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  1. When we used it at LAX, we never saw our bag again until we arrived at the cabin. Just a heads up as well, depending on what time you arrive and the boarding time, you may be taken to a local hotel to wait. And wait. And wait. We flew in the morning of our cruise on an early flight (in case there was problems), landing around 9am (I think) and were taken to a nearby hotel, where they initially had some snacks out. We sat there until probably 1ish before they boarded us for the ship. We basically sat on the hotel floor and napped, as there wasn't enough seating. If we had to do it again, I think we would have taken a cab (not sure Uber/Lyft was around then) to the pier, ditched our luggage, and went sightseeing so we didn't fall asleep
  2. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  3. On a related note, how close to expiration do you renew? We have a cruise booked for December 2019, and mine expires in July. And thank you caribil and pcur for the info on Global Entry; Pcur- did you have to update in person, or did you find a way online/over the phone? dogdoc2002
  4. Anyone else here checking out the new ship on the first week-long Caribbean sailing? dogdoc2002
  5. We did LAX to San Pedro several years ago. We had to fly out the morning of the cruise, so we took the early morning flight and opted for the transfer through Princess since they'd handle the luggage. We assumed we'd be taken to the ship as soon as they started boarding- we were wrong. We were taken to a hotel down from the airport (cant recall, maybe the Hilton), I'm guessing one they used for those doing overnight stays with Princess as well. They had some refreshments out and we could get our boarding stuff all taken care of, which was nice. And then we sat. And sat. And sat some more. I think we got picked up just before 9, didn't leave for the ship somewhere between 2:30 and 3 if memory serves me right. There was limited seats- my wife and I sat on the floor nodding off for hours. And the aforementioned refreshments were very limited, and by lunchtime we were starving (we had left our home around 3:30 that morning to head to the airport)- the only food on site we could locate readily was a Starbucks in the hotel lobby. I would have rather taken an Uber to the pier and dropped our gear off, toured the battleship next door, and wandered somewhere for lunch/boarded the ship Just my/our nickles worth
  6. Yes, the Denali tours all use school buses, and the road does wind. It's paved as far as the Natural History Tour goes, then gravel Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  7. Call the DINE line when you board to sign up- depending on how many sign up, they may draw names to see who gets to go. I think it's around $95 or $100 pp; it was one of the best meals we've ever had dogdoc2002
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses. If we do UBD, we do have adjoining cabins that I'm hoping the door can be opened between. Not sure if that will help or not yet, haven't sailed on the Coral before. We both have standard balcony cabins. dogdoc2002
  9. We're sailing in a little over a week. My in-laws are joining us on this cruise an will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. I'd like to take them to the chef's table (if we can get in) otherwise one of the specialty restaurants or the UBD. If we sign up for the chef's table, do we put our cabin down for 4 people, or do they need the names/cabins for all 4 of us? Same for the others (I'm almost positive we paid for Sabatini's for all 4 us when we sailed 6 years ago, but cannot remember for sure). I know we could always put an onboard credit on their cabin, but I'd rather have it all just come to us in the first place. Thanks, dogdoc2002
  10. Thanks. I thought they had a downloadable letterhead like they used to with the door signs. It let me copy and paste the image into the letter. dogdoc2002
  11. Where did you get the CruiseCritic letterhead for the invites? I can't find it on the website Thanks, dogdoc2002
  12. We're staying at the Days Inn Downtown Vancouver pre-cruise in a few weeks. Does anyone have suggestions for a decent breakfast with in reasonable walking distance? My in-laws will be with us, and MIL has bad knees, not sure how much walking she'll be up for. Nothing in particular in mind for breakfast (personally my least favorite meal of the day, but if I could score good Poutine out of the deal, I'd be happy) Thanks, dogdoc2002
  13. Thanks everyone for the responses. It's for a Flovent inhaler, so I don't think it's over the counter (they come as in metered 120 dose inhalers). I've had clients go to get some meds before (to Ontario), but that was a pill form medication And sadly doggie is not joining us on the cruise. Someone has to hold to fort down on the home front dogdoc2002
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