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  1. I wore my tracking device around the neck under clothing. Most of the time the red lanyard did not show but it was a cold weather cruise. For a Caribbean cruise i would probably tie it to a belt loop or in my pocket if it was hot. As far as the covid test, it should be taken within 72 hours before your first flight or 72 hours of boarding the ship if you are driving.
  2. I suppose if the flooring was anything like that on the 4-man liferaft we had on our sailboat, waves would just roll under it.
  3. The video demonstration in the article shows the water to be rather calm. Lordy, I would not be wanting to do that in heavy seas on a ship with no steerage!
  4. That is good news to hear re wandering on own in Spain. Enjoy.
  5. Because Viking staff are paid a wage and we tip at the end of the cruise for all of the staff, we did not tip room service on our first cruise. However on subsequent Viking cruises, we began tipping a small amount each time. Whether we did or not made no difference in the speed at which we received our order nor the friendless of the deliverer. There is quite a contrast and range of opinion as to how much one should tip ranging from $1 to $10 or $15. Remember this is room service not table service at a restaurant.
  6. Your trip is six months away. Six months ago the Delta varient had barely begun to spread in the US. Of course that was for the worse. It could go the other way for the better! As long as you are willing to follow all the current on board protocols and willing to do all the pre cruise things for your cruise whatever they may be, don't stress about it now. Research your ports, the things you like to do and see and have fun doing it. Everything else will fall into place when the time comes and you will accomplish all the necessary to do things when necessary.
  7. If we cannot use ours, we planned to gift them to family or friends. I don't think I would ever purchase future cruise credits because they have limitations.
  8. For our Iberia TA in November, the excursions were up for us in DV before we were able to book and reservations could be made on the normal date for our cabin except the actual time was earlier then stated. However for the higher cabin categories, the appearance of excursions as well as availability to reserve was late and they were not notified in advance. It was much better then our Iceland excursion experience but still no where near to where it was pre Covid.
  9. Massage spa treatments are Swedish and Deep Tissue - both 50 minutes each for $139. Can be extended to 80 minutes. Other treatments like facials are available too.
  10. From Norway our post cards took 6 weeks to Wisconsin.
  11. As I said we liked landside for our direction but I think I would choose a bigger cabin for such a long cruise.
  12. Ah but you were fortunate to sail through Glacier Alley during full daylight. We neared the Glacier Espana right at dawn. If I hadn't pulled open the drapes we would have slept through it like many people did. Plus I liked being landside for seeing the tall mountains from our room. But you are right, you go to the Explorers Lounge for the main scenic events or the outside decks.
  13. Yes we thought there was. (We went the other way around and had PS cabin.) Land and scenery is always your view and some of the best views were early in the AM. Went out to balcony in our jammies.
  14. For our July Welcome Back cruise we did get an email that excursions would be up and available for booking the day before. However they opened on the same day for all cabin categories for 4 Iceland cruises. It was insane and the website crashed. For our TA in November they opened by room category and we did not get an email prior. There was, however, a "1" in the upper right hand corner next to my name on MVJ. When I clicked on it, it read Excursions are open for booking. I had actually booked mine by the time I noticed the message. It is getting better but far from normal. Glad to be cruising nonetheless.
  15. Due to the different booking windows, there is no way to assure you will get same dates and times even if you in the PV waited until family in the DV were able. I do have some suggestions however as we have tried to coordinate with friends in same and different cabin categories. Go to the list of potential excursions for your cruise. You will not find it on MVJ yet but can see them on Vikings promo page under the itinerary tab. Start researching and deciding together what you want to see and do and agree upon first and second choices. When the excursions appear on your MVJ next summer, compare to see what is actually offered. When PV booking opens, you reserve (and pay for the Optional ones) for you two. When their DV booking opens, make sure they get on line in the first minute it opens and reserve and pay for the same Optional ones that you booked. Then go back and reserve the same Included ones. If they are sold out, so be it. At this point you have a few options. They can reserve the second choice ones and you can cancel yours and try to switch to theirs. You keep yours and they watch MVJ to see if it opens (this does happen). They can try to get your excursion once on board. Some Optional excursions do sell out. The Included excursions first thing in the morning tend to fill up first. You can also be on MVJ on line when their booking window opens AND be on the telephone talking with them. It is hectic and you need to be computer quick and saavy - but if the excursion choices or times are sold out for them, you can cancel yours and both book what is available at the same time they are doing it. We did this with friends once back when booking opened at Midnight Pacific time and we were 3 am Eastern time. As far as Specialty Restaurant reservations, you get 2 at each restaurant, they get 1. Reserve your dates and times. Tell them what you got. They check all the dates and times and reserve same (1 each) if possible. If they cannot get the same time, reserve another time for the same date. Once on board, see if you can combine the 2 tables for 2 to one table for 4. We have successfully done this. You can also try to change your second reservations to add them. Problem with Specialty restaurants is everyone books tables for 2 but tables for 2 are limited when reserving on line.
  16. Exactly. Testing before we leave home is valuable but irrelevant if we relax our protocols between that test and arrival on board the ship.
  17. Right JM0015. 2000 tests did not make sense because Viking tests each passenger daily.
  18. Same for us in Puerto Rico. I can't believe the island was so progressive. We already had a site where we can do vehicle transactions and have a virtual drivers license. They linked that to the Department of Health where, if you enter your name, BD and vaccination dates, the info is confirmed and you get a QR Code to show at restaurants and all the places here that require vaccinations to enter.
  19. You are getting some good advice here. I would add this...make sure they know if they book the V cabin category they will not be able to book specialty restaurants or excursions in advance of boarding. And that making reservations for specialty restaurants or excursions is according to cabin category with DV cabins reserving last. We too were anti cruise ship travel until Viking. Friends turned us on and we did our first cruise with them and our second cruise with them and another mutual friends couple. We all agreed that we did not want to be joined at the hip. It was fun doing some of the same excursions, catching up over cocktails or dinner if we did not. When we traveled with the 6 of us it was very economical to do private excursions. Lastly don't forget there is a referral bonus. You as well as the couple you are referring get $100 off your fare. Also if you are booking your cruise within one year of your last one, you are eligible for the Explorers Club discount too.
  20. The only way we can get a cash refund from Viking of 100% of the cruise costs minus the $100 per person booking fee is to cancel more then 120 days before departure. If you have a covered reason under your private insurance policy, it is possible to get a full refund if you can prove your claim. Viking would pay the monies allowable under their standard cancellation and the insurance would cover the rest. At least that is how the policies i have gotten read. If you have insurance through Viking and cancel under their cancel for any reason clause, the monies go toward a future cruise voucher you do not get a refund. If you use the Risk Free Guarantee that Viking had in force at the time you booked, you get a voucher for a future cruise. You have to look at what Risk Free deal was offered on the date you booked your particular cruise as there were different ones depending on the booking date. Every time i request a Guest Invoice to be emailed, one of the attached documents is always my Risk Free Guarantee. Do not depend on what others say they were offered, look at your own document.
  21. Just treading water in that spa pool is a workout. However I prefer to use the jets to massage my lower back or calf muscles from walking.
  22. Agreed Heartgrove about the uncomfortable closeness for dining. It seems like our cruise was the highest capacity - 860 passengers is only 70 below fully booked. Lucky people who have half or less capacity on their cruises. As far as spacing in the World Cafe, all the tables along the windows usually set for 4 were set for 2. Loved that. However the 2 person tables along the half wall had the same very close spacing. As far as food choice, I thought the breakfasts offered the same but that the lunches and dinners has less hot entree choices. Never had anyone offer to bring plates to table. The sushi counter at dinner was bigger and better then ever as was the cold shellfish counter on the other side. I hope our next cruise is booked to half capacity!
  23. Let's see how long it takes the Governor to ban this activity.
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