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  1. I would love it especially if it was scenic cruising such as the Fjords and protected waterways of Norway or the Fjords in Chile. I love gazing out those big windows to land. However I would be reluctant to get on a ship with the potential for people carrying the virus. Taking ones temperature is no indicator.
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    I got this but I had to sign in to CC again. Usually don't need to do that. At I write this post writing I see an icon of a page with magnifying glass. That is preview post.
  3. I second Liz. Staying on board is the safest place to be. Why return to the stress and crazyness on land before you have to. The best thing Viking can do is not allow shore leave until you reach US. I keep imagining a Sci-fi book or movie scenario where the entire world is wiped out except for one cruise ship with young and old left to build a new world. Stay healthy and have fun.
  4. Makes sense. Perhaps after you get safely through and well beyond you can share the measures taken. We have friends who have been sailing around the world on a 44 foot boat. They got as far as Malaysia and have stayed there 5 years because they don't want to go through pirate alley or around the Cape of Good Hope. They used to travel in groups of buddy boats for safety reasons but wont do so now because the groups will not agree to turn off their AIS. They say pirates and thieves in some areas follow cruising sailboats with AIS and have been boarded.
  5. TayanaLorna


    Here is a picture from 4032 looking aft from the cabin balcony. No overhang showed in any of our photos.
  6. TayanaLorna


    Here is a photo from 6072 balcony. Taking photos fore or aft showed more overhang but taking them straight out showed the overhang also.
  7. TayanaLorna


    When we got an upgrade from DV on deck 3 to PV on deck 6 i did not hestiate. Whats not to like? We were in 6072. Look at Deck and notice the beginning of a flare out that gets wider the more aft it goes. That is the wider deck outside the World Cafe where tables are placed in warmer weather and where a person can walk from the Aquavit Terrace. Cabin numbers 6070 and up are under this overhang. We spent 2 weeks in cabin 6072 and did not hear any noise from the WC and it was too cold to put tables out there. However when we took photos from our balcony, the top of each photo was framed by the overhang. Photos from balcony on deck 3 and 4 did not show the overhang. I am not positive but i believe the depth of all the balconies on decks 3 through 5 are the same. The width changes between DV and PV for the inside and balcony but not the depth of the balconies.
  8. Thanks. Glad to hear about the actual cruise. If you can't do your blog, do tell whats happening here. Especially interested in hearing about transiting through pirate alley. I recall a previous WC had razor wire along lower decks and armed guards patrolling on board. Enjoy your Magical Mystery cruise as much as you can. When they can beam you back to land, where ever that will be, you will feel like you entered the Twilight Zone.
  9. I have all the Shore Excursions that Viking offered with cost printed from our January trip. If there is any in which you are interested let me know and i can give you info. They may not be the same next year as Viking tends to tweek based on our reviews but its a start.
  10. Was in 6072 and never heard any noise. My only concern would be under the Aquavit Terrace. On our last cruise staff kept stacking the furniture and tying it down when it slid around in the seas and then setting it up again when weather improved. I would think cabins below would hear scraping noises.
  11. Great review. Photos are stunning. Its interesting to read how other SA cruises turned out. We went the other way beginning Jan. 24. Had rolly seas to Puerto Montt with pool closed. Saw all the volcanos in PM and the sights on a private tour which avoided the busses. Mostly misty cloudy in fjords and glaciers but spectacular. Punta Arenas had penguin and kayak trips cancelled as well as hike with ski lift ride. Winds were 60-100 kilometers. Talk about the famed patagonia winds! Ushuaia was perfect as was rounding the cape horn. Landed in the Falklands but called back after an hour toward Volunteer Point. At least we got to land and see a bit of town. Too windy for other tenders. Weather rest of ports was perfect 70's. Worst seas we had was first day out of Puerto Madryn. Seventy knot winds and 20-25 foot waves. All decks were closed and balconies got salt encrusted. Quite a ride. I am doing a blog of our cruise but only have two days posted so far. Its at Tomko2Travel.blogspot.com if anyone is interested.
  12. Loved the Into the Midnight Sun cruise. It was our first cruise.
  13. Thank you for reading. I will post here whenever I add another day. Blogspot has a way where people can sign up for notifications of new postings but I haven't figured that out yet.
  14. Oh wow, my first fan! Thank you. Doing this is so much fun. Our trip began in October 2018 with the Viking booking, continued for 15 months with the research, took 3 weeks in actuality and still continues with the writing and photo posting.
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