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  1. i did majestic twice in alaska. First time i've ever sailed the same ship twice. I found it really nice to be able to have a hot noodle soup dish on the open deck during the colder days compared to pizza. There is still pizza at alfredos, room service, and the buffet.
  2. I definitely got a good chuckle reading your first post, well done! Op, i was on breakaway july 2023. The ship is perfectly fine and never had an issue with overcrowding or quality of the product. my only complaint about the breakaway class (been on Getaway too) is they place the damn customer service desk next to a large main gathering point. It gets loud and it's hard to yell at the customer service reps about not having 3 turndown services that day.
  3. hey did this one last summer and it was pretty good. you're on a fast RIB boat that sprints across the inlet. On googlemaps look for Castello di Lerici as the launchpoint and you go to Porta del Borgo and back. The ride goes fast so if you have any back issues, try to sit at the back and not the front
  4. This is going to be odd for people on Majestic as their pool area doesn't have a quick serve pizza but a noodle bar instead. The buffet didnt have pizza so the only option for such is in Alfredos.
  5. Yes, imessaging works without paying for any internet/ncl app messaging service. We may want to remove these posts though in case an NCL exec is perusing these boards and locks this function out! 😛
  6. if your going to walk down later in the day, keep in mind, the poo dries up and becomes airborne like ash. It was quite disgusting at times as it gets in your mouth and eyes! If you plan on walking down think about bringing a mask (everyone surely has these from the pandemic) or the old western scarf thingies. also bring sunglasses or protect your eyes from it. This is coming from someone who walked both up and down (1pm walk up and 7pm walk down back on July 17th)
  7. Did Santorini on Breakaway the other week (july 18thish) and it was a zoo since our ship was coming in at 1pm. There are water taxi's that'll take you to other parts of the island but getting back is a pain. There should be no reason why any cruise line that has a ship greater than 2k pax should port here. my brother and i ended up walking up the steps (I a 250 pound guy), and then walking back down when we saw the lineup of 2.5+ hour wait. It's 1312 vertical feet (400 meters), which is equivelant to walking to the tippytop of the eiffel tower (81 story building). If you are going to do it, take a rest at each hairpin and bring lots of water. My brother and i finished it in ~30 minutes but give yourself an hour After getting back to the ship, i watched the timing of the cable cars. It takes 2.5 minutes for one side to enter the top, exit, and get to the bottom. That means for MAX 36 pax (not always full), * 24 runs = 864 hourly capacity. when there are 3-4 cruise ships including a megaship, that could be a 4 hour wait.
  8. Northstar, did it this week. Make sure your phone is charged up because you dont want to miss filming some of the sights. I got a front row seat to myself! amazing once in a lifetime experience
  9. painters tape or electrical tape works. i just got off majestic today after sailing it last july and brought a roll. easy to apply and take off
  10. wow they brought in tables and chairs for the double down! it was a big empty space when i went in July and those tv's were never turned on. Hoping they're going to play some hockey playoffs next week or two
  11. sailed last july and will be on it again next week. Good Spirits was okay and its impeded by a lot of tables in the open atrium etc the bar at the back during warmer days in Alaska was nice, especially having the open air. Alternatively in the Hollywood conservatory and pool area was really good as its the most open area still covered and heated on colder days
  12. did you book it as B2B or as a 14 day trip? I did a 14 day exactly like yours last year in July on Majestic. They counted it as two 7 day trips (northbound and southbound) but we didnt have to change rooms and Whittier was treated like a normal port day. If in doubt, give princess a call and confirm you are on the 14 day round trip so they will block you in the same room for both halves
  13. Booked my cruise on Monday that leaves on May 5th, submitted the shareholder benefit on Tuesday and the cruise itenerary was recent within 2 hours with the OBC added
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