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  1. Am unclear about the dead in the water part? You left at 1:30 and 2 hrs later (3:30) were told you had a propulsion problem and then 2 hours later (5:30) you were told another 2 hours (7:30) and you should be under way again. how long after 3:30 until you were you dead in the water?
  2. May be lots of kids but at least a third of them wont go to the kids clubs maybe more.
  3. ya nope no offers either those come from the Players Club mostly. Although in fairness to the original question posted i was surprised by my PVP once when he called after i requested a new PVP.
  4. We always used to do set times but now we do YTD as it allows greater flexibility around show times and how we are feeling that day. The reason people talk about inconsistancy is that you do not get the same servers every night unless you specify that so therefore inconsistant service as not every server is alike. They do tend to not mention that part of it when they mention it consistantly. Wait times can vary widely DEPENDING on the time you book. BUT you have multiple different choices that you can book vs just the MDR so just adjust where you want to eat.
  5. simple way to check just look at your luggage tags and it should say Priority on them.
  6. yes this. You cant stay but you can drop and go.
  7. 5 of my offers every month are for free cabins on Australian cruises. I think they have lots of capacity there as they are mostly older ships and they are just trying to fill them. I would love to do one but to travel that far at that cost it would need to be for longer than i have vacation days for. But definitely a retirement bucket lister.
  8. You want one company to stop sharing your information? Tell me, how did you get the rest of the Internet to stop sharing your data?? Do you request this on every site or for every company you visit or whos services you use? Just Curious. I mean I even THINK about looking at something online and ive got tons of ads/emails/etc about what i was thinking about lol
  9. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY uhh whatever you want to do 🙂
  10. DOH!!! sorry pardon its early and i need more coffee
  11. You go there to get the vouchers for the wine Please collect your wine package coupons at Cherry on Top for redemption at Main Bars, Specialty Dining Restaurants or any of our Dining Rooms.
  12. yes it can just looking at it for our upcoming cruise.
  13. Based on your speculation if a travel agent sold you tickets to Cuba and you were assaulted in Cuba then the travel agent would be liable? For all those who dont read the cruise contract... 12. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, SHORE EXCURSIONS, AND OTHER SERVICES (a) Guest acknowledges that all shore excursions/tours (whether conducted in the water, on land or by air), airline flights and ground transportation, as well as the ship’s physician, and on board concessions (including but not limited to, the gift shops, spa, beauty salon, fitness center, golf and art programs, video/snorkel concession) are either operated by or are independent contractors. Guest understands and accepts that Carnival may prohibit Guest from going ashore in any port of call, and/or or limit Guests going ashore to specific activities or excursions authorized by Carnival, for public health-related reasons in its sole discretion. Even though Carnival shall be entitled to collect a fee and earn a profit from the ticketing or sale of such services by such persons or entities, Carnival neither supervises nor controls their actions, nor makes any representation either expressed or implied as to their suitability.
  14. We enjoy the Panorama too been on her 3 times now.
  15. I thought it was before/up to final payment date but could be wrong.
  16. I guess if your willing to pay the extra fines and fees its all good then.
  17. If your feeling like a road trip Grande Prairie Alberta is only 1808 miles away.
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