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  1. Not worried at all. If cruising is re-introduced in the near future, we shall adapt to however the rules are written. Enjoying oneself and one's company are all about attitude. Look at the reintroduction as something completely new and give it a shot. Don't try to compare it to anything pre-COVID because no aspect of life may ever be the same as pre-COVID. Once you give it a try, then decide on it's merits if you would crusie again. That being said, I believe cruising will potentially be better once we get past this stage in life. Perhaps less crowded...better ways to serve in the buffets...people actually being cognizant of hand washing and eliminating issues like Norovirus...who knows!!! We shall see and until then I shall stay excited about what the future brings!!
  2. Incredible pictures. And for the record, the first photo of the rock formation with the "animal" head, I thought it was a dog. But with the upclose picture, it sort of reminded me of a boar's head.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/health-expert-cruise-ship-safer-travel-coronavirus I found this article to be pretty interesting. If nothing else, it shows the Cruise Industry is at least trying to think outside the box to get cruising back on line. THoughts?
  4. Yeah, because after you walk all those flights of stairs, you get shortness of breathe and then they want to quarantine you! 🙂
  5. Those Blue Mountains are incredible. I should hope to see them one day in person. Until then, thanks for the awesome views!!
  6. I sure am glad I packed an extra cumfortable pair of shoes. Lots of walking, but sure having a grand time!!! 🙂 Thanks again for taking the time to do this and share so much with all of us!
  7. Ellie 1145: I am anxiously awaiting this cruise...I really want to spend a few weeks with you cruisong the islands! 🙂
  8. Not correct. Abbott Laboratories developed a 15 minute test in late March, but they have a higher cost. You are corrrect, though, there is also a 15 minute Anti-body test. Most places use the Antigen or Molecular tests which can take from 1 hour to a week depending on the test you use and the lab that processes it. The Antigen test is not very accurate with negatives, but extremely accurate with positives. The Molecular test is very accurate with the all tests, so would be the preferred method...and it can be done easily within an hour.
  9. I think most places are getting newer tests that can be processed faster. We just came back from 10 days in Vegas and my wife (she's a head nurse at a large clinic) had to test before she could come back to work. Test was taken Monday at 1100 and she had results this morning before 0800.
  10. A 15 minute test is widely available if you are willing to pay the price. If Cruise Lines want to entertain such a cruise, they would need to use those 15 minute tests and allow for full refunds for anyone that tests positive. If the cost was right, I'd sure entertain the possibility.
  11. That's supposed to be USC, as in University of South Carolina, cruisecrazy! LOL! By I like the idea of GB cruisecrazy...I'll pass that idea on to our British friends visiting this weekend for the 4th of July. I look forward to many more pages and lots of cool pictures!!
  12. I've just finished catching up from the time you left home until now. I'm completely exhausted (LOL) and we haven't even started the cruise yet. What an awesome adventure you are taking us all on. Thanks for your time and effort!!
  13. After reading through this thread, it seemed some folks beleive the cruise industry has little impact on ports, so those ports don't necessarily need to get back to business as usual. So, I looked up some interesting stats: European ports in 2017 (most recent numbers for an entire calendar year I could find) brought in nearly 50 billion Euros from the cruise industry. The cruise industry was responsible for over 400,000 jobs. I'm guesing those people believe the ports opening up are more critical than perhaps the average cruiser believes. A single call of a ship in the Caribbean (used 4000 passenger average) generated over $675,000 of revenue (passenger spending, crew spending, and cruise line spending). Sounds like a major impact for the Caribbean countries that are supported by the cruise lines. Just food for thought!!
  14. I think this may be a pretty accurate depection of the near future in cruising...but I offer one caveat to the 25% capacity. Let's assume before a vaccine ever gets on line (if one ever does) that an accurate anti-body test is confirmed. Yes, I know they have some now, but ,many are rather inaccurate. You can require folks to show they have the antibodies, which currently would suggest they have no real risk of catching or carrying the virus. Everything else I agree with...no self serve buffet, shorter cruises, and potentially limited shows/events...and of course use of your app to order drinks so no lines at the bars!!
  15. Yeah, I was sort of thinking out loud...things have been slow lately. Not worried about the $800. I started an E-Trade account for fun and something to do. The thought was, if my goal was to get spending money for trips, then by cashing in would I have met that goal. Wanted to get some opinions and I appreciate your statement. I really had no intention of selling unless the overall response was to sell. LOL! Yeah, I know...COVID has us all finding ways to spend our days. I shall do as you rcommend with your $.02 and hang on until either CCL goes Tango Uniform or I decide to quit cruising. Cheers!!!
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