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  1. If a chair is required and not in the cabin , I am certain that a request to your cabin steward or Guest Services will take care of things.
  2. Nothing confirmed but I do see that the Star is heading to Europe at this time hopefully to complete the repairs that were scheduled before all the cancellations.
  3. Most of the restaurants are a la carte if you do not have the dining package. Also if you choose to order extra items they will have an additional charge.
  4. I have not seen an IX cabin offer a choice. What cruise are you looking at?
  5. Current promotion does end on April 14th, but so far unable to find this posted anywhere.
  6. Booked on the Grand Princess in 4 weeks. If she sails, we will be on her!
  7. Thanks for the update. Hoping they have it all done by March 29th!
  8. Lots of positive reviews, really looking forward to meeting them.
  9. Thanks, tried that but they will be heading off to the Island Princess for a 28 day sailing! Wish I was on that one! Actually after some more research I found that Makani E will be on our cruise.
  10. Does anyone know who will be on our sailing? I have looked around but it looks like Brian & Rowena will be leaving the Grand for the Ruby and was wondering who might be taking over? Thanks.
  11. I recall being able to book specialty dining only 90 or 100 days out depending on cabin category. Has this been changed to 130 days? How recent? Thanks.
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