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  1. Oh yes. That Rouse's has a very good selection. Should be able to get good quality screw top bottles there too.
  2. I agree. It is about a 1 mile walk from the hotel to the Rouses on Baronne. It is a very good store. Easy enough to walk there and back or to cab/uber one way or both (depending on how much you buy and the weather).
  3. DJW, You don't specify how many people you will have, but I generally find that taxi or Uber/Lyft is easiest, unless you have a big group. Taxi's are $36 for one or two people or $15pp for 3 or more. The taxi line is well organized and the attendant will put you in a minivan if that is what fits your group. Alternatively, there are shuttle companies that load up shared vans to deliver passengers to hotels in the French Quarter, Central Business district and Warehouse District. A list of approved companies is on the MSY website: http://www.flymsy.com/groundtransportation. I hope this helps! dctravel
  4. This is an important point that several have made. With the state of plugs in cabins (very few), you will either need something to provide you with extra plugs (just make sure it doesn't have a surge protector on it, as that is a big no-no on a closed system ship) so you can use your phone, or get a battery powered travel alarm :).
  5. I will have to leave the airport hotel discussion to others (I have never stayed out there), but I would not consider the Crown Plaza waking distance from the port. It is, however, a short cab ride. Cabs are in abundance in front of the port during disembarkation.
  6. Do check to see if there will be a drop fee for a one way rental to pick up at Fulton or the Hilton and then drop at the airport. Don't want anyone to be surprised!
  7. What you say is true, if you bring the bottle with you to dinner. If you ask your steward for wine classes, you can open the bottle in your room, pour glasses, and then carry them into the MDR. We have done that most nights (since bar service at dinner has historically been slow for us). Saves money and hassle (in our opinion).
  8. The games in the Red Frog Pub are foosball, the wooden table with the sliding stones (I cannot remember what that is called, but it is sort of like shuffleboard, but on a table), and the ring toss towers (where you swing a ring attached to a string and try and get it to stay on a hook). All are free.
  9. If you are more than 2 people, taxi from MSY to the port is $15/pp if you have 3 or more (http://www.flymsy.com/groundtransportation).
  10. I believe, based on my personal experience and reading other threads in the Carnival board here, that with FTTF you can just show up when you want. You still have to pick a check-in time, but because of FTTF you are not held to it. The FTTF logo on your check-in documents are sufficient to get in the terminal.
  11. Following, as our interests are similar for our August 2019 cruise.
  12. So, it's not technically the Jones Act (although that it was it is commonly referred to), but rather the Passenger Vessel Services Act. Either way, the same general principle applies to all non-US flag vessels. They have to visit a foreign port if they are beginning and ending in the US. The enforcement of this act is one of the reasons why there are no longer cruises to nowhere from US ports (side non, Carnival story: we were on a preview cruise on Harmony OTS, which was initially scheduled as a cruise to nowhere. We ended up going back and forth to Nassau (from FLL) to comply with the law). https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/23/~/the-jones-act-%26-the-passenger-vessel-services-act
  13. Is the $25 one way or round-trip. Either way, that seems like a good deal. Taxi's from the airport to the port are a flat $36 for one or two people ($15/pp if you have 3 or more), so the $25 would be cheaper. I normally don't do the cruise line's transportation, but in this case, for the reasons you stated, it seems like the right deal to me. dctravel
  14. What types of pictures are you looking for? I can take a look at what we took, but googling for pictures is probably just as efficient. If there is something particular you want to see, I will see if I captured it!
  15. Huh, I never thought of it that way. The drainpipe in the Magic (and slides at Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando) seemed fast to me!
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