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  1. This is exactly what I did on my 8/18 sailing on the Escape. The cost to upgrade was less then my bid I had in for the Haven so I did it before upgrades were assigned.
  2. Also be aware all wins are taxable per the IRS, not just wins over $1199. You will only get a W2G on slot wins over $1199 and on any table win where a single bet pays odds of at least 300 to 1. But in theory if you put a $1 in a slot machine and push the button once and get paid $10. That is taxable per the IRS, but not reported by the casino.
  3. First night is relaxed dress code. Just remember to put deodorant in your carry on
  4. It good to shake and spray at sail away party
  5. What kind of things do you get the Casino Host to comp for you at the end of your NCL cruise?
  6. Good news.....I saw them always cleaning on my July cruise
  7. Yes you can switch. It is good to explore all the offers to see which best fits your needs
  8. I don't like musicals either but loved ROA. The performers were excellent in their roles
  9. ROA is ending on the Breakaway. SIX takes over in November
  10. I flew from ATL on NCL free air and I went into MIA and home from FLL. Fares and time will determine. Cruise was from MIA
  11. Not a surprise that CET got sold
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