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  1. Agreed! We didn’t get that flyer in August. You have to buy in the Fun Shops. It is delivered to your room on the last evening.
  2. Do you mean embarkation drink specials at the Red Frog Pub? The last two times I have cruised they weren’t serving anything on debarkation day.
  3. $21.95 sounds right. They were offering 5 for about $86 (ish, could have been $89) on our Magic cruise in August for either prints or digital. We ended up choosing digital. Also, Once you buy one copy of a picture, a second is much cheaper.
  4. We often found them near the laundry areas as we were walking by. One day, the staff was actively cleaning traps, as chengkp75 said. That really took care of it!
  5. Interestingly, the Grand Bahama ship yard, jointly opened by Carnival corp and Royal Caribbean, is already open again. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-grand-bahama-port-reopens-20190913-cxmrojnyffanvaegfbugbetmki-story.html don’t know if that matters for the near term future of cruise stops, but it is certainly a positive development.
  6. Hard to say, but based on some damage reports, you will probably have a different port or a sea day. The excursion will automatically refund (assuming you booked through Carnival) whenever they officially decide they aren’t going to Freeport.
  7. We used resortforaday dot com to book day passes at the RIU Palace. They have a family hotel and an adults-only hotel that are roughly (if not exactly) the same price. Both are all inclusive. We did the family friendly resort and loved it. We were treated the same as the hotel guests. Loved the bartenders and drinks, the games they did for the kids in the pool, the food was good, and the beach was calm and clean. We also borrowed snorkel gear from them and just swam around the beach area looking a fish. It was a relaxing day!
  8. We used Cortans a few years ago for the return trip to MCO (rented a car to get to the port). We had nearly the same experience, although we booked a later shuttle and were off the ship a bit later. It is about an hour ride from the port to MCO, so keep that in mind when picking a shuttle time, whatever company you choose.
  9. In Grand Turk, we have just done the pool at Margarittaville (it was okay) and have done a snorkel excursion through the ship. We thought the snorkel tour was great, with two stops (the wall and a reef) before we were deposited on the beach an easy walk from the pier. I have not done NYE, but have done Christmas. It is a very full time of year to cruise. I think how crowded it will be exactly will depend on where NYE falls. Since it is Wednesday this year, some schools may choose to wait to go back until January 6, others (like my kids), go back on January 2. That will matter to many of whether they want to take it or not. Either way, it will be crowded with families.
  10. Due note that the on-board shops close quite early the last night, as they are not permitted to operate in the river.
  11. I can’t disagree with this either. Alchemy was very busy. The interesting thing to us what’s that when we sailed on the Magic in 2017, it was almost always empty. Same location in Ocean Plaza. Weird that it would be so different a few years apart.
  12. Love the review! Matches many of our experiences on the Magic a few weeks earlier. Chef Alapati (the head chef) seems to have really stepped up the food game. Recent reviews are all a notch above those from several months ago. He is such a nice man, I’m glad others are enjoying his food too!
  13. Did you go to customer service? My Mother in law couldn’t log in. 5 minutes at guest services and they had her all straightened out (turns out her birthday was wrong in the system).
  14. Saint Greg is correct! We watched some games in Red Frog and saw that the casino had games on when we walked through.
  15. Generally, you do not keep the fishbowl. You can buy one to take home for extra (they also sell pint glasses). The ones they use for regular drinks do not have logo on them, the ones to take home do.
  16. I would strongly consider Mardi Gras World. The tour is fascinating, as you get to watch them make floats for next year's Mardi Gras parades and see old float pieces from past years.
  17. We used them one way from the port to the airport in 2017 (we rented a car to get to the cruise). Had a great experience!
  18. An extra sea day is certainly a possibility. Depending on the existing itinerary, Port Canaveral, Nassau, Grand Turk, or maybe even Key West might be possible. The decision they make will be solely about what is available and how long it might take to get there and back (as you point out).
  19. It is up to the entertainment director (I think) which moves are shown when. On the Magic last month, most nights had two movies, butt can depend on other parties and such on Lido. Enjoy!
  20. You can just walk into the store, from what I understand. My daughter has one given to her by her grandmother. I cannot imagine my mom sitting through a shopping talk just to get a bracelet.
  21. Just for future reference, if you want a real wineglass, you can order them for free through room service. We took wine on and ordered room services glasses each evening, poured ourselves a glass, and carried it into the dining room. Easiest way to have wine at dinner without waiting for bar service or paying a corkage fee!
  22. Think about eating breakfast in the main dining room. If you talk with the Maitre D (on embarkation they are set up in a dinning room around 1 pm (ish), they can have applesauce all ready for you when you get to breakfast each morning. They might also be able to arrange it on the buffet, but you will need to ask.
  23. I have no experience on the sub in Aruba, but the one on Curacao had a staircase on one end and a ladder on the other.
  24. Jealous! We had such a good cruise on her last month. Enjoy the food, drinks, and entertainment. Lovely Jubley!
  25. Interesting! They must be slowly loading them in, as the only 6+ day cruises I see are out of New Orleans or Los Angeles. Seriously thinking about Alaska in 2021 in July for just the adults and a family Caribbean cruise in August! I am interesting to see what they are offering :).
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