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  1. dctravel

    Corkscrew question

    You can also ask your steward for a cork screw. We always bring screw top bottles that are fancier just to make it easier!
  2. dctravel

    Homewood Suites French Quarter

    The Sheraton is probably my favorite of the big hotels in New Orleans. It is very large (and tall), but if you can get a room on the river side, has amazing views of the river (and the cruise ships!). Even though it is big, it has a New Orleans charm that I find lacking at the Hilton Riverfront or the Marriott. I also agree that it is centrally convenient, with a cross the street walk to Royal Street (my favorite street it the FQ for live music and art galleries). The Homewood Suites is newer, a few blocks north of the main part of the FQ. It also has breakfast included, which is something the Sheraton does not. That said, if the price is right, I will almost always choose the Sheraton over its competitors, as I love those views! dctravel
  3. Oh know! Sorry you were treated that way. Following for a review of my favorite ship!
  4. dctravel

    Any tips on getting FTTF?

    I was just able to grab FTTF for my cruise next August. Unfortunately, I was only able to get it for one of my two cabins, so now I have to re-stalk for the other. I have plenty of time of course, but annoyed that it sold out again between my transactions. I actually called to ask if I could buy both at one, and the answer seems to be know. You can only buy for one cabin at a time. Must be in separate transactions. Anyone heard otherwise?
  5. dctravel

    Got my first upgrade fairy visit......EVER

    Which cruise are you on in August 2019? We are on the Aug 17 Southern Caribbean and just got an "upgrade" offer for only one of our cabins. In this case, we have chosen inside rooms on deck 10, and the update is to an ocean view room on deck 2 (for $124). I'm passing, as we purposely choose our rooms for location, only one cabin was offered, and I don't consider deck 2 an update, even though it is from interior to ocean view. Either way, I am excited the cruise, even with it 290+ days away
  6. dctravel

    Carnival Magic - August 17, 2019

    Thank you! We have been on the Magic before, willing to go again because we had such a good time, and this particular itinerary (Southern Caribbean) is one I have always wanted to do. I tried to make this a roll call, but obviously failed. I even tried to follow CC's directions! If anyone know how to make that happen, please let me know, because obviously I missed something in the creation process!
  7. dctravel

    cruise ship sail & snorkel tour

    Following, although not on Celebrity, but something we are considering too :).
  8. I do not know of any either. I will say that virtually any hotel in the French Quarter, Central Business District, or warehouse/convention center area is an easy cab ride (or Uber/Lyft) from the airport. Cabs are a fixed price of $36 for either 1 or 2 people or $15 pp for 3 or more. The ride from those hotels to the port is also a flat rate of $8 pp (maybe a little less for Uber/Lyft).
  9. dctravel

    Hotel view

    Farther away, so the view is more limited, but my favorite view hotel in New Orleans is the Sheraton. Get a room up high facing the river and you will be able to see the ships past the Convention Center :).
  10. dctravel

    Where to go for jazz

    Do note that while Preservation Hall is wonderful, it is not a bar and does not serve alcohol. It is strictly a concert venue. That said, Preservation Hall Jazz Band (or All Stars) are always a great choice.
  11. We are all signed up for the August 17, 2019 Carnival Magic Southern Caribbean adventure! It might be a long time away now, but we cannot wait :).
  12. Stay on Canal. It is much closer to the action for everything non-cruise related. No matter where you stay you will likely take a cab to the port, so I would stay in the better location for your pre-cruise fun. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. dctravel

    Magic Suites with 4 people

    I misspoke, a suite is $1500 more. A balcony is $600. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. We have been on a few cruises with the kids and have always stayed in an inside cabin(with two Pullman’s). This has always been fine, but thinking about a cruise in 2019 and getting a little more space. Smaller suites are about $600 more than an inside cabin, but would require one kid to sleep in a sofa. How comfortable is the sofa? Is there $600 worth of extra space in the cabin? Thanks for your thoughts! Dctravel Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. dctravel

    Any recommendations for drinks?

    I second the alchemy bar. They will make all kinds of interesting, whisky based concoctions. No need to necessarily deviate from what you love. Sent from my iPhone using Forums