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  1. No the 3 week guideline was the minimum wait time before the next recommended dose. They had extended the second dose out to 3 months but with new research they say it can be extended out to 4 months between shots. This will ensure maximum coverage in short period of time vs allocating supplies to second doses first and delaying rollout to next stage if there is a shortage of supply. (So the Science Says 😬)
  2. Our Provincial govt announcement yesterday states that everyone in Alberta should have thier first shot by end of June if supply is not interrupted and is delivered on time. However they are moving to a 4 month wait between 1st and 2nd shots so full immunization probably wont be until Oct-Nov still. Will take it regardless.
  3. As I understand it there are only a few people that are problematic to some books. Most people arent.😏
  4. yes those three days were the best werent they? 😏🤣
  5. oh not since it was built but they did a series of videos of the public spaces during construction i thought?
  6. Am i thinking of something else? I could have sworn there were a bunch of video Tours posted with Heald about various parts of the ship? Try that video place on the net.😏
  7. no worries lol its not like i havent done that as well a time or two
  8. I think perhaps @firefly333 read vacation timeline instead of vaccination timeline?
  9. Really? I would assume with an extra 20 million doses coming to Canada that it will increase my Province's allocation. More vaccines = more people vaccinated sooner which should translate into my Segment of the population getting a shot sooner than the Sept-Oct timeslot we are in now. No?
  10. Now that Canada has approved the Astra Zeneca vaccine and purchased 20 million doses this add to our previous two approved vaccines and i am hopeful my estimated vaccination timeline of Sept-Oct can be moved up. Crossing my fingers.
  11. Actually I didnt miss the point but in ANY case what people who spread and support the "interest free loan narrative cant seem to wrap their heads around is that Carnival HAS YOUR MONEY when you book a cruise period. With regard to burning it on future cash disbursements there are simple basic accounting practices that people are ignoring. Im pretty confident this is not a pyramid scheme but if folks have actual evidence to the contrary please share. Any time someone puts a deposit on a cruise(or any other item) there is no guarantee the cruise wont be cancelled or rescheduled so you have tw
  12. Strange I got an entirely different outlook from that video.....🤔
  13. This seems to indicate a shift from getting back right away to waiting for vaccines to be more widespread prior to startup.
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