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  1. I miss being rocked to sleep at night. This last cruise we were in the Caribbean and had the door open while we fell asleep too It's currently in the negative temperature range here; I could use an open balcony door and gentle waves to lull me to sleep these days
  2. I agree with post #380. We never cared who the captain was, until we had Captain Tuvo on the first 7d Caribbean sailing of the Sky Princess. We did the 3 day inaugural sailing prior to that and enjoy it, but LOVED sailing with Captain Bye Bye We hope to sail with him again some day
  3. I am wondering the same thing. If the prices don't subsequently drop, we'll probably cancel and wait or rebook on a similar, less expensive sailing. We specifically booked as we wanted to be on the new ship. We did the B2B on the Sky Princess when it came to FLL and loved the experience and was hoping for a similar experience. Not going to happen on the B2B Regal
  4. We had the same medallion on our B2B sailings on the Sky last December. We changed Captain's Circle levels between the two sailings- they changed the signage outside our room, but not the medallions- we could have a sticker to cover the old with the new color if we wanted, but figured no one cares but us
  5. I've been wondering the same things; we've got B2B sailings booked on her December 2020, the first of the Caribbean salings
  6. We chatted with her a bit as we switched from Ruby to Platinum on our December back to back cruises, which the system didn't automatically do while onboard. She got it all taken care of quickly, as well as invites for things that we didn't realize were part of the perks. We saw her multiple times over the rest of the 2nd sailing, always seemed really pleasant and helpful
  7. We enjoyed meeting up with everyone as well. Especially enjoyed the M&G on the 8th, Captain Tuvu is a hoot. We ran into him multiple times over the week, and he was great every time. Even caught him busing tables in the piazza prior to his coffee with the captain Safe travels to all in your future cruising. It'll unfortunately be another couple years before we get to head out again 😞
  8. We have these and had a LOT of people on our recent cruise interested in them. We did see quite a few folks with the wrist bands they sell as well. On that note, we know of at least 2 folks that lost their medallions while out snorkeling, using the purchased Princess wristbands. Ours stayed nice and secure in these holders
  9. FYI (I'm sure you know this as we were just on the Sky together, but for others reading the thread)- the Medallions themselves are magnetic. Ours are stuck to the fridge right now 🙂
  10. There's mixed reports from people calling the call center prior to sailing. If you read the fine print, in the description of the soda plan, it lists that includes Coke Freestyle machines (where available)
  11. My answer was in regards to the Sky Princess, I thought someone had asked who her captain was
  12. Just disembarked her yesterday. Captain Tuvu, a.k.a Captain Bye Bye is at the helm
  13. 5 Skies had the aerial acts as well We saw both, really liked Rock Opera Liked the efforts that went into 5 Skies, but wasn't our cup of tea (and both of us are gamers) We enjoyed the Henson Silliness, but wasn't quite what I expected. I'm a Muppet fan though
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