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  1. Do you even get your results in time for a 72 hour certificate?
  2. I called RC- and actually they are I's! I1 I2 anyway- I decided to upgrade to a d5 cabin- and it was still less than the price I was paying for a Boardwalk Balcony room.
  3. Hi! I am currently booked in a 2J Boardwalk Balcony room. I noticed on my sailing the price of a 1J Boardwalk balcony room is around $225 cheaper. I am wondering what is the difference. I am not finding much.
  4. Battery Operated Tea Candles as Nightlights Poo-Pourri/Lysol Spray Lysol/Clorox Wipes Airborne Imodium Battery Operated fan Travel Alarm Clock
  5. We are on the Symphony sailing that goes on November 3. I am looking forward to it!
  6. I think that's nice! I like it. Just get a shot of vodka to go and add it to the drink....
  7. Where did you find this? I've tried everywhere to change my free gifts from Regular Coke to Coke zero, and was totally unaware of these other items. I am Diamond +.
  8. I totally thought it was a joke and they put Mr. Rogers face on! OMG!
  9. I never got so sea sick in my life until I did this. It makes me queasy just thinking about it. 🤮
  10. We did early bird and valet. We got A26, A27 for Harmony this past October.
  11. I think it varies from ship to ship. I did karaoke on Harmony and all of the videos were from youtube. They were having internet problems, and so it would go out when people were singing. I thought it was odd format to use.
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