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  1. On Escape in late January prime rib was advertised there on the first night of the cruise.
  2. No lobster in the MDR but Ocean Blue/Bayamo both serve lobster (grilled or steamed for $22.99/$24.99) and also lobster tails as add-ons to any entree ($15 each).
  3. While the menu remains the same for day and evening (late night menu has burgers, dogs, wings), there is usually a different soup each day, some quite good. The fajitas are one of my favorite items.
  4. RCCL extended their tier benefits through March 31, 2022 and we're all hoping NCL will follow suit.
  5. Currently both Joy and Escape are picking up crew and are scheduled to be in Florida late December. Do not take that to mean cruising will start up then. There is going to be extensive training as well as learning new protocols and dealing with the CDC in preparation for future cruising. With Covid numbers rising significantly especially in Florida, I would not expect that to happen any time in the near future sadly.
  6. Initial start-up, at least through first quarter 2021, will be just a few ships and they will sail only from Florida. According to the article below "no cruise visitors until the second half of 2021. https://cruise.blog/2020/05/hawaii-estimates-no-cruise-visitors-until-late-2021
  7. Bear in mind also that once cruises resume, disembarkation times will likely be staggered over several hours in order to avoid the usual crush of passengers leaving the ship. Only time will tell if that would happen in April but I would err on the side of caution.
  8. I have never heard of free transfers for any cabin other than the Garden Villas. Exception: if you are at Elite level with the casino you are entitled to private complimentary car service regardless of cabin category.
  9. This is a "mini" drydock for maintenance and cleaning. The big one will be in May 2021.
  10. Butlers and concierges have never been included in the daily service charges so I'm not sure why you are suddenly surprised.
  11. You say the same thing almost every week -- pure speculation.
  12. How could anyone requalify by 3/31/21 if no one has sailed? It would makes sense that CAS allow everyone to keep their tier status through March 2022 as Royal has already announced.
  13. No private passage to the Haven on Escape from deck 16 spa cabins. You can either walk up one flight from the inside hallway adjacent to the cabins or go outside and walk up one flight there. Either way Haven is very close.
  14. I have heard that an announcement may be coming this week (likely on the 10th).
  15. Yes you can; your travel agent should be able to easily handle this for you.
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