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  1. I definitely agree that DCL shouldn't water down their product. Disney has never really done anything half way. As far as WDW, I sure know a lot of folks that have started going back and when we tried to get reservations at Shades of Green, the rooms beginning in April were pretty much taken. I think Disney has done it smartly and has kept certain venues closed and some hotels so they could run on less staff and eliminate some of their bigger costs (like the firworks displays).. Yes, that's a watered down WDW, but even a watered down WDW beats most anywhere else you can go these days. I th
  2. Actually, according to a study WDW did last June before considering re-opening determined running at 25% capacity would turn a profit if other steps were taken. Thus, they do not spend the $$$ for nightly fireworks, the Dinner shows are all still shut down, and the planned improvements have been paused. I don;t think DCL isn't operating because they couldn't develop a safe way to do it. I think they are handcuffed like everyone else by the rules in place by the CDC. Just my humble opinion on DCL. And the main difference between DL and WDW is location...FL has been open for business since
  3. What are the groups currently being vaccinated in California? It seems at 80+ you should have been in line by New Years or sooner. In South carolina, we are currently processing appointments for 65 and over. The biggest issue here is that vaccine distributions were not done smartly based on the population able to sign up and the areas they live. In our county, we actually have plenty of vaccines because the aging population is lower. Whereas certain areas like the Grand Strand that has a lot of transplant retirees has a much higher percent of 65+ living there. DW has received both shots
  4. I hope you are right and it all works out so you can celebrate your 20th Anniversary on board. My DW and I were planning a 40th Anniversary at Disney World, but so many in the family live in states that require a 14 day quarantine if you leave and come back that we have cancelled the trip. That, and no shows or fireworks...so much of the experience. Keep smiling and being positive. It makes life much more enjoyable than being negative. Good Luck!!
  5. I would take that as the CDC believing that an innoculated person can not spread the disease. Perhaps, once vaccinated, you can not carry a high enough viral load to infect others. Sort of like the young children being unable to carry a high viral load. This could be very good news if correct.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Stay Safe!!! Let's hope cruising returns strong by the time your 2022 cruise dates arrive!
  7. That may very well be true. I guess it depends on the severity of the variants. So far in SC we have 2 cases of the B.1.351 variant (from South Africa) and no others. I think about half the states have at least 1 case of the B.1.1.7 variant (the one from the UK). How well we control these, especially until the CDC determines the impact/effect of the vaccine, will be crucial.
  8. Posted 12 hours ago on the CDC site: "So far, studies suggest that antibodies generated through vaccination with currently authorized vaccines recognize these variants." The hope would be that since they see the variants as the same disease that the end results will be very similar. I would guess that won't be known for months. But variants are not an uncommon progression of a virus, so I would assume the CDC was anticipating this.
  9. Perhaps wanted to liquidate some assets for other investment opportunities...or his kids need some walk around cash!
  10. I absolutely love that story...and as a military man by trade, I have always respected those that fought for their country and were willing to give their life. It's not a matter of which side is the "right" side but the ideal that there is something greater than oneself that is worth dying for! I salute that young man!!
  11. From what I have read, the PVSA is actually just a portion of the Jones Act that deals directly with Passenger ships. So, yeah, one could split hairs, but to be more specific you would just say the PVSA portion of the Jones Act. Personally, I got your point and thought the intent was easily understood.
  12. Good points. If that holds true, the best time to book may be as soon as they confirm a start date. Book before they get too many folks deciding to return to cruising, because a lot of folks may play the wait and see game.
  13. Nice post...appreciate it! Brings up a lot of additional questions/thoughts that certainly will be answered before cruising resumes on a large scale. Perhaps CCL has funds to survive through 2021, but how does that effect pricing once cruising restarts on a large scale? Of course the restart will be uncertain and slower than many may hope...question is, what are all the factors that need to be considered before that uncertian start can get started? I assume by "destinations being comfortable" he just means what countries/ports will be willing to accept cruise ships wha
  14. Ellie, Thanks for posting all the incredible pictures and the story about your F-I-L (I read about him in your Fiji adventure previously). I just finished reading Killing the Rising Sun and The Day the World Went Nuclear. They go very much in depth about the ebding of the war and the formal surrender on the Mighty Mo. I hope your DH is doing well as we all continue to move forward after a year of pain and dispare for so many. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with the CC crowd...and for taking me places I've never been. I hope one day to visit Pearl Harbor
  15. What a great song..."Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"...although not what you wanted to experience on your visit. Piece of trivia (at least family trivia)...the song writer was BJ Thomas and he performed that song at one of my sister's weddings back in 1978...they were good friends!
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