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  1. My biggest tip is to get on the island as early as possible. I was sitting at Oasis Lagoon by 8:30 with a few people. It was quiet and empty. Around 10, the invasion began with children and families. I was ready to go back to the ship by 12!
  2. i hope they don't put them as the Aft cabins
  3. No price drop for me too, including my 2021 cruise. Oh well
  4. Another vote for Hyatt House. Nothing better than waking up and seeing your ship from your window.
  5. I didn't get the email for the change, or the solution to the change. I am booked for 2021, is that why?
  6. I got the boardwalk balcony room because of the free soda package. I have Oasis booked for 2021. If I wanted to go with the Ocean balcony it is $300 more.
  7. Totally agree- It is best to book as early as you can to get the best deals!
  8. I lease my vehicle so driving is not an option. Here is the price I got with the Diamond Plus Discount. Way over priced. But again, that is my opinion. Especially when you go an extra day on Explorer for less. This is the cheapest balcony like above with D+ discount. I could fly and break even then.
  9. I priced the 8 night Southern and it was $3300 for a Obstructed View balcony for 2. When Quantum came out, I booked the first 12 night cruise in the same category and it was $300 less. I also could drive to the port. With this cruise I would have to fly. Not worth it IMO.
  10. Well that confirms what I am doing in Costa Rica in March. Thank You for the video!!!
  11. Favorite- Serenade- Going on her for my 5th time in March. Least Favorite- Grandeur- The boat creaked at every wave, and it just felt tired.
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