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  1. Jiffy Jeff's $15/person each way...it was so worth it!
  2. Way to go!!! That is AWESOME!! I do intermittent fasting, intermittently...hahaha
  3. Yes, we were on the same cruise. Keto was very easy on the cruise...no weight gain (which I was thankful for), the hardest part is I am allergic to mushrooms, and no red meat in my diet, on the ship I had to eat chicken at most meals, and a lot of their chicken dishes had some sort of mushroom sauce, etc. However, I can say I NEVER left the table hungry. Hahaha
  4. We don't use the luggage valet, so I'm not sure. This was our first time flying into FLL and cruising out of POM...the shuttle company we used was great. I will say I'd definitely use them again, even I'd staying and cruising out of FLL
  5. I was disappointed with Costa Maya as our excursion was cancelled due to the Seas being too rough for kayaking...we were supposed to do the biking and kayaking tour. We have been to Cozumel numerous times, so we didn't do any excursions there, although in the past I have done 1.) lighthouse tour with snorkeling, and 2.) a ropes course (which was fun), 3.) Snorkeling by itself where we saw a whole line of barracudas. I really enjoyed the waterpark at Perfect Day at Coco Cay. You have to get a time to come back for the biggest water slide got in line to get the time at 9:15, and it took about 15 minutes to get it...our come back time was 11:30. The drop slide was FUN! And my 14 year old loved the wave pool. The food was much better than at Labadee...we went to the Snack Shack...I got a caesar salad with chicken (and a very non-keto funnel cake), my dh got the burger with cookies, and my 15 year old got the mozzarella sticks.
  6. I think the reason I was surprised to see it, is because they are usually so quick to paint, clean, scrape, etc , and it didn't seem so on the Symphony.
  7. Main Dining Room Our waiter, Rajparabu was AMAZING! He was very accommodating of my food limitations, and didn't make me feel "weird" because of said limitations. We ate there 5 of our 7 nights. Every night I had the same appetizers...French onion soup with just the broth and cheese and a caesar salad with no croutons. Since I am Keto and don't eat red meat or seafood, my selections are very limited. The first night I had the pork chop...delicious, with steamed veggies. The next night we tried the Solarium Bistro...I was not a fan, it was almost completely empty, so not very popular...upgraded buffet style food. Day 3- I had a chicken meal(can't remember because I was jonesing on my hubby's roast chicken) Day 4 I had Jerk Chicken...one word...DELICIOUS. My DH got one to go for later that night! Day 5- I had their "Thanksgiving" style turkey...no stuffing or potatoes with grilled veggies Day 6- Formal night- we went to the Windjammer UGH Day 7- Roast chicken, steamed veggies
  8. Our cruise had 4 ports of call, which I usually only like 3, but it was fine. However, one of the excursions we did on our cruise that we thoroughly enjoyed was the Extreme Ziplining package in Roatan...I HIGHLY recommend. We had a great time...11 ziplines, suspension bridges, and 2 Superman-style (on your belly) ziplines.
  9. I did not see a Vegan menu, but had some vegan options on the regular menu. Sorry!
  10. Yes, I read that! I guess he died. 😞 We got home on Saturday. We did have a vessel to vessel rescue last week for a guest. I hope that guest is ok!
  11. One thing to note about Symphony...it is not as pristine as Harmony a year in. There were many rust spots around the ship. And, as other people have noted, it has a musty, mildew smell in many bathrooms.
  12. We had to go to Guest Services to get a key for our kids' room, so we asked there what we should do about the room. The Guest Services lady was appalled at the pictures and sent us back to our room immediately to meet with the housekeeping supervisor. By the time we got back there he was already there and was as equally appalled and embarrassed as the lady at Guest Services. He had taken his own pictures and found even more stuff wrong...but did assure us, when we asked, that yes, the linens on the bed had been changed because he could tell due to the lines from the iron (?). He wanted his supervisor to call us and sent someone else in to clean the room. One good thing about my experience with Royal Caribbean (only my experience)if they are wrong, they fix it and try to make it right. They gave us some OBC for our troubles. I seriously just wanted it cleaned. This was our 15th or 16th cruise with Royal and have NEVER had this issue!
  13. Sorry, I'm back. Yes, shocked...let me take a step back and explain a little something. My dh has a bad back, and after dragging our luggage around and getting to the room, he needs to stretch his back. He naturally sits on the floor...Big mistake...or maybe I'm thankful that he did. Anyway, he sits on the floor of our cabin and is stretching his back when he notices hair on the floor...and not just a little...it is as if the floor has not been vacuumed for a LONG time. There are long grey hairs, long black hairs, short black hairs...😳🤢. Attached is a picture of it...But, that's not it...there is an inch of dirt on the leg of the vanity desk, AND written in lipstick on the mirror it says "Laura loves Donald" (neither of which are either of us)
  14. Hi Everyone. I am currently on Symphony and can answer questions you may have. But first, I am going to do my review. Day before we flew into FLL and stayed the night there. Day 1- we took a shuttle the morning of from our hotel to Port of Miami...BEST EXPERIENCE WITH A SHUTTLE EVER! The only snafu was the rude family that kept us waiting at their hotel to come down from their room ("Oh there are others waiting for us, hahaha.") 🙄 Anyway, we get to the port and are the first ones to get off, (other group forgets they aren't the only ones on the shuttle and says., "this isn't our ship, we need to speak to him!" To which my dh replied, "No, this is ours, there are other people on the shuttle." Anyway, I digress... We get off the shuttle, the porter takes our luggage and we are in through check-in ( they took our pics again because my teens may have changed since I took them literally a month ago), security and on to the ship in less than 15 minutes! The Harmony was fast last year, but this was FAST! We get on, and of course it's too early to go to our rooms, so to the Windjammer we go. I am NOT a Windjammer fan, but the teens like the burgers...so... They had only let Crown and Anchor, Suite, and The Key people on, so Windjammer was not crowded. YET. I am KETO and can't eat red meat, so this cruise may be a bit difficult to navigate the food. But, I have a salad with bacon, hardboiled eggs, and a vinaigrette dressing. It was ok. The boys decide they want to go swimming and on the slides. We head there, find a nice spot in the shade and...PEOPLE WATCH! Other than reading, it is one of my favorite things to do! I am fascinated with the way people treat one another on vacation...some are so sweet, others forget there are people around them and yell at each other. It's the first day...chill out! Hahaha The boys enjoy the slides, the pool, the hot tub, and then want to do the Flowrider, do I head over there to sign their waivers and then go back to my shade! Rooms become available at 1...we head there about 2 when the boys are done doing there thing. We walk in our room and are SHOCKED!!!.... Up next...what is shocking??
  15. Just show up. No reservations for that one.
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