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  1. I too had Covid and yes a cold was worse for me. I still got jabbed. Frankly i will juggle bowling pins with my feet while standing on my head in a circle of fire if it helps get back to cruising!!
  2. Whole Family has them and just renewed sons for 10 years now that he is 18. What I always get a laugh out of is that the Passport is an official Government document that shows you are a citizen of Canada that cant be used as one of the official Government documents for citizenship you require to renew you passport.😏
  3. My first is coming Sunday at noon!!
  4. The media gave up presenting anything indifferently a long time ago and when someone challenged them on it they attacked like sharks in blood infested waters.
  5. Sad to think of the effort that went into the 3rd newcomer vs the first two that have been around forever. Maybe we could cure those too with the same effort?
  6. Exactly! The fastest way to totally stop a virus in its tracks without widespread vaccinations is complete total shutdown, period. We will never get total shutdown because we have a Democratic society. If we cant have total shutdown then we need to accept there will be spread, there will be mutations leading to more spread, and there will be many many more deaths. We destroyed the Worlds economy and millions of peoples lives doing it half way and where are we at the end of the day. Here arguing over whether one sector of the economy should be totally kept from recovering because we dont wa
  7. Apparently only certain evidence is evidence these days.
  8. Origin of Virus is confirmed as fact to be China. Happy to listen to your explanation of how it got spread World Wide without International Air Travel in such a short time period. Contact Tracing depends on the persons memory of where and what they were doing, what they touched, who they stood next to, etc etc etc 2 weeks prior. There are literally 10's if not 100's of thousands of cases where people have no idea how they got it. Im not talking about spread once it hit the ground but from the initial point of release. Which is also confirmed to have been Air Passenger Travel both in the
  9. Ok but your comparison was on how one was needed and one wasnt and my point was the one that you said was needed was the primary cause of spread. If the entire World economy could be shut down over the virus im not convinced a couple of trips by business people would carry the day. Not if Air Travel is shut down Internationally which is what i said. Theres too much "oh well we cant do that because" when it comes to the response to this virus. China did not have that issue now did it.
  10. How it could have come and how it did are two different things. Really? I suppose the fish is valid but that is some mighty big stretching. Gophers could have burrowed their way here from China too i guess. Lets not be too hasty to blame Air Travel is that what your defense is?🙄
  11. Sorry but No, Flying Internationally is not a necessity, people just think it is. If we had truly wanted to stop the spread of a virus that should have been the very first place to start in order to block it from coming into the country. Again, as i have stated before, this virus did not swim to the US and Canada. It doesnt have wings, and it didnt come here by Cruise Ship. It came by Air and continues to come in by Air. As it can be attributed to the #1 vehicle for spread of a virus in this day and age World wide that should have been the very first thing shut down and kept down to make
  12. They may have been a big factor to spread of disease on board when there was no clear understanding of this new virus however they were NOT a big factor in the spread of this disease through the remainder of the world. They majority of spread was caused by Air Travel passengers returning on International flights. A situation that is still happening with respect to the new variants and still being ignored. The Cruise lines were a very small percentage of transmission at the beginning and cannot be attributed to the 2nd or 3rd wave of spread that is prevalent today since there has been no sai
  13. My first dose is booked for Sunday!!! Our Province has just taken another step back with new restrictions based on the variant cases now BUT they have changed our reopen plan from Numbers in Hospital to Number of Vaccinated People as they are predicting 72% of our population will be vaccinated by Sept. And i truly miss the great food and fun atmosphere as well.
  14. Why is the CDC requiring different rules for this segment of the Travel Industry vs other segments? I guarantee if you had different requirements demanded of you vs what your neighbor was being asked you would find it difficult too. What does the fact that the Cruise Companies are registered corporations outside of the US have anything at all to do with it? Their HQ's are based in the US, they have a ton of Infrastructure in the US and they directly and indirectly contribute to huge numbers of employment and tax revenue. There are 1000's of people who fly in to the US for Cruise departures
  15. Uhmmm the cruise lines??? Given that the CDC took close to 8 months to go from Step 1 to Step 2 after it only took the cruise lines 6 weeks to have Step 1 completed and given that there is only 12 months to the year and we are 4 months in AND that the Cruise lines have already stated Phase 2 is unworkable in its released form I dont see how a " mid summer thing may happen" if the CDC sticks to their pace. But i love your optimism!!
  16. Great! and uh when would that be? If you continue to believe that the CDC is working towards a restart prior to COVID being a non threat anymore your only kidding yourself. I agree with the one article I read that the "Conditional Sail Order" is essentially a "NO SAIL ORDER" dressed up in wrapping paper to look nice. Cruising has been paused for well over a year based on useless out of date data while the Airlines that continue to bring us variants from other countries are allowed to carry on like nothings changed.
  17. And now so has CLIA and a Port CEO
  18. Honestly cant tell by your writing 😉
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