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  1. Welll i dont gamble a ton but i do play in the Casino most every day usually a 100 dollars a day and I get a ton of Casino offers. Which is ok i guess since they seem to be cheaper than even early saver fares for the most part.
  2. I will have my two weeks on the Inaugural TA of the Celebration cant wait to experience ever bit of her.
  3. They have some negative side effects in some people. I wouldnt say they have a lot. I would rather have 80-90% protection than none at all especially when the number 1 side effect of the virus could be death. Will worry about the others after i ensure my capability to keep breathing. I laugh every time i see mention of side effects. Has anyone ever listened to Tv ads about medications in the US? Takes 2 minutes of a 2.5 minute commercial to list all the possible side effects and people are worried about 2 or 3 rare side effects for the vaccine? AND THOSE ARE APPROVED MEDICATIONS!!! Everyo
  4. Seems to be what we are being told so why does that not translate into action with respect to what we are "allowed" to do as vaccinated individuals.
  5. Court unblocks order lifting CDC virus rules on cruise ships Pandemic restrictions on Florida-based cruise ships are no longer in place under a Friday ruling by a federal appeals court, while the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seek to fight a Florida lawsuit challenging the regulations. A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had temporarily blocked a previous ruling last Saturday that sided with Florida officials, but the court reversed that decision on Friday, explaining that the CDC failed to demonstrate an entitlement to a stay p
  6. Well first of all if your only allowing Fully vaccinated individuals to cross your statement about "greater number of potentially infectious people" flies in the face of what we are being told about being vaccinated. and secondly basically your saying the US doesnt have the capability or resources to open their side at the same time as Canada because we have ever so many more resources at our disposal. But they may have it on Aug 21 which is 12 days after we open our side to them. 👍 got it. You still havent addressed why your Govt feels its safer for their citizens to come our way and not as
  7. oh ok so on board is 60 and pre booking one at a time works out to 68? thanks
  8. Yes but they were Orange until all the crew was considered fully vaccinated.
  9. This is obviously a moot point since they have restarted in both States with no issues by asking people to volunteer it and not requiring it so its useless to keep pointing it out.
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