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  1. Our final payment is due in 10 days and we do not intend to sail under these new policies. Also stuck with a non-refundable Early Saver booking - so this should be a fun conversation.
  2. Anyone else trying to get a hold of Carnival to make changes/cancel their cruise and getting this automated answer from the recording? I sat on hold for an hour around 3pm, but Carnival ended up hanging up on me. Figured I would try calling again later tonight - but now not able to get through at all.
  3. As of this morning, we now have zero cruises in our profiles. So it appears the process is starting. Thanks everyone!
  4. Maybe I am off, but from what I am reading, it appears those that are cancelling on their own and are not within penalty are getting their refunds before those who RCCL canceled their cruises?
  5. So here is where we stand..... May 3rd Oasis of the Seas We had to wait until the second round of announcements on March 24th to request the refund. As soon as RCCL announced the extended cancellations on Facebook, I immediately called RCCL directly to cancel. Had not received the email yet where you could fill out the form. Was told on that phone call it would be 7-10 days for the refund. April 18th, we received our cruise documents via email. This prompted me to login into RCCL website and noticed that the sailing was still showing under my upcoming cruises. Confused, I immediately called RCCL to verify if our cancellation request had even been processed. It took a lot of back and forth between the agent and her supervisor to verify it. At first, she believed that we had called before RCCL made it official and we were within the penalty phase. But ultimately after that call, she noted that the request to cancel was still on file and that now it could take up to 60 days to get a refund. After getting off the phone, I went to RCCL email where they offered requesting the refund via a form. I submitted the form, but I received a pop up informing me that my reservation had already received a cancelation request. To date....the cruise is still showing in our profile as an upcoming cruise and I am still receiving emails as if this cruise is sailing. Anyone else having similar issues?
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