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  1. OP, you state "I’m not trying to get anything for nothing" but these two phrases say it all: "At most they'd want to bring their own drink and sit in the lounge before dinner" (NOT allowed) "Be with us in some common areas occasionally" (NOT allowed)
  2. I believe Escape is scheduled to alternate Eastern/Western from Port Canaveral late fall.
  3. Poffles: NCL cancelled my cruise, I did not. Had still planned on going when I got the email.
  4. I was told yesterday that the FCCs will not be available until 10-12 business days AFTER your scheduled sail date. In your case, the earliest the FCC will be available will be April 3rd. I'm in the same position as I had a cruise scheduled for 3/21 and have to wait also.
  5. Pastrami dumplings and pork cutlet (tonkatsu) are both amazing!
  6. Just off Getaway and the Haven bar opened around 6:00 a.m. each morning.
  7. I stand corrected. We did reverse in.
  8. I was on board also and according to the captain what happened was that when attempting to dock, one of the fenders on the pier broke making it impossible to complete the procedure on that side of the pier -- not a "collision". An Oceania ship was also at HC that day and they had to tender their guest to the island.
  9. On Escape in December Bulleit was the only bourbon included in the regular package. Everything else was an upcharge.
  10. After many complaints NCL increased the time to book and take the cruise to two years but -- shocker! -- the website is incorrect.
  11. What Roger001 said! I have been Ambassador for over one year and will likely not ever book my "free" cruise. I sail solo most of the time and the one time I did call to potentially book -- and also wanted to upgrade to Haven -- I was quoted over $8,000 because they were going to add the single supplement! 😯 The 8K of course did not include any perks so by the time I would have added in a beverage and dining package for a 7-day cruise it would be closer to 9K. Absurd. I would also have to pay double taxes etc in the "free" balcony. I too believe that if you are only getting the ONE free cruise in a LIFETIME, it should be a suite as a thank you. When I made it to Ambassador level, I never even got a form letter acknowledging the achievement. Occasionally at the Latitude party the Cruise Next host might mention it but that's it as far as any recognition goes. The definition of Ambassador is "a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity". I've always thought NCL should use their Ambassadors as true loyalist representatives. Give us a unique looking key card so when others see it they might ask questions and we can promote the brand. It's free marketing for NCL, an opportunity they have missed.
  12. No auto roulette or Top Dollar machine but yes there are video poker machines at the bar.
  13. If you are in the GV the limo is post-cruise from pier to airport with a 25 mile limit. Also if you are Elite tier level with Casinos at Sea you are offered free limo service to/from the pier.
  14. Update for Encore: there is a designated smoking area for Haven guests on deck 19 forward starboard side.
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