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  1. I’m having the same problem... I can’t log into MVJ at all... our British Isles Explorer Cruise for August 2021 is not on the “main” website either...makes me really nervous...we got cancelled from Viking Sun when it went to China...before the website went down we were flying to Croatia rather than London and we didn’t have a cabin number...we’ve been so focused on this cruise...I’m really hoping it really is website and not another cancellation...I want to go have a drink in the Explorers Lounge and watch the world! Could they be reloading excursions? That’s what I was hoping at first... now
  2. Ok....just heard this morning...Dr Fauci is saying it’s “common sense” that there is a very little chance that the virus is transmittable outside and particularly between vaccinated people...mask mandates may be modified by the CDC this week...also, EU will open to vaccinated US travelers this summer...yes! Let’s get social again! This is GREAT NEWS! The US will start sharing vaccines with India! The numbers of new cases are dropping in Georgia and the SE...I’m just so glad that the doom and gloom is lifting...I’m ready for positive news!
  3. Just hoping our vaccine distribution continues at the recent great rate...I’d really like the world get back to normal...I do think that we, as a population have become hysterical about the virus overall...we failed to protect the most vulnerable to the virus at the beginning and we imposed restrictions on the entire population as a knee-jerk response. I’ll wear the mandated masks, but I honestly do believe that as the population is vaccinated, (as the SCIENCE recommends) we need to stop the show and allow business, travel and social interaction recover...it’s my opinion that we are prolonging
  4. We’ve gotten masks that say “For Government Use Only”...vaccinated people do NOT need masks.... it’s all for show...
  5. Thanks! The puppy has grown (Lhasa Apso)... I’d be delighted with that tour! It’s my music! I understand that U K will likely open May 17.... maybe after that date we will hear more! I’d love to get a “regular” Cruise thread started, but....I almost think waiting until 5/17 will be the best thing to do... I’m just antsy....
  6. Hi All - I don’t know if anyone knows anything at this point (Covid and all)...we are booked for British Isles Explorer in August...it may be one of the first “regular” cruises that have not been cancelled. I look everyday to see what is happening with excursions...we typically enjoy the optional excursions rather than the included and we are anxiously awaiting the descriptions of the excursions...we are 113 days out. Maybe some folks who have experienced some of the British Isles excursions would talk about the ones they went on and opine on whether or not they can happen in the li
  7. This weekend our deviation flight to Paris was cancelled! I guess the EU will not be open by August of this year. We cancelled our Pre-Cruise plans in Paris and we will fly into London on the same day as our cruise....watching the news this morning and they are saying that the UK will be requiring a “Vaccine Passport” (they may call it something else) guess that answers the question...Viking does not have to require the passport...the country you are going to will require it!
  8. Hi thanks for the Explorers Lounge photos....I love ‘em! Just yesterday we found out our flight to Paris (deviation) was cancelled (Lufthansa from Atl to Frankfurt to Paris). Flights to the EU are getting cancelled. The EU is not doing well with the virus/vaccine. I asked about doing the pre-excursion to London, but the sweet agent at Viking Air said they recommend flying in the same day as the cruise.....so....the whole “bubble” concept seems to be what’s going to happen...The agent and I, just in casual conversation said there was not much worry about the UK because the US and UK
  9. Hi everyone...just stumbled into the Explorers Lounge ...ready for a glass of wine and watching the world go by...We are booked for August THIS YEAR! I’m keeping my fingers crossed...I don’t have much hope of our Paris deviation, but according to some announcements we could hear by mid-May. I really think the UK will open especially to vaccinated travelers. I just love how this thread started...tell me more! We’ve done Viking River and loved it...this will be our first Viking Ocean.. Viking Venus....we’ve looked at every photo available on line...We think we know our way around the ship based
  10. Hi All....I’ve just been reading all of these comments...I found it funny that there were few/none “anti-Vaxer” calls to TellUS...I agree wholeheartedly with the points made... Our demographic is probably less likely to try to “fake” proof of vaccine The majority of us went to elementary school in the 60s and 70s...they lined us up and gave us our shots! Polio was virtually wiped out! If Viking is afraid of law-suits if they change from “testing only” to requiring vaccines, they need to do a cost benefit analysis measuring the loss of business against the potential loss of t
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