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  1. Exactly. Besides refueling, on my Tahiti stop on the Ovation, provisions were loaded ........... you really don't want to run out of toilet paper 2 days out from Sydney! There's an international airport in Tahiti .................. there may be crew members or entertainers flying in or flying out. If there were any more illnesses, passengers may have to be transported off the ship. None of this can be accomplished in Moorea.
  2. Bora Bora is closest to Honolulu, so they can get there 4 or 5 hours earlier. Moorea is only an hour cruising from Pape'ete ..... perhaps they plan to make shorter stops at both Moorea & Pape'ete?
  3. I often read these kind of discussions for "cheap entertainment". So, compiling a pole from this blog, it appears 1/3 of the posters lament that the tote bags were better in the "old days". Well, what wasn't better in the old days, in regards to cruising, or most anything else in life. Another 1/3 say the tote bags are crappy or have too many sitting in their closet, so don't care if they're handed out. Another 1/3 say they want their bag no matter how crappy they are ............... though I don't recall anyone saying they would discontinue sailing on Celebrity because of the tote bag issue. So............ the final tally is 66 2/3 who don't care about tote bags (me included). Thus, in these times when "free" is not, it seems Celebrity would be better served to divert tote bag funds to billion dollar terminals (where we spend what, an hour?) and new headquarters for their senior execs. Have a nice day!
  4. JKHawaii

    2 one way trips

    Now that the "bigger man" has left the party, perhaps we can return to a rational discussion. Yes, I've been on a Panama Canal cruise from Miami to Los Angeles. Since South America and the ABC islands are one of the exemptions to the law, my cruise was "legit" because it stopped at Cartagena, Columbia, South America. I also did the 1-way cruise from Australia (stopping in French Polynesia) to Honolulu. I'm pretty sure Australia and the South Pacific are foreign ports. Anyway, back to the OP, the fact remains that there are NO 1-way cruises between Seattle & Alaska. And be careful when booking back-to-back cruises, because the cruise line may not initially tell you about these restrictions.
  5. JKHawaii

    2 one way trips

    Simple search may lead to Simple results. A more comprehensive search shows NO 1-way cruises from Seattle to Seward or Whittier. I am not a maritime lawyer, but it is my understanding from past issues that no foreign-flagged vessel cruise may start in one U.S. port and end in another U.S. port regardless of whether or not it visits a foreign port. A cruise must either start or end in a foreign port OR round trip from/to the same U.S. port (with at least 1 foreign port of call). People have even had problems booking back-to-back cruises. In May, the Ovation cruised from Honolulu to Vancouver. The next cruise was an Alaska cruise, starting in Vancouver and ending in Seattle. From what I remember (I was on the Ovation in Honolulu), people who booked these cruises back-to-back had to either cancel the Alaska cruise or disembark in Vancouver and travel (at their own expense) to the first port of call for the Alaska cruise. For the same reason, there are no 1-way U.S. west coast cruises to Hawaii. Maddening, yes but that's the way it seems to be.
  6. It's quite far, over 1/4 of a mile. Most of the walk is inside (temperature controlled) and there are moving sidewalks & elevators. However, the last 200 + feet to the hotel front door is outside on a regular (concrete) sidewalk.
  7. Well, it's been a few years, but when I took this excursion on Royal Caribbean, the bus dropped us off and picked us up on Calle La Rabida. In fact, if you look up the street on Google Maps, both the satelite and street views show buses parked there. Short walk to the cathedral & Alcazar .................. & 2 Starbucks (LOL)!
  8. Cruisers on the Millenium have posted that the officers related that the "Revolution" dry dock timeline was too short. Thus, some work had to be done after the drydock and some of the upgraded cabins had some flaws. So perhaps Celebrity has decided to give the Silhouette "revolution" dry dock more time. If so, anyone who scheduled a future cruise on a ship following its "revolution dry dock" could be disappointed.
  9. To simplify, EMBARKATION would be the first day of the cruise & DISEMBARKATION would be the last day of the cruise. Port stops go by ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE. Ship is normally cleared by local authorities within 30 minutes of arrival at a port & then you can leave the ship. All aboard is normally 30 minutes before departure, so if ship departs at 5 PM, all aboard would be 4:30 PM.
  10. The Epic crushed Pier 3, which is in Old San Juan. RCCL cruises originating in San Juan dock @ Pan American Pier 2 across the harbor from Old San Juan, so won't affect those cruises, ie, Freedom of the Seas. The RCCL cruises I've taken that just make a stop there have tied up to Pier 4 in Old San Juan, so hopefully little or no impact for current cruises.
  11. I don't really care about the number of bars or how weird Eden may be ................ for me, it's about simple economics. My 10-night cruise January 2020 on the Reflection is $1400 cheaper than a regular (finite?) balcony on the Edge 7-night January 2020 cruise for the two of us ........................ $1800 cheaper than an IV. I'll look at the Edge or Apex if and when the prices come down to earth.
  12. I think the theme with the Edge could be: It looks pretty, but how practical is it? Or style over substance? The much-ballyhooed designer Kelly Hoppen admitted in an Oct 2017 interview that she'd never been on a cruise. It appears the design team had photo spreads in Architectural Digest in mind rather than how many passengers will be on this cruise ship. So functionality has suffered IMHO. Look at the stateroom storage. No overhead storage above the beds ala Solstice class. Dearth of seating and tables in common areas and around the pool. Dinky pool in the solarium. I'll stick to the other Celebrity ships for now and wait for the reviews to be published and prices to come down before I try this class. In the meantime, we'll see if the younger cruise demographic Celebrity is trying to woo will take to this ship.
  13. I've had cruises canceled and itineraries changed by NCL, Celebrity, and RCCL. Thus, I have to assume all cruise lines do the same. So, applying the OP's logic, then all cruise lines would be liars. So my advice is simple: don't cruise! Also, don't fly either ................ I've had flights changed/canceled quite a few times by several airlines. If you can't bring yourself to book a cruise in the next few years with the conniving NCL (the nerve of them to actually cite a claus in the contract), either sell your CRUISENEXT certificates as suggested in previous posts, or just let it go and save yourself the stress. Just my suggestion that you asked for.
  14. I was on the Mariner during the repositioning from Dubai to Barcelona before she went on to Cadiz for her massive refurb. There were a good number of contract personnel onboard during the repositioning who worked on various projects, such as converting the Golden Room to Izumi Sushi. I assume the same thing will happen on the Ovation repo from China to Sydney (for example, restoring the Diamond Lounge). At least, I hope so, since the Ovation will be doing the Australia/Alaska rotation.
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