looked at cruises to there. The only ships that had permits to actually land were small expedition cruises. I worried about being on a small ship in the Drake Passage and, when i learned that going ashore was in a Zodiac, i said no way. Why go to Antarctica if you dont go ashore? Then i followed the scubacruiserx2 thread of their cruise there on the Holland America Zaandam. They did not go ashore but oh their pictures were wonderful and they saw an amazing array of wildlife. I imagine what it would be like on an all inclusive Viking ship with all the big windows.
  2. We travel on the Jupiter from end of January to almost mid February. Chose January-February because i read the temperatures would be the warmest, the rainfall less and the seas the calmest. I watched the weather in each of the ports during the same time frame earlier this year and the temps ranged from a high 95-99 in Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn to 45-55 in Ushuaia and the Falkland Islands. Valparaiso was usually 60-75 whereas Santiago being more inland was 85. Near the Amalia Glacier it could be near freezing. Add the wind and all bets are off as to how cold it might feel. I imagine December is not much difference. Patrick Watts in the Falklands told me that the penguin chicks would be hatched by end of December so activity should be good at any of the penguin locations on the cruise in January and February.
  3. I looked up the 22 day SA cruise itinerary and I would have done that one in a heartbeat if it was offered as a dedicated itinerary with a choice of dates throughout the Southern hemisphere summer months. But, alas, it is only offered once and as a segment to a longer cruise. I like the 2 days in Falkland, more days cruising the Chilean Fjords and added port. Vineyard View have fun with your planning. By 2021 there will be lots of info from Viking voyagers who have taken either cruise. Peregrina when did you do this cruise? Were you on the Viking Sun WC that went around SA?
  4. I think believe the longer itinerary with only one sailing is a segment of the Viking Sun World Cruise whuch commences August 31, 2019. The reason the ship sails from the Falklands to Ushuaia without rounding the Cape Horn islands is because it will probably be dark out. They then go back out to round Cape Horn (scenic cruising) and then back up the Beagle Channel to Punta Arenas. I don't have the time the ship is leaving Ushuaia but assume it would be daytime to see Cape Horn in which case it should be daylight also to cruise Glacier Alley. I am sailing the shorter itinerary on the Jupiter. It is a dedicated itinerary back and forth between Valparaiso and Buenas Aires. We do not stop in Puerto Chacabuco. There are two days scenic cruising the Chilean fjords including Amalia Glacier before Punta Arenas when the ship travels from Valparaiso. Cruising through Glacier Alley in the Beagle Channel will be in the early morning as arrival to Ushuaia is 11 am. In the opposite direction from BA, departure from Ushuaia is 4 pm i believe which means cruising through Glacier Alley would be early evening. Although it will not be midnight sun, sunrise will be very early and sunset very late. On both itineraries the ship cruises the Chilean fjords staying in protected waters when they can. Although it says "around Cape Horn" the ships do not round the Horn like sailing ships of old, its merely a scenic cruising event, weather permitting, where the ship circumnavigates las Islas de Cabo Horno. One can easily go to Google Maps to get an idea where the ports are located and get an idea of where the ship will navigate.
  5. Economies can rapidly change. What was in one year may not apply for current. I watched a short video on the econony of Argentina and it said that inflation in 2018 was 47%. Can you imagine that in the US?
  6. A Mexican menu has been added and we did not have that one. So new ones would be nice. We liked CT the best. We are adventurous diners and sometimes it was nice not having to decide what to order.
  7. Had 6072. Never heard noise from World Cafe or hallway.
  8. I don't like lobster (yes i am strange) and we did not have it on our cruise. Had lobster thermidor. Friend got it. Said they could have put some lobster in the thermidor.
  9. On the Midnight Sun cruise in 2018, the pairings for Xiang were: Premium Selbach-Oster, Riesling Kabinett from Moselle Chateau Recougne, Sauvignon Blanc-Semillion from Bordeau Cune Crianza, Rioja, Spain Cristina, Moscato D'Asti, Piedmont, Italy Standard Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie, France Bruse Marine White, France Basiano Tempranillo, Spain Uby, Gros & Petit Manseng, France So apparently the wines change. The pours are generous and repetitive. We had the Silver Spirits Package. In the MDR they even recommended after dinner drinks. The Lemoncello was out of this world. Our group of four usually had a long relaxing dinner being served somewhere. One try at World Cafe and we unanimously agreed that for dinner we want to be waited upon. Hmmm probably why we didnt make it to many shows.
  10. We found it was tough to get an early dinner reservation. Seems everyone wants to begin their dinner meal between 6 and 7. We never had luck just showing up early to get seated. Late worked but not early. Once on board try to change your reservation at desk by World Cafe and, if that doesnt work, at Manfredi's when they open for dinner. Is your birthday listed on your booking papers? We will have a wedding anniversary on during our next cruise. I told our booking agent and i see it noted in a line on our Guest Invoice papers. When is your cruise and to where? I see you on CC asking many questions and posting a lot. You remind me of myself prior to our very first cruise with Viking trying to find out everything and making it all perfect.. You are gonna love it. Tranquilla!
  11. Maybe they call them Sample because all the menus listed may not be offered on your specific cruise. On our 14 night cruise, all the "Samples" were offered but perhaps on a 7 night cruise they would not. As i recall, a Scandinavian menu was for the first two nights and then each menu thereafter ran for three so Chefs Table had five menus.
  12. Last summer at least the menus on MVJ were called Sample and there were five different fixed menus each with a different name. They were the actual menus that were rotated through the length of our cruise. We booked our one guaranteed day but once on board reserved two more days no problem. So i would say that if you see four or five different menus, they will each be available on your cruise for 2-3 days.
  13. When you know the name of your Chef Table menu, you can look at the sample menu on My Viking Journey for the particular fare.
  14. Zitsky enjoy your birthday at Manfredis. I had my BD there last summer. As far as shows in The Theater, we never knew what they were until the Viking Daily was delivered to our room the night before. Perhaps you can go to Guest Services when you board to ask about the schedule. As i recall the shows began at 9-9:15 pm. If you miss it, you can always go to Torshavn afterwards for live music and dancing.
  15. Thank you Peregrina. Re Punta Trombo, I just looked at the potential tours for Puerta Madryn again and the Punta Trombo excursion no longer says included. It is 8 hours and includes lunch. In fact there is no Included listed for that port. Will probably be the usual panoramic with an opportunity to stay in town and a shuttle back. As for Volunteer Point, Patrick says it is under new ownership and there are restrictions on the number of visitors. Also there are now wardens on site to ensure that visitors do not encroach into breeding area. These are probably good things. We will be there early February so expect chicks will still be around.
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