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  1. Passenger in Princess board posted a video pleading for help. He is diabetic and hasn't been fed in 15 hours. He said all services suspended because they are afraid the food could be a source of transmission.
  2. What a nightmare. Are there any snacks left in the fridge?
  3. I booked and took a cruise on the Classica through a casino TA this past January. We did receive free drinks while playing in the casino. We also purchased the 10 drink coupon book.
  4. I figured that they wouldn't look back but only count cruises going forward. I wish they started this program when they took over. I was almost up to the highest level with the previous companies loyalty program.
  5. Hi Pinkie, did you make any headway getting your previous cruises counted? I created an account and have no points listed. When I called BPCL yesterday to inquire about the program the rep said from my phone number they could see all the previous sailings I have been on with them.
  6. It's because of the upcharge that the computer sees the transaction as 2 drinks. I was shown the screen and the bartender selects the desired drink and then selects the upscale liquor, so thus 2 drinks. If you do not have the drink package, you would just pay the .50 or $1 upcharge. I let the bartender know my displeasure with their system.
  7. I was on the 3/24/19 sailing and had a similar experience using the drink pkg. I upgraded to elite. When I asked for upgraded vodka in a drink, I was told it would count as 2 drinks to the daily 15 drink limit. This happened more than once. I never came close to the 15 drinks per day and one day didn't drink anything. I was told that is the way the computer sees the entry. Say I ordered a Tuscan martini and wanted Belvedere vodka. They have to first order the drink and then the upgraded vodka, so the system sees it as 2 drinks.
  8. We were in 1173 and I think that was a great location to get on the elevator. Our view out the window was unobstructed. When we returned to port on Sunday, they were loading the provisions by fork lift right under our window. What are the ages of the 5 you plan to have in the cabin? Are you still considering it? It will be tight. Get a family retreat cabana if you do. I think that will help out.
  9. We usually eat breakfast in the room, but on this sailing we decided the room is too small. It is tight. The beds were by the door and the sofa bed by the window. When we first got to the room, the amount of space at the foot of the bed to round the corner was so small that we took the nightstand out by the sofa, pushed the beds together and closer to the sofa bed. That gave us more room there. We were not in our room as much as on other cruises where we had a balcony cabin. We had a retreat cabana and that helped out a lot.
  10. Just off the NA Sunday and I was in a FB OV. We had 4 in the cabin and one was a 7 year old. I wouldn't want to be in it with more than 4. It would be too tight. The second bathroom with sink and shower is tiny. If the sofa is opened up to sleep 2, there is no room to move by it.
  11. So sad! I just got off the NS and wish I was going again. We had a fabulous cruise.
  12. Thank you! I am printing it up and bringing it with me on NS this Sunday.
  13. Oh, I am on the ship in 2 weeks and booked the family cabana for 4 (three adults and one 7 year old). Your comment that it doesn't hold 4 people makes me nervous.
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