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  1. If you ever get the chance, head to Anchorage for the Iditarod "Ceremonial Start" along C Street. They let you pay a fee and take a ride on a dog sled with one of the mushers. It's quite awesome!
  2. Exactly why we carry on bottles and pay the corkage fee. I can get a $15-$20 bottle through my wine club that they charge $50-$60 on board...so still get away with a good deal by paying that $15 fee while drinking premium wine.
  3. LOL!!! I thought the same thing...who would blow their nose into their Dinner napkin?? Pretty nasty!
  4. Definitely not consistent across the board. The 7 day Eastern Caribbean on 28 Nov is $40 a day extra for either 1 or 2 occupants. The 10 day we are doing in Jan 2023 it's $40 for either 1 or 2 occupants as well but they charge you for 2 occupants base cost then $400 for the package.
  5. WOW!! That was quite different. I got the same price when using 1 occupant and $20 a day extra for 2 occupants. That seems like a pretty nice deal.
  6. I checked some pricing and it seems like the difference is with a single occupant. All the cruises I looked at for 2 occupants was a $40 difference each.
  7. Yeah, get all of that. I had to help the DIL draw up a travel plan because they couldn't even drive through the Canadian National Parks. And like I said earlier, once they entered the Yukon they had to exit within 24 hours, to include sleep. So the question would be why the US doesn't allow the same courtesy for Canadian citizens driving to a port to leave on a ship. Seems like such an inconsistency that really has no logical reason.
  8. Thanks for the response. Hopefully they change that soon. I would think if US citizens can drive into Canada that the US wouldn't have issue for certain reasons for Canadians to drive into the US. But, I just work for a living and don't pretend to understand half the garbage our government does. Good luck!
  9. Not sure what the Borders Closed really means, because my son and DIL just traveled from Montana into Canada and drove to Alaska. They tested before they entered Canada and could not travel through the Yukon for more than 24 hours from entry until exit, but were able to travel none the less. Are you saying Canada won't let you go to the USA?
  10. I forget sometimes that inflection of words can't be properly displayed when typed. I would never purposefully offend someone.
  11. According to the CDC, mixing Pfizer and Moderna still constitutes a complete vaccination.
  12. That was tongue in cheek! Don't be so sensitive. And yes, our Government has way too many layers of bureaucratic garbage.
  13. Actually, no COVID-19 vaccines have been fully approved in the USA. All vaccines have been granted Emergency Use Authorization. AZ is not being used because the FDA has asked for results from their large scale tests. Since enough of the other vaccines are available, they have not given it emergency use authorization like the others. AZ and JJ have been shown to produce blood clots in some recipients. However, the EMA and WHO both have deemed it safe. Maybe they have less regard for their citizens...or they just have different standards than the FDA.
  14. I completely agree with that...actually 99.5% of hospitalized and deaths are unvaccinated people. But that wasn't the question. The poster said if someone is caught lying about being vaccinated they should be put off the ship (which I can also support)...but my question was how do you know they lied?? Paperwork can be faked...and because I catch the virus doesn't mean I wasn't vaccinated. Just curious how they expect that to pan out.
  15. How will they know if the passenger was lying? Asking for a friend!! You can still catch the virus after being vaccinated, so that's not in indicator. You can't get information from the passenger's medical care facility...so basically their word or some paper they present (that can be fabricated) is all they have.
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